Beneful: A Dog Food Brand With Many Appetizing Products

Beneful makes a kind of wet dog food that’s called the “Beef & Chicken Medley.” This canine meal is precisely what it sounds like, and that’s a combination of beef and chicken. People can purchase Beef & Chicken Medley meals for their dogs in 10 ounce tubs. Other than beef and chicken, this wet food contains wild rice and a couple different kinds of vegetables (carrots and green beans). Beneful’s Beef & Chicken Medley can make a strong meal choice for owners who want to feed their pooches a wonderfully balanced combination of meat, vegetables and grains.

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“Incredibites” is a dry dog food that’s available on Amazon from Beneful. Owners who want to feed their pets chicken can opt for the chicken version, although a beef version is also available. The primary ingredient in this dry formula is farm-raised chicken. The other beneficial ingredients that make up chicken Incredibites, however, are spinach, sweet potatoes and carrots. Incredibites is a Beneful dog food that’s appropriate for small-sized dogs. This food was specifically formulated for dogs that are fully grown, too. It is not a food for growing young puppies.

Beneful also makes delicious treats for canines. The brand has a “Baked Delights” line of treats that come in many flavors. One popular flavor choice is called “beef and cheese.” These baked treats have crunchy textures on the outside. Their savory middles, however, are the total opposite. They’re actually quite smooth. Owners who want to give their sweet pets rewards for good behavior may want to reach into the cabinet for Baked Delights. Other flavor options are chicken and cheese, bacon and cheese, peanut butter and cheese and bacon and apple.

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This dog food brand has “Chopped Blends” that are great for pooches who love wet food. Dogs who go crazy for turkey may love the Chopped Blends that contain, apart from poultry, spinach, brown rice and sweet potatoes. These blends are coated in a nice amount of sauce. Other Chopped Blends varieties include chicken, beef, lamb and salmon offerings. One Chopped Blends option includes both chicken and liver. Its other key ingredients include sweet potatoes, brown rice and peas. All these products can be found on Wal-Mart supermarkets.