USHEALTH Advisors Shares Some Tips For Healthy Eating Choices

The team at USHEALTH Advisors recently shared ideas about how healthy eating can be a fun thing to do. It takes savvy shopping to find healthy things to buy at the grocery store. Many packaged foods are chock full of sodium, added sugar, preservatives, and other ingredients that are bad for you. Your best bet is to mostly stick to the edges of the store where you can find produce, unprocessed meat, and dairy.

You don’t have to live a life of boring food just because you want to eat more healthy. People wonder if the occasional “cheat meal” is ok and whether it’s better to watch what they eat or to get more exercise in order to achieve the results they’re looking for. See USHealth Advisors profile at Linkedin

Stanford University did a study that found that eating better and doing more exercise is going to provide people with the most benefits, USHEALTH Advisors shared. The nutrition side of this equation is the easier one to manage for many people. The goal is to create healthy meals that the whole family will enjoy.

Making dinner using healthy ingredients does take more time than throwing a frozen dinner in the microwave. It’s well worth the time, though, and there are simple options, like spicy turkey chili, that don’t take that much time to cook. In the USHEALTH Advisors recipe, they include hot peppers because they have been shown to speed up metabolism by up to 5%. They also help to lower blood pressure.

Pizza is usually very unhealthy as it has tons of sodium and saturated fat. This includes pizza from the grocery store or from a local pizza joint. It doesn’t have to be this way. USHEALTH Advisors has a Living Good Health blog where they share the recipe for a very nutritious pizza without all the bad stuff.

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American Addiction Centers: This Is What a Treatment Center Should Look And Feel Like

When it comes to getting help, there are certain places that just look and feel right. There are also places that just have a strange and weird feeling about them. One place that always feels right and always does things on the up and up is the AAC (American Addiction Centers).

When someone decides to take the first step in his or her recovery process, there is not a place out there that is going to treat him or her any better than the AAC. This is a place that simply gets “it.” In life, some places and some people get it, and some people and some places do not get it. The AAC gets it. They know all about what people need when they enter one of their treatment centers.

It starts by simply getting to know the person and being real with them. One of the missing ingredients in health care today is the personal touch. Too often, doctors or nurses are lost in computers, and they don’t even make eye contact. Read more: American Addiction Centers Offers Insight Stages Alcohol | AliveNewsPaper  and American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase

At the AAC, they want to know as much as possible about each and every person that is coming to them. They know that people have a choice when it comes to treatment centers. However, the smart choice is the AAC. As a matter of fact, if you ask many people out there, it is the only choice.

It helps that the Chairman and Co-Founder Michael Cartwright is someone that has had addiction issues in his late teens and early 20s. He has lived that lifestyle, and he is still alive today to talk about it.

Not many people are that lucky. It is why the AAC is taking on the issue with AUD (alcohol use disorder) head on because they don’t want to lose anyone to it. They are fully aware that if it is not treated, it is going to stay with that person for the rest of their life, depending on how long they live. If they treat it properly, they will live a long and happy life.

The AAC has seen it with their success rate, which is more than double the national average. Their website also states they have been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Fox News, Daily Mail, Bustle, and USA Today. It is clear they are doing something right to receive that kind of coverage and to also have the results they have had since 2007.

No one wants to have to admit they need help for an addiction. They are hoping to conquer it on their own. However, if they are unable to do so, the AAC is here to let them know they are brave and strong for reaching out. They know the courage it takes.

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Oren Frank’s Talkspace Offers Help to Millions

Traditionally, therapy has been something that has involved going to an office somewhere. The choice of therapists has been limited by geography, finances and, potentially, other considerations. Depending on the situation, privacy may be a concern. Seven years ago, though, things changed.

In 2012, Oren Frank co-founded Talkspace with his wife Roni Frank. It was a drastic shift from his previous career in advertising and marketing. With Talkspace, the pair created the mobile therapy website and app as a way to bring “therapy to all.” It was designed to remove barriers that may have impeded people’s willingness or ability to engage in a more traditional therapy platform.

With Talkspace, clients have access to more than 5000 licensed therapists. They can access therapy any time of day or night- whenever is convenient for them. The service was designed to be private, affordable, and accessible. Read more on Wikipedia.

Since its founding seven years ago, Talkspace has served the needs of more than a million people. The service has also attracted the attention and backing of a noted name from the sports world. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, who credits therapy with the fact that he is still alive, has thrown his support behind the mobile therapy service. Phelps has shared his own struggles with mental health, including bouts of depression.

As the head of a mobile therapy service, it is perhaps not a surprise that Oren Frank is a firm believer in the ability for technology to better society. His website has already laid claim to helping more than one million people to date to feel happier. It is Frank’s ambition that the therapy service reach even more people in the coming years. As his Huffington Post profile highlights, he is trying to make therapy affordable and accessible to a billion people in need with Talkspace.

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Talkspace Offers Convenient Therapy for Those in Need

Have you ever felt the need to talk to someone who can help you with your problems, but traditional therapy doesn’t work for you? I recently downloaded the app Talkspace to check it out.

Hands down, the best part of this type of therapy is convenience. For traditional therapy, you usually have to schedule the sessions during business hours, and that doesn’t work for everyone. Not to mention that not everyone has access to a therapist in their area.

The way the app works is when you sign up, Talkspace does an assessment with a therapist to discuss your needs. After that, you pick the type of plan you want. The plans have different monthly fees. The higher fee plans include live sessions with the therapist. There is a less expensive plan with unlimited messaging, so you can text when you feel the need to talk to someone. The therapist will respond once or twice a day with help for your concerns. Find out more about Talkspace at

After you pick the plan, you are matched up with a licensed therapist that has experience with the issues you are facing. Another great option is that if you don’t feel comfortable with the therapist you selected, you can request a new one. And then you can start the therapy right away. The therapists are licensed and have background checks. The therapists also have bios you can look at.

Talkspace also has a website available where you can sync your sessions and find more resources. I found their blog particularly helpful with articles on many different mental health issues. There is tech support if needed, but the app was pretty easy to use.

I believe Talkspace works for people who would rather text than talk face to face about their personal problems. It removes the stigma of seeking help because you are the only one who has to know that you’re receiving the sessions. It’s easier to take the first step for help without being judged. Learn More:

Jeunesse Global Product Review Zen BODI

If you have heard of Jeunesse Global then you’re probably aware that it is one of the most successful multi level companies that focuses on preserving youth. However, you’re probably not aware with the fact that they offer more than just anti aging products for the skin. Although known for skin care, they tackle anti aging in all aspects from preserving memory to enhancing your physical body as well. Their Zen BODI line offers some of the most unique fitness products you will ever come across. Not only will your metabolism speed up but your muscles and skin will tighten as well. 

Jeunesse Global Product Review Zen BODI
One of their most popular products in the Zen BODI line is their Zen Prime. This product sets a new bar for quality body cleansing to an entire different level. The unique blended formula contains milk thistle, grape seed extract, plant enzymes, juniper berry, and dandelion root as the active ingredients. When combined, the body’s bowel movements increase tremendously while the metabolism boosts at rapid rates.

Along with increasing metabolism the Zen Prime has also been shown to curb cravings. This in turn makes it easier to control your appetite and not overeat. Eating food to satiety is always what the mind and body craves, so when you implement products from Zen you will reach that satiety without having to over indulge. The only drawback that some people notice is that sometimes they lose their appetite completely, so in this case it’s vital to plan tiny meals throughout the day. 

Fortunately, Jeunesse Global also has supplements to ensure you receive your daily minimum micro and macro nutrients. When paired with the Zen BODI products, you will be able to reach your fitness goals much faster than normal. Being able to take control of your body and fuel it with all the right nutrients will make not only improve your physique but your skin as well. The skin being the largest organ out there needs proper hydration, vitamins, and minerals to sustain collagen and elasticity. With Zen BODI and Jeunesse nourishing yourself will no longer be a challenge.


Jeunesse Global won Several Awards

BusinessWire recently revealed that Jeunesse Global, a youth enhancement company, won several awards at the Communicator Competition. The article titled, “Jeunesse Honored with 24 Awards in 25th Annual Communicator Competition” revealed how the company was highly honored in the awards for the fourth consecutive year. Jeunesse Global was created in 2009, and it has since become a leader in the direct selling industry. It has been leading the pack in the Communicator awards for the past four years. The awards were established to celebrate the excellence and creativity of communications and marketing efforts of companies. 

Jeunesse Global received the highest awards of Excellence and several awards of distinction for their digital and print marketing efforts. Scott Lewis, the Chief Visionary Officer for Jeunesse indicates that they are incredibly proud of their Marketing and Communication team. They continue to provide outstanding content and tools to establish trust between the brand and the consumers. 

Lately, the marketing team has been expanding their reach with “We Live Jeunesse,” a magazine that focuses on the different products made by the company while also providing content that the audience can relate to. The magazine is the latest content marketing venture by the company that helps them establish brand recognition and authority in the health and wellness space. They were rewarded with 8 different awards that recognize the excellence of design, writing, and graphics. 

They also recently launched two new product lines called RVL Advanced Hair Care System and RevitaBlu which won the company more awards for the packaging, digital communications and brochure, and video. RVL Advanced Hair Care System is their latest release to help people receive a luxurious hair care system at home. They infuse the formula with HPT-6, a polypeptide technology that is designed to help revitalize the appearance of the user’s hair. They also provide citrus and eucalyptus to create a spa-like experience while providing fuller-looking hair. 

Jeunesse Global was created in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. After Randy experienced severe knee pain, they discovered the potential of growth factors and stem cells. They incorporated the ATP-200 formula developed by Dr. Nathan Newman in their skincare lines, making the company a huge success.

Tim Ioannides On Skin Treatments

Not many people understand the full depths of what skin disease can do but, if not treated, it can have dire consequences. So how can you tell the difference between a skin disease and a harmless abnormality? Well, it is typically comprised of five main categories: atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis and eczema.

Contact dermatitis and eczema often have the same symptoms i.e. red, itchy skin while swollen and cracked skin is typically symptomatic of atopic dermatitis. If you have redness and pimples around your face, it is most likely rosacea and, if you have thick and bumpy skin patches, it’s probably psoriasis. Of course, the best way to tell is by going to the dermatologist and having a medical professional diagnose it.

Unfortunately, not all skin diseases currently have their own cure so it’s important to understand the best prevention and treatment methods for each condition. One of the most prominent and well-renowned is, of course, the sunshine vitamin. Enough of it will not only keep you healthy and strong but it’s also good for your immune system. Despite the fact that our bodies can generate their own vitamin D, there are still some people who don’t get enough of it. This is most likely because they don’t eat healthy, don’t get enough sun exposure or are simply overweight. Two of the ways you can tell if you’re vitamin D deficient is if you’re experiencing back pain or depression.

Tim Ioannides is one of the most well-renowned dermatologists in the Treasure Coast region of Florida. After receiving his medical degree from the University of Miami School of Medicine, he went on to complete his residency there. He is currently certified and is a member of the American Board of Dermatology as well as the Florida Society of Dermatology.

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Tim Ioannides on Vitamin D

Tim Ioannides has made a major impact on the medical world. For more than fifteen years he has been committed to helping patients achieve their skin care goals. Tim Ioannides is the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology. This organization consists of multiple centers that are focused on providing proactive, innovative care. Dr. Ioannides has made it his life mission to do everything he can to help people meet their skin care needs. This in turn will allow them to focus on other parts of their health.

Dr. Ioannides is a graduate of the University of Miami School of Medicine where he earned Ioannides’s medical degree. Dr. Ioannides studying includes time spent at the University of Miami School of Medicine, where he completed his residency, and Cutaneous Surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Ioannides has been certified by the American Board of Dermatology. He is a member of several major medical groups which include the American Medical Association and the Florida Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery. On top of all these duties, Ioannides is also committed to giving charitable support to several local organizations.

With so much experience, Tim Ioannides has become an expert on skin care. He has seen first hand how overwhelming skin conditions can be. He has witnessed several patients who have lost their self confidence. He also understands that many skin conditions are related to other health issues. Perhaps the number one issue that contributes to skin conditions is vitamin D deficiency. Nearly half of all Americans are deficient in this area. There is hope however. The best way to get vitamin D is from the sun. Dr. Ioannides recommends ten to fifteen minutes a day and more for those with darker skin tones. He also believes everyone should be taking a vitamin D supplement. These tips can go a long way to helping patients get control over their skin problems.

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Shafik Sachedina Has Intensive Experience

A Long Career in the Medical Field is Respectable

Everyone knows that it is not easy to enter the medical field. This is as it should be. We as a society trust that our medical professionals will be able to take care of us in a professional manner. We trust that our medical professionals will be able to do a great job and provide significant value in our lives.

We trust all of this and more because of the fact that they have to go through a long journey to establish themselves in their different respective fields. We know that they are proficient in what they do and that they have our best interests at heart because of the different programs that they have to go through to prove themselves. Everyone takes the medical industry seriously and so does people like Shafik Sachedina.

Who is Shafik Sachedina and How Has He Been Involved in the Medical Field?

Shafik Sachedina studied at King’s College for dentistry and he progressed into the dental field. He can be seen as an expert in his field because of the fact that he paid his dues and served within his industry. Individuals can be able to trust in his experience in the dental profession because he went through a rigorous program at Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School in London. He has done many things in his career and now he serves in a prominent role at a thriving healthcare business. He works at the Sussex Health Care Company as a joint chairman and strives every single day to bring his best to the workplace to help advance the business and serve his end consumers and the general society in the most effective way possible.

He understands that he has a strong responsibility to everyone that is a part of the company and to his end consumers as well and he does not take this role lightly.

Shafik Sachedina does not shy away from continuously being there in the community, he holds positions at many different prominent organizations and institutions and strives to contribute to each of them as he best can.

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