Leonardo Di Carpio’s Recent Wikipedia Page Defacement Points Put The Need Of Having A Wikipedia Page For Your Brand

In this internet age, your online availability is you biggest marketing tool. There are various very successful ways in which you can market your brand online whether you are an individual or an organization. One of the most prominent and popular ways to increase your brands online availability is through Wikipedia. This is an online informational source that serves over 8000 visitors per second worldwide. Among those who have a Wikipedia page are world famous celebrities, successful companies, educational programs, science, and technology. So far Wikipedia has been a great marketing tool for this brands. Recently the 88th Oscar Academy Awards were held, and it was full of world renowned, celebrated personality from the world film industry. The Oscars’ is one of the world top awards and celebrates the best efforts in the film industry, especially Hollywood. Leonardo Di Carpio, a very famous actor, walked home with an Oscars’ Award for the best leading role. This was his first Oscar award though Di Carpio had received several nominations before, he had never won the award. This was not only a moment of a lifetime for him but also for his hardcore fans.

A Leonardo Di Carpio super fan decided to take his excitement online. He went ahead and rewrote Di Carpio’s Wikipedia page. This fan was so excited with this winning that he stated that Di Carpio had won the Oscars’ after every few sentences. Leonardo Di Carpio has had a very successful career as an actor, and he already had won tens of other awards. For his fans, him winning an Oscars’ say the deal sealer for them, for they had been waiting for it to happen for a very long time. Know that his Wikipedia page has been defaced he will have to seek the services of a professional Wiki writers for hire to take care of his page. Leonardo Di Carpio’s Wikipedia page is one of the most view pages on this informational site. In fact, his page visits have rapidly increased since he won this award. 

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