Background of Dick Devos

Most people know Dick Devos as the son of Richard Devos, co-founder of Amway. Ever since the 1970s, his family has been one of the largest donors to the Republican Party, and now in 2019, Devos has been working hard to help the aviation communities where he thrives. For example, in West Michigan, you can even go to a pilot training school that was founded by Dick Devos and his wife, the US Education Secretary Betsy Devos.


Dick Devos has been working hard towards helping businesses throughout his life’s work. In the 1990s, he wanted to help Grand Rapids survive the economic recession in Michigan, and he also aided business leaders to have more growth during this time. He joined the Grand Action committee at this time to help with city planning and development. He wanted to avoid some of the issues that he had seen when the sports teams left Detroit and the Pontiac SilverDome was left abandoned.


Devos and the Grand Action committee were responsible for multiple buildings going up in the 1990s, including the Devos Place Convention Center, Devos Performance Hall, and Andel Arena. These areas would contribute to the growth of the overall metropolis, but it was what Devos did next that placed him on the map for those in aviation.


For one, he called the AirTran Airways CEO and talked about opening up new flights. Devos saw the airport as a central piece to the plan of growth. He wanted to build up Grand Rapids to be this business traveler destination with new ideas for conferences. To do this, he wanted to bring in business travelers who were already going to conference destinations like Orlando, St. Louis, Vegas, and Denver.


By getting on the same circuit, Devos thought that it would be easy to see more growth. He was right. There were instant ticket sales growth once the airport implemented new flights to these destinations. Ever since then, the airport has grown considerably, and it was even approved for $45 million renovation in 2017. The Gateway Transformation Project will be completed by 2020, however. New technologies are currently being added to the curbside area and security points.


It’s clear that Devos has had political aspirations before, but working with the FAA has allowed him to really indulge in what he could be doing differently for his aviation business partners. He has been meeting with the FAA and the committee once every quarter. The FAA has used his knowledge on airports to help with other renovations across America.


Devos will continue to work with the CEO of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. His hopes are to bring more recognition to the airport for its stance on new technology and hopes to help the FAA with funding for other airports in need of a makeover.


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Rick Cofer Community Initiatives

Rick Cofer is a criminal defense attorney in Travis County. Apart from his legal tasks that largely involve criminal cases and courtroom work, Cofer is also heavily involved with his community of Austin, Texas and frequently sponsors events in their interests.

As an expert on legal nuances, Rick Cofer was active in environmental issues in the year of 2018, as was his community. In 2018, the state of Texas carried on a plastic bag ban where large retailers discontinued giving out single-use plastic bags for free. Soon after, him and his firm took part in healthcare issues where he sponsored healthcare events/programs that were targeted towards the LGBTQ community. His community involvements improved his reputation, and persistent with his law firm’s main mission.

As an experienced attorney, Rick Cofer helped on the ban by providing legal advice and his active efforts revolved around the issue of plastic littering and its legal involvement, he is also on the solid waste commission of Austin, Texas and carried an interest in conservatory movements. He quickly learned and found that the ban encouraged recycling, reusable bags, recyclable paper bags, and compost friendly plastic bags, The initiative was introduced and planned out in 2007. One year later, the city of Austin, Texas, city council took a volunteer decision to test out plastic bag reduction, and set an achievable goal within three month to reduce waste. As a result, the initiative failed and the decision to enforce a ban was favored upon assessing the activities of the city’s large retailers.

Several years later, in March 2013, the legal ban on plastic bags became official.

Another initiative Texas-based defense attorney, Rick Cofer took part in was the “Keep Austin Kind” initiative that involved the operation of “Kind Clinics” that offered health services to LQBTQ individuals. In October 2018, his law firm sponsored a Halloween ball to benefit the community and its healthcare needs, in addition to other sponsored events that allowed the communities to socialize. These events allowed the groups access to healthcare, self-love workshops and a place to interact with each other. To know more about Rick Cofer visit


Bagging the Austin Bag Ban, Rick Cofer Comments

How Ara Chackerian is Reinventing US Healthcare

Experts agree that healthcare in the United States is in need of reinvention to deliver better care at a better price. Ara Chackerian stands out as a leader making a difference in this field. He is an entrepreneur and angel investor in the field of healthcare technology.

New developments in healthcare technology have made it easier than ever for doctors to diagnose, and also treat, diseases. Ara Chackerian invests in early-stage companies that are developing these technologies. He has guided young healthcare businesses with his investments for over twenty years.

Ara Chackerian is currently a managing director at ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. Previously, he founded or co-founded a number of healthcare companies, such as BMC Diagnostics. He is a general partner with TMS Health Solutions. TMS Health Solutions works to develop innovative ways to help people with treatment-resistant depression. TMS stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, and has been shown to be a safe and effective treatment method.

In an interview with IdeaMensch, Ara Chackerian describes how he and a business partner came up with the idea for TMS Health Solutions. They realized that there could be a better model for out-patient psychiatry, one that truly puts patients first. TMS Health Solutions has since expanded from San Francisco to throughout the Bay Area, with seven facilities. For more details visit LinkedIn.

In addition to his full-time work, Ara Chackerian is a philanthropist who supports a number of sustainability efforts. He and Aram Terry guide Limonapa Teak Farm in Chinandega, Nicaragua, which aims to push back against the overwhelming challenge of global deforestation by providing sustainable employment to local Nicaraguans who would otherwise use the land for cattle pasture.

Chackerian is also a board member at Nor Luyce Mentoring Center for Youth. This organization assists young girls in Gyumri, Armenia, helping them build a strong sense of self and community.

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Eric Pulier Incorporates Technology in Developing High-Tech Games

Behind the young entrepreneur who has developed several businesses is a visionary individual who never gave up on his dreams. Eric Pulier cuts across as a committed person who understands the value of persistence and determination. The Harvard graduate has made a name for himself in the industry of technology. He is a columnist, publisher, author, technologist, philanthropist, technologist as well as executive recruiter in informatics. Eric Pulier has established several startups. As an all rounded entrepreneur, he has a lot to offer in different industries of technology.


Life and Education


Born and bred in New Jersey, Eric embraced education and the benefits of studying. School played a key role in sharpening his skills. As an intelligent young boy, he delved into computer programming at fourth grade. In 1984 when he was leaving high school, he had a computer company database. Eric then joined Harvard after high school. At Harvard, he was the editor in chief of the school magazine called The Harvard Crimson. He also authored articles for the newspaper. Through his editorial pieces, Eric Pulier’s articles landed on the Harvard writer profile. They can still be referred to for useful information. Eric covered several sensitive issues in school. In 1991, he left for Los Angeles to venture into his career.




In his interview with Idea Mensch, Pulier was asked about his current business and start up, vAtomic Systems. Eric explained that vAtomic Systems generated from his passion for developing technology based solutions. He deemed it necessary to venture into a helpful docket of digital goods like proven game mechanics, digital trading and blockchain technology. Asked the mechanisms he embraces as a successful entrepreneur, Eric stated that he writes everything he is looking forward to achieving. Through proper planning, he can engage in ideation. This is how he develops ideas and later brings them to life. Eric explained that with ideation, he develops confidence in dealing with work and business related issues.




Aside from work, Eric Pulier is a philanthropist. His notable philanthropic works include Painted Turtle, a camp for kids with chronic illnesses. He also serves as the vice president of a charity foundation called Cloud Operations.