The Successful Profile of Vijay Eswaran

It is possible for one to start a small business and after few years, register massive success through proper strategies. The life and times of Vijay Eswaran summarizes the successes of starting small and growing to become a huge entity. The executive chairman of the Qi Group left the United States after working for different corporate and returned to his country of origin in Asia to start his own enterprises. Within a few years, Vijay had utilized his entrepreneurial skills to form the successful Qi Group. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Vijay is also an author, motivational speaker and philanthropist.

Through his ability to motivate people, Vijay has been travelling around the world to lecture on different topics. He has been a firm believer of empowering women and the youths. To this end, he has been listed on the 2011 Forbes lists of Heroes of Philanthropy. He is a recipient of the lifetime achievement award for his regional philanthropy. Vijay has been leading the independent think tank of the Asian Strategic Leadership Institute of Malaysia. In 2103, he was the recipient of the coveted ASEAN Business Council CEO of the year award. In addition, he was recognized for his outstanding entrepreneur excellence in Asia-Pacific.

Previously, Vijay has worked with internationally recognized firms such as IBM and other institutions across Europe, Australia, United States and Canada. His accumulated experiences were quite instrumental in aiding him start Qi group. The graduate of the prestigious London School of Economics with a degree in socio-economic has used his education to inspire others. Owing to his work stints in the United Kingdom, Vijay came across the binary system of marketing. The knowledge he acquired from the system prompted him to undertake CIMA qualifications in the United Kingdom. His passion for education saw him enroll at the Southern Illinois University where he graduated with an MBA. He started comprehending about the multilevel marketing while he was working at the Synaptics in the United States. It was while he had returned to Malaysia that he started emphasizing on multilevel marketing.

The Qi group is an e-commerce conglomerate that has vast subsidiaries dealing in travel, telecommunications, production of luxury and wellness products besides engaging in corporate investments and training. The chief executive officer of QNet has been quite instrumental in utilizing various philosophies that enhances organizational success. With interests in providing services to the populace, QNet has been focusing its efforts on care, service and integrity. The company cares for its consumers, thus engaging in manufacture of products that satisfies the utility of consumers. Through its service philosophy, the entity ensures that people are empowered to start small business. Much success in business can be registered through empowering people, as they will have the passion of excelling in different activities that they undertake. Integrity means that all leaders should be prudent and ensure that they give back to the society.