Fortress Investment Group:A Key Financial Group In Social Media

Fortress Investment Group, an large international firm, is known for its management of investments as well as private equity alternative assets. Performing a broad spectrum of investment management, the company also manages credit and liquid hedge funds. Founded in 1998, the investment firm is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as FIG. A leader in the financial services industry, Fortress Investment Group manages the portfolios of over 1500 private clients and institutional investors globally. Having vast experience across a broad range of investment strategies, the investment firm’s investment management includes credit, private equity, traditional asset management, and liquid markets. Moreover, the global investment firm leader maintains an extremely positive social media presence. Realizing the value of using this medium early, the company used social media long before other investment management companies did.

The firm quickly saw the advantage of using it to demonstrate their performance to customers and the value of their services to the prospective client and investor. Their presence in social media is growing. As a matter of fact, Fortress Investment Group is one of the most active investment groups on social media and is connecting with and has done business with customers through this medium. Staying abreast of contemporary trends, the company has made it a top priority to continuously update their social media. It is well aware of the value to the firm of effectively using this medium. Xapo, very well known as the “Fort Knox of Bitcoin,” has succeeded in raising $40 million from well known venture capital firms such as Index Ventures, Benchmark, Fortress Investment Group, Greylock Partners,and others. Former Secretary of the Treasury, Lawrence Summers is one of the advisors, and Xapo has developed enhanced security that maximizes protection of its bitcoin assets.

Bloomberg has reported that several wealthy investors are now hoarding bitcoin deep underground in bunkers, quoting the amount as approximately $10 billion, a figure representing 7% of Bitcoin’s float. Reports on Xapo have revealed that the company owns an global network consisting of underground vaults on five continents. To further ensure security, these vaults are also bomb proof. Investors recognize the benefits of this security, and consequently have deposited vast sums of bitcoin in Xapo. As a result, Xapo has accumulated storage of more bitcoin than 98% of the 5000 banks in the US. Xapo also caters to institutions by providing financial firms a management platform to handle a bitcoin investments. Viewing institutions as promising vehicles for growth, Xapo fully expects bitcoin to be a future leader.

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JD Founder Richard Liu Qiangdong Discusses Background

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and chief executive officer of the retail company known as JD. He recently went to talk about his business ventures and background at a forum. While he was at the forum, he talked to a panelist about his previous experiences in business. One of his notable experiences was when he founded a restaurant when he was a young man. The restaurant initially failed according to Richard Liu. It failed because he wasn’t able to devote a sufficient amount of time to running it. However, he learned form this experience and decided to start a retail business several years later.Prior to his career in technology and entrepreneurship, Richard Liu completed educational programs at two of the top educational institutions in China.

One of these institutions included a leading international business school in Beijing. After closing down another business that he founded, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to start up his third business. This would be another business in the retail industry. He founded JD in the mid 2000’s and built it from a small retailer to the large conglomerate it is today. When the company first started out, it had a limited selection of products and was also in need of capital. Richard Liu would get the additional capital to expand the selection of products and then increase the sales revenues. This would eventually allow him to build the company into the highly successful business it is today.

With JD being very successful, Richard Liu Qiangdong is looking to begin expanding the company to other parts of the world. Over the past couple of years, he has gradually expanded to other parts of Asia. Last year, Richard Liu expanded the company to countries such as New Zealand. With this expansion, JD has been able to serve a number of key international markets. Richard Liu said that he is looking to expand operations to other regions of the world in the near future. This includes eventual expansion to parts of Europe and North America. While he has achieved great wealth with his business, Richard Liu is more concerned about giving back to society and helping it fulfill its needs. Click here.

Ara Chackerian and Diving Deeper For Value

Ara Chackerian knows that truly great leaders are hard to come by. But why is that? Why must we be in scarcity mode when it comes to amazing leaders? The answer to that question may not be ever known. But prominent healthcare investors like Ara Chackerian must undoubtedly think about this part of the picture.

For great leaders can produce long-standing businesses.

But celebrity CEOs may overshadow the need for leaders in and out of the workplace. One may see that the Kardashian and Jenner clan, a very successful family, may be highly regarded as being problematic role models, especially for those who are enamored by their looks.

Kim Kardashian West is perhaps the only one who has done worked to pay back to society as a leader through her work with a few humanitarian initiatives in the past but more fundamentals might need to be present to build companies that will last for centuries.

Apart from the Jenner and Kardashian family, another example of leadership being upstaged by celebrity is Elon Musk, the celebrated and now often-problematic CEO of Tesla and SpaceX.

Despite starting a company that revolutionized the usage of electric cars in everyday applications and might very well bring self-driving cars to commercial usage, Musk’s genius is often overshadowed by the level of publicity that he obtains by just being himself.

In the past few years, the 48-year-old founder of The Boring Company has been rife with different opinions.

But Ara Chackerian would know that finding operators that can spin different plates and get the job done is very necessary for business. Ara Chackerian would note that the best companies out there that retain their value have great management teams that empower and develop their people.

By doing so, these companies create even stronger ecosystems and thrive. We can note that many different companies came out of Google, Uber, Facebook, and other heavy hitters in the Silicon Valley Scene.

Fortress Investment Group Setting the Standard High

Fortress Investment Group has been a trendsetter since its birth in 1998. It was the first large scale equity firm to go public on the New York Stock Exchange. The company was started by Randall Nardone, Wes Eden, and Rob Kaufman.

With headquarters in New York, it hires over 900 people. Fortress Investment Group specializes in asset-based investment, operation management, corporate mergers, acquisitions, capital market and has specific knowledge of companies.

Fortress Investment Group asset-based investment has a broad diversity which includes real estate, capital, and finance vehicles that create long term cash flow. Its expertise includes pricing, owning, financing and managing both physical and financial assets.

The company area of operation management provides tools that extract value from the investment it makes, but it excels at evaluating, operational, structural and strategic when managing portfolios.

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With regards to experience, the company specializes in the capital market which means that they’re well trained on how to secure financing via debit.

What makes Fortress Investment Group at the top of their game is their track record with diverse companies has given it a great deal of knowledge.

Hard driven, Fortress Investment Group expanded its first Fortress fund into a 2, 3, and 4 versions. In 2006 and 2005 Fortress Investment Group acquired a large ski resort in North America and the Canadian company Intrawest. The company was the first to go public then other investment firms followed. Within a decade they increased with funds such as Fortress Investment Fund V, Credit Opportunities Funds I through IV, the Fortress MSR. These funds all came online.

Fortress Investment further expanded when it went global with adding Italian NPL Opportunities Fund and several Asian funds including the Fortress Japan Opportunity Fund. The company then went on to purchase AIG’S American General Finance Service in 2010 that company became Springleaf Finance Service. Under Fortress Investment, AIG value soared more than 27 times with a value of 3.5 billion dollars.

With its leadership and innovation being recognized, Fortress Investment Group received the Credit-Focused Fund of the year by the Institutional Investor Magazine and the Discretionary Macro-Focused Hedge Fund of the year in 2012. Website:

Isabel dos Santos Wants a High-Tech Africa

Business leaders and governments alike have tried to tackle the quality of life issue that affects so many African countries. It’s a task with no simple solutions, so those same problem solvers are looking to new methods, like technology. Angolan billionaire Isabel dos Santos is one of those people, and believes that technology can bridge divides in society that will improve life for all Africans. At the “Africa and Emerging Technology” conference, hosted by the European Parliament, Isabel dos says about the many ways African countries can improve their infrastructure. Unitel, the company that she chairs, is now the mobile services provider of choice for all of Angola.

That opened doors to working opportunities with telecommunications companies throughout Africa. This made her familiar with the state of its data infrastructure, and that informed projects to install cell phone towers. Now mobile and internet connections are more reliable than ever. Now, whether someone lives in the city or in a rural community, communication is less of a challenge. She sees that as a the best time to pivot towards her big endeavor. As Unitel grows, she wants to make an aggressive push for e-commerce. This isn’t just about making online shopping more common, but giving people more access to their first bank account through the internet.

But goals need plans, and Isabel dos Santos addressed that in her talk. Modernizing African cities is a possibility, and she sees it as one that brings public transportation to its full potential, helps distributions better supply businesses, and a community engaged in the health of their surrounding environment. Having an entrepreneurial career that’s taken her from telecommunication to finance, Isabel dos Santos formed her business opinions about technology through experience. Now she’s partnering up with Google. Through Unitel, they’ll be setting fiber optic cables under water, in Angola and throughout Africa. This won’t just bolster existing internet connections but help Africa establish solid connections with Europe, Asia and beyond. With the help of technology, Isabel dos Santos sees a future Africa with a stronger data infrastructure, one that betters communication and data transfer but also makes Africa a more consequential figure on the business world stage.

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Fortress Investment Group – acquisition, partnership, and leadership

The story of Fortress Investment Group is one of high risk, high reward; wherein alternative asset management would take place through investment vehicle funds, sponsored by private equity sources. The innovative force behind this strategy served as a catalyst for rapid growth. In the first five years, the firm’s balance sheet grew from almost half a billion to just under $4 billion. Fortress Investment Fund I was the precursor to double-digit returns, focusing on real estate, debt securities, and cutting-edge financing strategies.

Capturing long-term cash flow precedes the strong risk-adjusted return model that retains 2,000 individual and institutional investors at Fortress Investment Group. Deep technical expertise in portfolio management is equally prized as real-time knowledge gleaned from old-fashioned footwork, which is central to the Group’s proficiency in deal origination. Portfolio management relies on a robust set of operational and structural tools able to handle the intricacies of asset appraisal, whether physical or financial. Find out more about of Fortress Investment Group at

At its core, Fortress Investment Group runs on sector-specific information to make informed decisions. The dynamic data streaming out of the activity of companies and institutions helps the New York based giant stay ahead of corporate mergers and acquisitions happening inside of capital markets.

For Fortress Investment Group, a 40% rise in value over a period of two decades is indicative of the vision brought forth by the firm’s founding principals – each bringing with them a specific set of skills, talents, and experiences. Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, former founder Rob Kauffman and current principal Peter Briger set out to form Fortress after enjoying exceptional careers as significant personalities at Wall Street banks. Some notable acquisitions include Florida East Coast Industries, RailAmerica, and casino and horse racing venue operator Penn National Gaming.

Although its known mostly for asset-based investing and operations management, its broad range of capabilities attracts corporate stakeholders, equity professionals, and market personnel.


Todd Levine Makes The Case Seem Simple

Many attorneys today have a very difficult time trying to help their clients with their specific situations in court. They gather information from their client, create their best opening statements and present it to the judge and jury but fall short because their arguments are too elaborate for the court to understand. Todd Levine and his founded law firm has the “knack” when it comes to simplifying court cases so that both the judge and jury can fully understand and make fair a judgement in the final hours of trial. With his unique skills, Todd Levine creates a simplified dialog that helps both the court and his many clients understand the situations better and prevail in winning many court cases.

Todd Levine is a professional attorney with unique skills to provide both his clients and the court efficient statements to help the court understand various disputes. Todd Levine is a member of the practicing law firm of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen and Levine P.L. His law firm usually represents real estate brokers, property managers, investors and contractors. Todd Levine often represents clients with disputes involving real estate projects and commercial real estate litigation on a day to day basis. It took many years for the real estate attorney to achieve this great talent.

Todd Levine was a graduate of The University Of Florida, earlier in his career. The young attorney graduated the college with a bachelors in finance in 1998. Todd Levine continued his studies at The Florida Levin College Of Law. Eventually the attorney finished law school in 1991, where he attained his law degree.

Outside his daily profession Todd Levine is a musician and enjoys art,and science above most things. With the interesting hobbies he has outside of his career helps him to stay organized and focused in the court room. Todd Levine is noted for many achievements during his long career. In 2018 The attorney earned The Best Lawyer Award for real estate litigation by the U.S. News and World Report. Todd Levine is also noted for great reviews from Super Lawyers Business, Florida Trend Magazine and The Daily Business Review for his many accomplishments.

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How Isabel dos Santos is Combining Entrepreneurship and Philanthropic Activities

Isabel dos Santos has excelled in various businesses and philanthropic activities that have put her on the map and the Forbes Magazine as the top richest woman in Africa. One of the firms that she operates is a mining and oil exploration company. Angola is known for huge oil deposits and other issues to do with energy. Although the government has significantly invested in the energy and oil sector, Isabel has a huge influence in the same industry as well. Secondly, Isabel dos Santos owns huge stakes in the real estate sector. Over the last few years, her companies have taken significant strides towards investing in the real estate sector in Angola and other countries in the South African region.

However, Isabel companies are mostly interested in the luxury real estate market, which is not easily infiltrated by other organizations. Most of the luxury real estate companies are currently owned by Isabel. The development of the agricultural sector in Angola in the last few years has attracted a significant number of investors. Isabel dos Santos is one of the investors who have already invested in this sector. However, she is highly focused on the agricultural industry that is highly interested in producing fruits and other horticultural products that have attracted considerable buyers in the last few years. However, besides the increasing investments that Isabel dos Santos has done, she is currently involved in her philanthropic activities that are geared towards changing the lives of various members of the community.

Some parts of Angola are desert, which means that they do not get enough rainfall. Isabel has been providing sufficient water to various communities to prevent a crisis that comes with water scarcity such as diseases. Besides playing a significant role in providing sufficient water to the community, Isabel dos Santos is also heavily involved in offering free medical services to young children. One of the significant medical issues she has been concentrating on is malaria. Recent medical issues show that malaria has not been entirely eradicated in most of the tropical regions in developing countries. Isabel is highly interested in eliminating malaria, especially in vulnerable communities and low-income families. Click here.

OSI Group’s International Demand In Food Processing

OSI Group has solidified itself as a premier provider in food services. This company is worth billions of dollars despite coming from humble beginnings. OSI has literallybeen able to transform itself from a small butcher shop into aglobal food processor. The company has history that dates back to the turn of the 20th century, and it played a vital role in selling high quality meats. In today’s timeframe, OSI produces and sells a plethora of best food items, including:


  • Pizza


  • Ribettes


  • Fresh Dough Products


  • Flatbread


  • Lettuce


  • Fruits


  • Flavored Sausage


  • Onions


  • Tofu


  • Meatballs


  • Pot Roast


  • And many more items


Setting a new standard in this line of work isn’t necessarily easy. Since every person has his or her own personal tastes, creating distinct and custom food items can be challenging. OSI Group and its advanced equipment can create tantalizing foods that are very much distinct. These technologies generally cost in the range of millions of dollars. By utilizing such expensive devices, the company has been able to increase its processing power. At OSI’s Spain location, its high capacity productions lines have worked wonders.

Over 45,000 tons of chicken, beef and pork are being processed on an annual basis. OSI Group has also played a huge role in China’s economic development. The company is now the largest poultry processor in China. OSI has built solid relationships with all of its clients, and these relationships have generated billions of dollars in wealth throughout the decades. OSI Group and its food products have met the ever-increasing demands of the public by giving the public what it wants in great tasting foods.


Jin Ho: President of Riot Games

Jin Oh is the President at the Riot Games. Riot Games is an internet developer based in West Los Angeles, California and an organizer of sports events. Jin Oh graduated from Claremont McKenna College. While after that Jin Oh did his master’s in business administration from Cornell University. At the end of 2018, a file was suited by one of the employees at popular Riot games that the company against gender discrimination.

This was not the first time it happened but there had been complaints against gender discrimination by former and as well as current employees. There were these two women who filed a suit against inequality and sexual harassment. This happened when Jin Oh was part of the company. This lady Miss Craken stated that Jin Oh is a miserable line manager.

He built harassing and opposed working surroundings. He discriminated against women; this is what the lawsuit said. The lady in the lawsuit also stated that he did now not appoint ladies to fill senior activity vacancies. He supposedly employed girls for only assistant roles because he thought it to be most effective, stating that in that position it would not experience have to have a male. The Riot company says that they are taking every action to resolve the issue. Click here.