Todd Levine Makes The Case Seem Simple

Many attorneys today have a very difficult time trying to help their clients with their specific situations in court. They gather information from their client, create their best opening statements and present it to the judge and jury but fall short because their arguments are too elaborate for the court to understand. Todd Levine and his founded law firm has the “knack” when it comes to simplifying court cases so that both the judge and jury can fully understand and make fair a judgement in the final hours of trial. With his unique skills, Todd Levine creates a simplified dialog that helps both the court and his many clients understand the situations better and prevail in winning many court cases.

Todd Levine is a professional attorney with unique skills to provide both his clients and the court efficient statements to help the court understand various disputes. Todd Levine is a member of the practicing law firm of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen and Levine P.L. His law firm usually represents real estate brokers, property managers, investors and contractors. Todd Levine often represents clients with disputes involving real estate projects and commercial real estate litigation on a day to day basis. It took many years for the real estate attorney to achieve this great talent.

Todd Levine was a graduate of The University Of Florida, earlier in his career. The young attorney graduated the college with a bachelors in finance in 1998. Todd Levine continued his studies at The Florida Levin College Of Law. Eventually the attorney finished law school in 1991, where he attained his law degree.

Outside his daily profession Todd Levine is a musician and enjoys art,and science above most things. With the interesting hobbies he has outside of his career helps him to stay organized and focused in the court room. Todd Levine is noted for many achievements during his long career. In 2018 The attorney earned The Best Lawyer Award for real estate litigation by the U.S. News and World Report. Todd Levine is also noted for great reviews from Super Lawyers Business, Florida Trend Magazine and The Daily Business Review for his many accomplishments.

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Alex Pall Shares How He Got His Start As A DJ

Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers says that early in life he developed an interest in being a DJ. Doing this started out as a hobby for him and while attending college it developed into a side gig for home. While working at a New York City art gallery it hit him one day that being a DJ was his passion in life. He made the decision that he wanted to give being a DJ his best shot and talked to his manager about how to go about it. His manager had a producer named Drew Taggart who lived in Maine at the time. At that point he quit his job at the art gallery and started his musical career full-time.

After Alex Pall started working with Drew Taggart they learned that they meshed very well and wanted to pursue the same thing in their careers. They were playing a lot of shows around New York at the time. They also kept an eye on other DJs in this city so they could see who was a really good DJ and/or producer and what was working well for them. They also kept an eye out for trends that weren’t panning out all that well. He says that eventually this led to them creating their own identity as a dance music duo.

One of The Chainsmokers biggest hits is “Closer. This was performed with Halsey. Alex Pall says that he really enjoyed working with her and found her to be pretty incredible. Halsey had been on his and Drew Taggart’s radar for over a year and she was the first person on their list of someone to work with. Alex Pall says that her voice is really strong and she is her own distinct person.

He says that he uses Instagram to keep tabs on who is listening to The Chainsmokers. He also said that their fanbase is becoming more international and he is seeing new fans pop up in Southeast Asia as well as in Africa. Alex Pall also said that about half their fans are guys and they are hitting the 16 to 25 demographic really well.