Non Greasy Visibly Smooth EOS Lip Balm Vlogger Review

The EOS lip balm visibly soft line was recently reviewed on Youtube. The Youtube vlogger was extremely excited about these spherical balms of swirly goodness. The simply soft EOS lip balms that were reviewed were the coconut milk and vanilla mint. This particular vlogger keeps a bowl full of various types of EOS lip balms because she absolutely loves all of the healing shea butter benefits as well as the large assortment of flavors.

The EOS lip balms are not greasy and do not leave to much moisture on the lips. EOS lip balms make a wonderful primer for other lip products. The vlogger loves that she can throw on the lip balms without over moisturizing her lips; she also really enjoys the spf formula and the medicated soothing benefits. The visibly soft lip balms immediately make lips much softer and they contain vitamin E and C. Visibly soft EOS lip balms are gluten free and are made with subtle scents. This vlogger feels as though the vanilla mint flavor is not as minty as the sweet mint and those who may not like mint as much will definitely pick up on more of the vanilla flavor. The coconut milk flavor has a very subtle scent and has a mild taste. Both balms are colorless and do not tint the lips. The visibly soft line has a much smoother texture and a bit of shine. The video bloggers final thoughts on the EOS lip balm visibly smooth line is an overall positive experience and enjoyable application.