Tim Ioannides and Changing the Dermatology Industry Around

Tim Ioannides is a dermatologist working out of Florida. He first earned his medical degree at the University of Miami School of Medicine and completed an internship program at the University of Florida School of Medicine Health Science Center. As with many other medical professionals, he would take upon a residency at the Jackson Memorial Hospital. A couple of years passed and he decided to work at a private Dermatological Center where he was able to learn many skills in dealing with patients in the dermatology business, plus learn what the inner-workings of a private business like that looked like. This would move him to start his own business titled Treasure Coast Dermatology. Serving the Martin, Port St. Lucie, and Indian River counties in Florida, the business prides itself on building strong relationships with patients using a very comprehensive team. The business has since expanded to included five locations in total and with very low turnover for staff, he’s been able to keep many patients to have a close relationship.

In a recent interview, Tim Ioannides explained his rationale on why he started the business and what is really important to him. First, he explains that he decided to venture on to creating his own business as he believes a lot of dermatology comes from performing cosmetic procedures while he personally is more interested in changing lives by helping people protect skin and more. By starting his own business, he’s been able to build out the niche business that he loves to work in while giving an opportunity for many who have the same mindset to work for him.

He also explains that he felt ready to start a business as entrepreneurs have some of the same struggles medical professionals have in that they have to deal with hard situations that can have big consequences if wrong a lot of the time. In all, Tim Ioannides believe he has started a long lasting business that can change the dermatology industry.

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The Beginning of Nihiwatu

Behind every great business is a great entrepreneur. Christopher Burch is a world renowned entrepreneur and investor. He’s been a part of dozens of success brands and businesses known all over the world. His investment activities have ranged though numerous industries for the past forty or so years.

Burch’s entrepreneurial career began while he was still an undergraduate student at Ithaca College. Together with his brother, Bob, he started Eagle’s Eye apparel. It wasn’t long before the company had become a $165 million brands. Eventually, the company was sold to Swire Group, and Burch was hooked on the rush of entrepreneurship. Browse this site mashable.com.

With future ambitions whispering in his ear, Burch became one of the earliest investors in Internet Capital Group. He’s had an incredible ability to find the nexus between innovation and implementation since his first company. It’s a skill set he continues to use to this day to realize unusual success. Check bjtonline.com for more info.

Burch has such a love for what he does that he can’t help but wander from industry to industry. Anything he finds exciting or thinks that it can be a huge success, he invests time and money. It’s the reason that he has been a part of so many successful brands and businesses. Most recently, his luxury resort, Nihiwatu, just opened after renovations.

The hospitality industry can be a very hectic place. For someone like Chris Burch, that hectic environment is more of a challenge than a deterrent. After founding and co-founding numerous internationally renowned brands, he wanted to set his entrepreneurial sights on a new industry.  Hop on to huffingtonpost.com for related news.

Like with many of his new adventures, he partnered with someone who knows the industry. In the case of Nihiwatu, his partner was James McBride, a well-known hotelier. Together, they bought the hotel located on Sumba in 2012. Over the next three years, the duo invested $30 million into renovating all the buildings. Finally, in 2015 the five-star resort opened and was named Nihiwatu. It was even voted “Best Hotel in the World” by Travel + Leisure a year later. Go here.

This project was different for Burch. For most of his earlier investments, it was all about the journey of building a company up and achieving its fullest potential. Nihiwatu, he bought for his children. He wanted to have something that he hopes they’ll want to preserve for future generations.

Check it out, http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/contact/.