Tim Ioannides Talks About Treasure Coast Dermatology

Treasure Coast Dermatology has been a successful dermatology practice for over 15 years and this has caused many people to wonder how Tim Ioannides, the founder and CEO, has managed to become so successful over the years. Well, he recently gave advice to the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs when he told them to always ensure they are passionate about the field they’re pursuing before they enter into it. This way, they can have a career that they actually enjoy. He also advised them to follow their dreams and to never give up on their aspirations. He first got his start when he was in medical school and proved to be quite an excellent student. After being offered an incredible internship, he performed well in the position and graduated with honors.

Once he received his medical degree, he decided to accept the first post-academic job offer he received but quickly realized it was a mistake. He worked in the front office of a medical practice where he helped with filing papers and clerical work but soon discovered the organization was greedy and corrupt. As a result, he quit his job and resolved to open his own practice where every patient would be treated with compassion and respect. So in 2004, TCD became a reality and they take great pride in establishing a good rapport with every single patient who comes through their office. They also have each employee write with a pen or pencil in their notebooks.

He also makes it a point to see every single patient in person so they can discuss the best possible treatment methods for each particular skin condition. Someday, he even hopes to have a hand in the discovery and subsequent creation of a skin cancer cure. We wish him the best of luck.

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