Meet the Second-In-Command of Riot Games

Riot Games, the developer of massively popular massive multiplayer role playing game League of Legends, played competitively and casually by thousands around the globe, is a company known for purchasing and developing similar games (known as MMORPGs). Follow Scott Gelb on Medium.

Given Scott Gelbs’ early childhood interest in gaming and MMORPGs in particular, his role as second in command – chief operative officer – of Riot Games seems fitting and well-earned. Upon graduating from from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s of Science, Scott Gelb immediately knew he wanted to pursue both his career and further education. Read more at Digital Mode.

It is this tenacity that has led to his current position, after 9 years of serving as Vice President of Technology for Riot Games, Scott Gelb is truly reaping a worthy reward for his hard work, creativity, and passion. To find out more about Scott Gelb, feel free to check out his profiles on Mogul, Medium, Crunchbase and LinkedIn.