Betsy DeVos Remains Focused on Education Reform

For years now, she has been at the forefront of the educational-reform movement. Her involvement goes way back. She first became involved with campus politics at Calvin College. Since then, Betsy DeVos has remained politically active for three decades. She has led numerous campaigns and has involved herself with a host of political action committees. She can also add to her resume six years as chairman of Michigan’s Republican Party She is also a member of a number of national boards.


Betsy DeVos is deeply involved in both politics and business. She and her family look for innovative solutions to problems on both sides of the aisle. While she may not win all the time, she has a solid track record for remaining committed to a cause and having her way.


Betsy DeVos also remains highly involved in education reform. Within the country, there are a quarter of a million students in private-choice and publicly funded charter school programs. These programs include locations in the District of Columbia and 17 states. The number of students enrolled in charter-type educational programs is growing across the nation.


These charter school programs exist in states that include Virginia, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Florida, and Arizona. Louisiana and Ohio are also on the list. Betsy DeVos feels that traditional public school systems have failed in some ways. This has spiked the curiosity of many to inquire about education reforms to learn more about vouchers, education savings, and tax credits.


One of the things that got Betsy DeVos’s attention about education reform was the time when she and her husband had children in school. At that time, they noted that parents were doing everything in their power to provide a safe education environment for their children. These were people who wanted their children to learn in an environment where there was a respect for learning. This led the DeVos family to think broadly about education and how people of lesser means could access an alternative education.


Betsy DeVos is a force to reckon with. She and her family have the means and influence to push their agendas. While not everyone agrees with Betsy DeVos on issues many respect her for her focus and determination to make things happen.


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