Vinod Gupta’s Philanthropic Efforts Focus on Uplifting Women

Vinod Gupta is a classic American success story. An immigrant to the United States, Mr. Gupta parlayed a simple business idea into what would become a multimillion-dollar success.

Vinod Gupta was born in a remote location of India. Even though his father was a doctor, his childhood upbringing was humble and characterized by the lack of conveniences people in the modern world take for granted. He describes his early home as a place where there were no cars, no electricity, no indoor plumbing or even roads.

But young Vinod was clearly a youth with a fine mind. After completing primary studies he applied for admission to the Indian Institute of Technology. He earned a degree in agricultural engineering there and then left his native India for the United States. He arrived in the U.S. with $58 in his pocket.

He completed a master’s degree in agricultural engineering and business at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Post-graduation he landed a job as a marketing research analyst for a mobile home manufacturing firm.

While grinding away at his mundane job, Vinod Gupta came up with an idea that would make him rich. Originally at the behest of his employer, Gupta began to compile a list of every mobile home manufacturer in the U.S. He found that such information was all but nonexistence in any single database or directory, so he created his own. It was the beginning of a company that focused on gathering and selling valuable data to key industries.

Today Vinod Gupta is a man worth hundreds of millions. Today he is best known for using his vast wealth to foster philanthropic projects. A particular focus of his work is the empowerment of women.

He recently donated $1 million to the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic, a women’s polytechnic school established in 2000. Women can earn graduate degrees there in less than two years.

Vinod Gupta’s: Youtube.