The Southridge Capital Financial Company

Southridge Capital is a financial solutions company that’s been in business since 1996. Their main office can be found in Connecticut, but they have a variety of offices throughout the country in Florida, Texas and California. They are also planning to provide their services internationally. The Southridge Capital executive team has totally redefined financial strategies being used by other agencies. They create leverage and a thorough understanding of the current marketplace. The structured finance team has made investments totaling well over $1.8 billion USD and has allowed their customers’ companies to grow globally. They are experts in customizing financial plans for clients and to execute these plans without fail. You can visit their website



The Southridge Capital company’s experience with handling financing for over 250 public corporations has given them a unique edge in regards to facing company growth and change. Southridge team comprises of professional financial advisors and analysts Stephen Hicks, Henry Sargent, Linda Carlsen and Laurence Ditkoff. Together, these financial analysts will create spreadsheets and plans for your company’s financial potential and will educate you on trends and market changes that will affect your security. Their current services include financial analysis, restructuring analysis, mergers and acquisitions, balance sheet optimization and legal settlement advice. Their structured finance services include credit enhancing and repair, financing solutions and securing of your company’s asset base.


According to PR Newswire, CEO of Southridge Capital, Stephen Hicks, is the founder of the company and has made it his mission in life to better fuel corporations for brighter futures. Mr. Hicks has been active in the investment and financial industry for well over 30 years and felt there was a need for personalized financial solutions catered to budding and struggling companies. He received his BS in Business Administration from Briarcliff Manor in New York and an MBA from the Fordham University in NYC. The approach that he takes, along with his fellow financial advisors, is to project financial statements according to various operation and financial assumptions. These guidelines are crucial in estimating monetary requirements of growing or even failing businesses. Because the company employs less than 10 workers, clients get a personalized and customized approach to their financial, monetary and business needs.

EOS Lip Balm Improving Lip Health

EOS lip balm is made for improving the health of your lips. The company made their lip balms to have several different health benefits to assist with skin health. The lip balms are infused with vitamin E from shea butter and jojoba oil. The lip balm contains some sunscreen to protect the lips from sunburn. Some of the lip balms contain ingredient to naturally medicate severly chapped lips. All of the EOS brand of lip balms are made of natural and organic ingredients.

The EOS lip balms come in round shaped packages or in cylindrical tubes. The packages are each different colors. The colors are based upon the flavor of the EOS lip balm. The top ten popular flavors from EOS are the following: vanilla bean, blueberry açaí, summer fruit, pomegranate raspberry, sweet mint, honeysuckle honeydew, strawberry sorbet, Lemon drop, passionfruit, and medicated tangerine. The lip balm company has many other well-liked flavors as well, see Allure.

The only deterrence to using the EOS lip balms is the round shape sometimes becoming cumbersome. Luckily the company also made an option for consumers who prefer a smaller and more compact package for their lip balm. EOS also faced a problem in the past with Reagan. Their formula contains beeswax. While this is a natural ingredient and overall an ingredient liked by many beauty product consuemrs, vegans were not able to use the product for that reason and were expressing interest in it. The EOS company developed a vegan version of their lip balm to solve this problem. The Crystal EOS lip balm are the vegan ingredient options from the company. The Crystal EOS are available in the flavors Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid.

EOS lip balms are available from most drug stores, select beauty retailers, and the Evolution of Smooth website (Amazon). The spheres retail for $3.29. The sticks retail for $4.49. Some of the options retail slightly more than this, such as the shimmer lip balms. Give EOS a try to start getting your lips healthy and refreshed.

OSI Industries Has the Meats to Meet Any FoodService Menu

Foodservice is a hyper-competitive industry. New chains are popping up constantly and competition is fiercely competing to feed an ever-growing consumer base. New items are added to menus constantly in order to draw consumers in. These items use the latest and greatest trends in taste and foods. A question remains. Who has to supply the foodservice businesses with their food? After all, in the end, it is the company supplying the foodservice business that needs to be on its toes in order to meet growing demands and shortening attention spans. Everyone wants the latest and greatest now, and OSI Industries delivers.

OSI Industries grew out of a deal with McDonald’s to supply their beef products. Since then, OSIs client list includes the likes of Burger King, Subway, Papa John’s, Yum, and Starbucks. Of course, these are all the top players in the fast-food and foodservice markets. This puts enormous pressure on OSI to be on top of its game when it comes to food production, of course. However, it also requires OSI to be on top of its game when it comes to the development of fresh new products.

For this, OSI Industries has its famous R&D team. Ever wondered who comes up with these crazy new inventions in the fast food market? Inventions such as chicken fries and aioli peppercorn sandwiches seem interesting and new. Behind these great inventions is an R&D team that is using the latest technology and keeping up with food trends and countries taste profiles.

OSI has a famous R&D team. They are located at home base in Aurora, another Aurora facility, in China, and across the globe. These massive R&D buildings hosting teams of food-scientists (yes, they exist,) are one of the ways that OSI is able to have such a firm grip on the food service industry. Not only does OSI deliver a cheap quality product, they invent, adapt, and create products via partnerships with foodservice companies.

OSI Industries realized early on that to stay on top of the game was to be able to meld and adapt to modern trends. OSI definitely adapted. Today, OSI has sales over $6.1 billion for good reason, they supply the food. So next time you stop at McDonald’s or Burger King remember that you are probably biting into OSI beef. If you order something unusual, remember that there is a team of scientists literally creating new products, what an interesting job.

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Non Greasy Visibly Smooth EOS Lip Balm Vlogger Review

The EOS lip balm visibly soft line was recently reviewed on Youtube. The Youtube vlogger was extremely excited about these spherical balms of swirly goodness. The simply soft EOS lip balms that were reviewed were the coconut milk and vanilla mint. This particular vlogger keeps a bowl full of various types of EOS lip balms because she absolutely loves all of the healing shea butter benefits as well as the large assortment of flavors.

The EOS lip balms are not greasy and do not leave to much moisture on the lips. EOS lip balms make a wonderful primer for other lip products. The vlogger loves that she can throw on the lip balms without over moisturizing her lips; she also really enjoys the spf formula and the medicated soothing benefits. The visibly soft lip balms immediately make lips much softer and they contain vitamin E and C. Visibly soft EOS lip balms are gluten free and are made with subtle scents. This vlogger feels as though the vanilla mint flavor is not as minty as the sweet mint and those who may not like mint as much will definitely pick up on more of the vanilla flavor. The coconut milk flavor has a very subtle scent and has a mild taste. Both balms are colorless and do not tint the lips. The visibly soft line has a much smoother texture and a bit of shine. The video bloggers final thoughts on the EOS lip balm visibly smooth line is an overall positive experience and enjoyable application.


EOS Lip Balm Review Cooling Chamomile

The new EOS lip balm in Cooling Chamomile is medicated, relieves pain, and heals your chapped lips. This is the type of product that EOS fans have been waiting for. Certainly, other companies have their own rendition of the medicated lip balm, but the new EOS Cooling Chamomile is right on time. In other words, it delivers on the promise to heal lips with soothing menthol and the flavor of chamomile. If you are looking for a medicated lip balm, try this delightfully healing and cooling lip balm.

Medicated And Healing

Medicated and healing are two words that simply belong together and they are in this new product. Dry lips are often chapped, and parched. Many complain about painful chapped lips too. Well, the new EOS Cooling Chamomile is designed to provide relief for that problem. The new lip balm contains healing, medicated, and soothing products like cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E. The ingredients hydrate dry lips and provide pain relief, soothing, healing, and more to dry lips.

Evolution Of Smooth

EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth was the little beauty company with big dreams of taking over the lip balm industry with their uniquely designed little orbs of lip balms. They packaged new flavors that were an instant hit with their targeted audience. The lip balms were also packaged differently and were purely natural products. This was an approach that was decidedly new to the lip balm market.

It is also interesting to note that EOS was a social media phenomena (Youtube). Their targeted audience was younger women that spent a lot of time on social media sites and the Internet. EOS targeted social media sites and contacted bloggers to get the word out about their unique new lip balm. This tactic worked for the company and gave rise to social media marketing.

Jose Hawilla: About Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Are you thinking about going into business for yourself? Do you want to follow in the footsteps of others who have established their own profitable businesses? If you are interested in being your own boss and running a highly successful business, or if you want to start investing in lucrative opportunities, you need to find out about Jose Hawilla.


People from many different industries have benefited tremendously from the wealth of knowledge Jose Hawilla presents during his interviews. The advice he gives to those who have reached out to him has enabled many people to reach their financial goals.



In order to achieve success in any endeavor or business you need to possess certain skills and characteristics. These are the same characteristics that have enables Jose and other successful entrepreneurs to take the right action and reach your goal. People who attain great success in their business or career take action and stay focused until they reach their goal.


Jose Hawilla is a renowned entrepreneur and successful businessman. Jose Hawilla is based in Brazil, and he has a unique strategy to approach to dealing with business matters and is well recognized in the industry. Numerous people rave about the helpful advice and guidance Jose Hawilla has given them.


Jose Hawilla works hard to keep his enterprises and organizations running smoothly. He is highly focused on growing his organizations and ventures. He does whatever it takes to ensure the success of his businesses and has a team of experts on his side. When you pursue entrepreneurship you make your own decisions and do not have to answer to anyone.


Jose Hawilla believes in being honest and transparent when dealing with his clients, business partners and other people he comes in contact with. According to, Jose Hawilla takes the time to encourage and mentor ambitious individuals who desire to pursue entrepreneurship and achieve financial success.


On crunchbase, Jose Hawilla emphasizes the importance of taking action when you encounter a profitable opportunity. The ability to respond quickly and take advantage of great business deals can be the difference between achieving success and failing to obtain a desired outcome.

Alex Pall Shares How He Got His Start As A DJ

Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers says that early in life he developed an interest in being a DJ. Doing this started out as a hobby for him and while attending college it developed into a side gig for home. While working at a New York City art gallery it hit him one day that being a DJ was his passion in life. He made the decision that he wanted to give being a DJ his best shot and talked to his manager about how to go about it. His manager had a producer named Drew Taggart who lived in Maine at the time. At that point he quit his job at the art gallery and started his musical career full-time.

After Alex Pall started working with Drew Taggart they learned that they meshed very well and wanted to pursue the same thing in their careers. They were playing a lot of shows around New York at the time. They also kept an eye on other DJs in this city so they could see who was a really good DJ and/or producer and what was working well for them. They also kept an eye out for trends that weren’t panning out all that well. He says that eventually this led to them creating their own identity as a dance music duo.

One of The Chainsmokers biggest hits is “Closer. This was performed with Halsey. Alex Pall says that he really enjoyed working with her and found her to be pretty incredible. Halsey had been on his and Drew Taggart’s radar for over a year and she was the first person on their list of someone to work with. Alex Pall says that her voice is really strong and she is her own distinct person.

He says that he uses Instagram to keep tabs on who is listening to The Chainsmokers. He also said that their fanbase is becoming more international and he is seeing new fans pop up in Southeast Asia as well as in Africa. Alex Pall also said that about half their fans are guys and they are hitting the 16 to 25 demographic really well.

Business Executive Mike Baur Shares Tips on Becoming a Successful Startup Entrepreneur

As the Founder and Managing Partner of Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur has a lot of great tips for young entrepreneurs. Mike was one of them at one point in his life. He founded Swiss Startup Factory at the age of 39. The company has the leading startup accelerator program in Switzerland.


When coming up with an idea that is considered brilliantly successful, Mike will be the first to tell anyone listening that the idea is hatched on its own. “Spontaneous ideas are always better than a cramped search for something [special],” says Mike. The idea will come to the entrepreneur and reveal itself. Mike knows this very well because it is his passion that has led to many of his successes through the years. When Mike began in business, he was an investment banker.


Mike eventually became a board member with one of the leading banks in Zurich; however, he knew that it was not his passion. Mike’s passion is in helping people become successful through their innate abilities and core drive within themselves. Although there must be a passion to drive the success, Mike also understands that the market allows unique opportunities for entrepreneurs to tap into areas that have not been discovered. He says that when a product is needed, an entrepreneur may ask, “Why isn’t it there yet?”


Mike says that the question in an entrepreneurs mind is the spark that ignites that passion within them to take action. He believes at that moment an entrepreneur has discovered something spectacular – there is a gap in the market and they have an opportunity to close the gap. Mike says that is the moment that an entrepreneur needs to take precise action to found a startup company. At that point, the passion has aligned with the opportunity, which must be pursued.


According to Mike, the conditions for implementing a startup company have never been better for business opportunities, as they are nowadays. The times have greatly changed from when he began in business 20 years ago. He says the reason many entrepreneurs haven’t chosen to implement their idea is that they’re simply unaware of how easy it is to accomplish getting started. “Cheap communication and ideas have potential,” says Mike.


For Mike Baur, the best tip that he can give any entrepreneur is to step out of their comfort zone and take as many risks as possible.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Bradescos Greatest President

This year, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will be stepping down from his position as the president of Bradesco Bank. He spent a huge part of his life working for Bradesco Bank, and he was only 17 when he was hired by the company to work as a clerk. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi felt happy when Bradesco Bank hired him in his teenage years. He said that it was his dream to work with the largest bank back then.

Another reason is that he was born in Marilia, the same city where Bradesco Bank was founded more than 90 years ago. Working as a bank clerk, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi only had a small responsibility back then, assisting the customers with their requests and checking their financial information. He had the idea to get promoted so he can reach the higher offices of the company, so he showed his superiors that he deserved to be given a promotion and worked hard. He was later promoted to different positions within the company until he was named as the president.


Under the leadership of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, he made sure that the employees working for Bradesco Bank will be treated right. He reformed some of the company policies, and made it more employee-friendly. Another legacy that made Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi one of the greatest presidents of the company is his effort into pushing back Bradesco Bank as the top bank in Brazil. In the past, Bradesco Bank is able to secure billions worth of assets, and they have so many investors who continuously pouring out investments for their advantage. However, with the merging of Banco Itau and Unibanco in 2009, Bradesco Bank was left behind and they fell from the top spot. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi thinks that he should be able to increase the assets owned by Bradesco Bank to regain the top spot, and for him to do it, he should start partnering with third-party financial firms.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi asked help from HSBC Brazil, and he offered the company a $5.2 billion payment if they would agree to his proposals. This is the highest-valued transaction in the history of Bradesco Bank, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is determined to get the approval from HSBC Brazil. Negotiations lasted for months, and in the end, HSBC Brazil agreed to merge with Bradesco Bank. After the two parties signed the contract, the shares of Bradesco Bank instantly increased. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi felt happy knowing that his effort is finally resulting in the changes that he had wanted for a long time.

After the acquisition of HBSC Brazil, Bradesco Bank continued to acquire smaller banks in Brazil, especially those who are operating locally. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi changes the way Bradesco Bank deals with its problems, and he is hoping that his successor will continue his efforts for the benefit of Bradesco Bank. Octavio de Lazari Junior will be replacing Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as the president of Bradesco Bank, and it will take effect in the first quarter of 2018.

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Don’t Pass Up This Important EOS Lip Balm Review

Winter can be a tough time of the year, depending on where someone lives, not just because they have to deal with the cold and perhaps the snow, but this type of weather is hard on the skin, particularly the lips. The best way to combat the typical dry, cracked lips that come along with this weather is using a quality lip balm. Evolution of Smooth is one of the top companies in the lip balm business today, with all different flavors and purposes for their products. Every lip balm made by EOS uses quality ingredients that are all natural as well. This includes vitamin E, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, and more. Quality ingredients allow EOS lip balms to not only be effective at what they do, but they last a long time as well.

EOS has become widely popular today, despite not being in the market for a very long time, at least compared to other major contenders today, such as Chapstick. Regardless, EOS has managed to stand out where the other companies haven’t, introducing a new style of lip balm that caters to the varying tastes of customers around the world. EOS has dozens of different flavors for their customers, and their lip balms have varying purposes as well. Love being active and going for a jog in the hot sun? EOS has a lip balm designed to protect the lips despite high activity and UV rays. EOS products, lip balms especially, can be found at various retailers around the world since they are widely popular and in high demand (Amazon). EOS lip balms have a defining feature that allows them to be easily distinguished from other lip balms, which is their lip balms ball shape. Check for their logo to avoid buying up a replica from a less than desirable company.