Billy McFarland Explains the Genesis of Magnises

Magnises – which, to those uninitiated with the world of New York Cities’ businesses kind of sounds like a comic book villain. However, Magnises is one of the most unique up and coming independent businesses in the entire big apple, the reason why? – it’s uniqueness.

Magnises derives this uniqueness from its peculiar business model which allows members to present a small black card at any of its affiliated businesses (such as night clubs, bars, restaurants and other venues) at which point the card holder will then be granted a major financial discount.

Additionally, at certain of these aforementioned establishments, Magnises card holders will be afforded certain VIP benefits, such as the ability to access areas barred to the public as well as access to celebrities like Ja Rule and Rick Ross and business owners to aid in building your network and social platforms.

This might sound rather odd to business traditionalist, but the venture has been a stunning success. This then naturally begs the question – who came up with the idea and how did they come up with it? According to Forbes, The founder of Magnises is an unlikely one, a 24 year old technology entrepreneur named Billy McFarland. Billy McFarland is well known online for his creation and leadership of the beloved marketing and tech company, Spling (which he still operates to this very day).

The idea for Magnises – the card aspect in particular – McFarland explains, came from the realization that there were few things more prevalent in business interactions than credit cards.

The physical interaction, the holding of the card, the official, social and tangible nature of credit cards struck a chord with Mr. McFarland and thus he decided that it was the perfect avenue by which to launch his business. Currently, there are well over 6000 Magnesis card holders and hundreds of thousands of dollars generated – both for Mr. McFarland and for his clients – and that is the hallmark of a truly exceptional venture.