A Review of the New EOS Balm

If you’re looking for a solid lip balm that is going to provide long-lasting moisture to your lips and enable you to get rid of any pain or tenderness that you’re dealing with, the new EOS chamomile cooling balm is the choice for you. EOS created this particular brand because of the fact that many customers were looking for a high-quality option for when they’re dealing with dryness and even wind burn. Even in the warmer months, you’ll find that it benefits you to use a balm like the one that EOS has created. Plus, the balm tastes amazing and is going to be a staple in your makeup bag.

The EOS brand is well known for the amazing products that they have created for customers of all ages and needs. You will find EOS products both in local stores as well as on the internet for easy ordering. No matter the product you want or need, it is a good idea for you to look at the range of amazing reviews written about the EOS line and see which one is right for you (http://www.allure.com/review/eos-lip-balm-sphere).  Once you decide on a lip balm, lotion or shave cream that’s perfect for you, it is just a matter of figuring out which one you need and purchasing it from the right vendor.

There are tons of people right now using EOS products with great success, and this is why you might want to check out the brand on your own to see if it’ll work for you as well. This is a brand that you can trust and know the ingredients are some of the highest quality available right now (Amazon). There are lots of brands out there, but there is none so much better than the EOS brand of lip balms and other products.

EOS: The New Crystal Lip Balm

EOS lip balm now has a new look, and it’s not what you might expect. It’s called the Crystal Lip Balm ($5). The brand has given up its signature look of being spherical and sleek. It is now a sleeker pyramid shape. A new fabulous container was also designed and introduced. Also, the balm is totally clear. But, it still hydrates just as well, maybe even better than the original.

More on https://www.amazon.com/EOS-Organic-Lip-Balm-Sphere/product-reviews/B004OOVS0Y

The new EOS lip balm is completely vegan and wax-less. So, no more pasty mouth feeling. It is hypoallergenic and has a blend of coconut, shea butter, castor, sunflower oils, and avocado. The new flavors are Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. Both smell great and are a good value for the money.

EOS, Evolution of Smooth, are all over fashion and beauty magazines (Allure). Seven years ago, these pastel orbs started popping up everywhere. Celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Kim Kardashian, and Miley Cyrus were spotted with them. They have even taken over shelves in Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and other major retailers.

In an interview with Fast Company, insiders with EOS told the story of how it became the second best-selling balm in the country. It outperforms Blistex and Chapstick. And, is right after Burt’s Bees products. It’s no wonder everyone loves EOS. They come in pretty much any color or flavor imaginable. People even decorate them with rhinestones or cute stripes. There’s no doubt, the new Crystal Lip Balm will be a huge hit.