A Look at Bhanu Choudhrie

The following is an article recap of an article written by Inspirey about Mr Bhanu Choudhrie. Hailing from New Delhi, India, Bhanu Choudhrie has built himself quite a career as a strategic investor, as well as a philanthropist. As the founder of C&C Alpha Group, Mr Choudhrie helps oversee investments in various industries such as real estate, banking, aviation, healthcare, utilities, and hospitality. These investment strategies help nourish new companies toward growth as well as push maturer business to their targeted goals. These experiences have given Bhanu Choudhrie the reliability and insight in investing throughout these various industries. While studying at Boston University, Bhanu Choudhrie focused on his passions for creating strategies for various sized businesses, along with marketing strategies needed for success.

After graduating, he was accepted into a “Owner Management Program” at Harvard School of Business and learned about advanced tactics of upper level management and their impact on business success. Founding the C&C Alpha Group, in 2001, Banu led the group to develop a large and profitable investment portfolio especially in developing markets like the Philippines and India, amongst many others. Mr Choudhrie is also an active entrepreneur and holds positions on several executive boards. Among the the other board positions Mr Choudhrie holds and previously held, respectively, include positions at Customers Bancorp and Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation. He also served on various committees during his tenures at these various companies.

Because of these varying companies, Mr Choudhrie also has a very diverse, high-level view of investing and its effects on its respective markets. Bhanu Choudhrie also holds various awards including Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Asian Voice Political and Public Life awards, an entity of the United Kingdom. Mr Choudhrie also is extremely active when it comes to philanthropy. He has been recognized for his contributions to “Path To Success,” which supports individuals with health concerns and limited financial resources. In addition to the business interests Mr Choudhrie possesses, philanthropic works also are a strong passion of his. Mr Choudhrie’s favorite quote is “Worry less about what you don’t yet know.”

Source of the article : https://www.arabianbusiness.com/banking-finance/414437-uk-indian-billionaire-bhanu-choudhrie-reveals-middle-east-expansion-plans