End Citizens United Fights Political Corruption at a Grassroots Level

A new group in the political scene is dedicated to financing campaign reforms in the American politics. In 2016, this group planned to funnel millions of dollars towards Democratic candidates who were running in the tough house as well as Senate races in the country. End Citizens United official launched its operational blueprint in 2016 before the general elections with a contribution of $2 million from donors. The group was set to be on track after amassing approximately $30 million from the cycle. This was news according to the director of communications, Mr. Richard Carbo. End Citizens United core objective in 2016 was to pass the constitutional amendment to reverse the ruling by the supreme court in 2010. This decision gave power to PACs. It also unleashed a tidal wave in the political landscape of America.



Registered Members



The dark political money has since been circulating in the system. Currently, over 325, 000 people are registered to End Citizens United. With the focus facing out big money from the American political system, End Citizens United has managed to amass more than $4 million in three months. The political action committee (PAC) commits to raising approximately $ 35 million in mid-2018. This money would be significant to the organization given that in the 2016 general elections, End Citizens United spent $25 million. This was the first election with PAC in office. According to the president of End Citizens United Tiffany Muller, more than 100,000 individuals have contributed towards the cause of electing political reformists.




In 2017, 40,000 have made contributions for the first time. End Citizens United is dedicated to ensuring that America elects campaign finance reformists to the Congress. The organization has been feeling that only the wealthy have a voice in political arenas. Because of this, the group is dedicated to fighting back through the Congress race which is set to be conducted in 2018. End Citizens United is a great supporter of Democrats, and since the election of President Trump, the group has been feeling undermined. This is especially after the high court ruling by Judge Neil Gorsuch. A few weeks ago, the group mobilized contributors to make donations towards the 2018 congress elections.





Led by their Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff of Georgia who raised more than $4 million, the group has been supportive of the cause. Jon will be vying for the vacant position of Tom Prince after Tom was nominated for secretary of health as well as human services. Muller, who formerly served as the political director of Democrats and senates, said that PAC is keeping watch on the 2018 elections. End Citizens United rooted its name from the ruling by the Supreme Court in 2010 to implement the group. This decision transformed the American political landscape.