Fabletics: Providing Their Customers With Convenience And Beautiful Activewear

It’s 2017, and it’s all about convenience. When people want to do something, they want to do it in the most optimal way possible. Especially when it comes to shopping online, convenience and efficiency are the keys to a successful online brand. However, in the world of online retail, Amazon currently holds over 20% of the market share. Owing to this, brands who want to start out in this sector of online retail find it extremely hard to make their mark and make themselves know. When trying to compete with a giant like Amazon, a brand has to be able to innovate and put their most creative foot forward to think of the numerous ways in which they can market their products. A shining example of a brand which has managed to make it big in the world of online retail is Fabletics as a brand started out in 2013 and in the span of a few years has had a brilliant growth rate of over 35%. Though some people may think of this as pure luck, the fact is that the brand has put in a lot of planning and effort to get it to the position it is in today.


When Fabletics entered the world of fashion, the brand faced numerous challenges when it came to finding a way to establish themselves as an online marketplace properly. The brand, therefore, decided to go with a membership plan like structure, one that isn’t typically used by clothing brands. As part of these group plans, Fabletics retained their customers and also kept them coming back for more. People tend to go out shopping maybe once a month owing to the busy lives they tend to lead, with little or no time to spend a day browsing through numerous stores. Fabletics took care of that problem that many people face by sending them and outfit every month based on the information and preferences that the customers gave when they were registering for their membership.


As convenient as the world of online shopping might be, there will always be people who are adverse to the world of online shopping and who prefer to shop from stores in person. When Fabletics did some research on this particular trend and their customer base, they came up with a brilliant idea to help these clients and give them what they would need to get comfortable with shopping online. The brand started setting up their physical stores in varied locations across the country to penetrate into the world of showrooming and physical stores and to also get that untapped market segment into their brand. The brand adopted a technique known as reverse showrooming for this. As part of this method, customers can have a look at the brands clothing online and come to their physical stores and try them on, to get a feel and look of the products. The brand makes sure that only those products that are available in stores are shown on their website to minimize the disappointment that customers would face if the product weren’t there for them to try on.

How Avi Weisforgel became a Master of two extreme Worlds

For many people, engaging themselves in several activities and achieving success is not a cup of tea. Avi Weisfogel, however, has beaten the odds to become good in both dentistry and music. He is a trained dentist and sleep specialist and also a hip-hop artist. He says that he enjoys doing both and cannot feel fulfilled with his life without the two.

In the past, hip-hop music was associated with the street life and violence but a new generation of artists seeks to change this by proving that the dark old days of hip-hop are over. The artists aim to entertain their fans without necessarily portraying a gangster culture in their music.

Avi is also committed to dentistry and dedicates a huge chunk of his time to improving his education and work experience. As a result, he is a well-respected dentist who takes on jobs that other dentists may view as difficult or too complicated. In fact, most of his patients are referred to him by other dentists who feel they cannot handle a patient’s situation as well as Avi would.

Avi is also a family man who adheres to staunch family values. He loves children and supports charitable organizations that cater for the happiness of children. Subsequently, he is a number one supporter of Operation Smile. Operation Smile is an international charitable organization that works to restore a smile on the faces of children throughout the world.

Operation Smile began over 35 years ago and has helped over 200,000 children in over 80 countries throughout the world. Avi launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money will supplement his donations to Operation Smile.

Many of Avi’s fan say that his music is amazing. His recent work was published on SoundCloud to allow his fans to visit the website and listen to his music. Soundcloud is a website that allows users to post, listen, and download music online.

Avi believes that social media is a tool which, if embraced professionally, could bring positive changes in society. For this reason, he is an active social media user with his Twitter page attracting thousands of followers. He uses social media platforms to interact constantly with his fans and share his knowledge with them.

Wild Colors with Doe Deere


I love color. Show me an electric blue or a dark emerald green and I’m happy as can be. As an artist, I know exactly how color can help people think better and feel better. I know that color is what makes any place sing even on a nothing day. This is why I’ve been so happy to find a makeup company that shares my vision. That makeup company is Lime Crime. Lime Crime was started by Doe Deere, a visionary artistic person who believes that life is better for all of us when we have color in our lives.

Color Everywhere

Deere is someone who shares the vision I have of seeing color everywhere at all times. When you go to Lime Crime, you can see just how much she loves color. Her makeup says goodbye to dull browns and boring shades that look like nothing on your face. Instead, you get a burst of color in your life when you look at the products for sale at Lime Crime. You get colors that let you tap into your sense that life should be all about being surrounded by shades that help you feel as if the world is a wonderful place.

An Amazing Vision

Like people I’ve come to admire and wish to take inspiration from, Deere is an original. She’s not someone who wants to look like everyone else. She wants us all to let go of our inner sense of what is standard and traditional when it comes to makeup. Instead, she asks us to see the world through different eyes. I know that when I look on her site, I’m not just being asked to see makeup. In a sense, I’ve been asked to see an entirely new world. This is why I find she’s such a person I can follow so easily.

A New world

When you log on to her site, you’re being given a vision that is not just about makeup in a sense. You’re also being given the chance to explore new ideas that are all about being yourself and being part of the contemporary fashion scene at the same time. I love being able to experiment with makeup of all kinds just as I know that Deere does. This is why I choose to buy her makeup at Lime Crime. I’m know that I’m buying a life vision as well.


JustFab and Summer Shopping Made Easy

Shopping for a summer wardrobe isn’t exactly the easiest thing. It can make some people feel hopeless, overwhelmed, confused and annoyed. That’s why JustFab is such a genius idea. JustFab is the name of a style subscription service that’s available online. People who sign up for this website can quickly receive access to fashion suggestions that are right up their alley. JustFab, as a result, can make a wonderful option for people who simply don’t have time to spend hours browsing stores online and offline for clothing they want to buy.

People everywhere are raving about JustFab’s summer clothing choices. The Internet store has a designated “summer shop” that makes it easy for shoppers to check out what they have. The summer shop consists of a large selection of dresses, bottoms, tops and swimwear. It also consists of a large selection of shoes, jewelry and handbags. The summer tops at JustFab are enjoyable to view and explore. The choices in cute and laid-back tank tops, for example, are particularly abundant. People who want to put their summer arms on display will surely be delighted by all of the options. Other kinds of summer tops that are available at JustFab include V-neck T-shirts, chambray shirts, tunics and off shoulder tops. It doesn’t matter what peoples’ individual tastes in summer tops are. JustFab can cater to all style preferences.

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Did You Know that Just Fab Introduced a Plus Size Collection?

JustFab Summer Shop

It’s a lot of fun to check out all of the summer bottoms for sale at JustFab as well. Cargo pants, for example, can be excellent summer attire options for people who want to feel comfortable and look amazing at the same time. Culottes are also excellent for people who want to make summer style statements. Jeggings can be great, too. People who want to combine “jeans” and “leggings” can have a lot of fun playing with jegging styles.

Skirts are summer staples for many people. People who want to highlight their legs for the summer can enjoy many choices in shorter skirts. People who want to feel relaxed, comfy and cozy can explore many choices in flowing skirts, too. JustFab has many attractive maxi skirt options available to customers. The store’s tiered maxi skirts are especially endearing and memorable.

JustFab streamlines the shopping process at https://www.facebook.com/justfab/. People who want to change their looks up for the summertime don’t have to agonize over long lines and messy store displays at shopping centers. That’s because turning to JustFab is such an easy and stress-free process. People who are interested in the luxury of customized summer style tips can sign up at JustFab and proceed from there. It isn’t hard to save money at JustFab, either. The shop has a nice selection of summer looks that are on sale.

JustFab has just what what you need for summer

Summer…longer days, warmer nights and weekends full of possibilities. Feeling confident and gorgeous is the key to enjoying all that summer has to offer. Imagine never wondering if you have something to wear for all of the must-attend events, long weekends and vacations. Now imagine having access to this wardrobe full of amazing looks, outstanding quality, at incredibly affordable prices, all created with your own personal style in mind. Does this sound too good to be true? Take a minute to check out JustFab.com to see just how easy looking fabulous can be at http://www.justfab.com/summer-shop.htm.

Since 2010, JustFab has been creating and customizing looks that take of women from Rodeo Drive to Main Street and everywhere in between. As the leading fashion subscription e-commerce site and lifestyle fashion brand on shoedazzle.com, JustFab takes pride in offering amazing style at outstanding prices. Members of JustFab’s in-house Los Angeles design team, who are committed to staying on fashion’s cutting edge, create every spot on style.

JustFab’s offerings for this summer season are fresh and fantastic. Take a peek at JustFab’s summer catalog and you will find the season’s hottest trends accompanied by the coolest classics. Off the shoulder tops and tops featuring the cut out “cold shoulder” look are positively essential this summer; these tops pair marvelously with flirty skirts or distressed denim, which are also huge this summer. Round out your wardrobe with versatile rompers, kaftans, jumpsuits and lovely lingerie inspired dresses. Look for big pops of color and bold statement jewelry that will turn heads everywhere you go. JustFab has a variety of items which take their inspiration from Moroccan design, Native American motifs, and chic peasant styling. Be sure to check out JustFab’s unique and diverse shoe selection, in to-die-for styles ranging from strappy sandals; gladiators; wedges; and stilettos, seen in bold bright,chic classic and nicely neutral colors. Add a coordinating or complementing bag in one of the summer’s signature styles. Bucket bags, cross body bags, satchels, and totes will take you from the beach to the boardroom and back with ease. See: http://thecurvyfashionista.com/2016/04/just-fab-plus-size-collection/

See for yourself, head over to JustFab.com, get your style profile and suggestions of what looks match your unique personality. Then learn more about JustFab’s outstanding VIP program, free shipping offers, and more. What are you waiting for? Summer is here, but it won’t last forever.

Lime Crime Rocks Instagram

Lime Crime has pretty much dominated the Instagram scene, as reported by PR Newswire. The cutting-edge makeup company recently reached the mark of more than 2 million followers on Instagram. What makes this accomplishment even more impressive is that Lime Crime has not been around for decades and is considered almost an overnight sensation by experts in the beauty industry. It is almost common sense why Lime Crime has been so successful in accumulating a massive customer following on the Internet. Unlike some of its competitors in the beauty industry, Lime Crime actually interacts with its followers and genuinely wants to hear what they have to say. While this may not seem like a novel concept, most other cosmetic companies today use Instagram and Facebook as ways to simply push their new products on customers and try to drive up sales by bombarding them with commercial posts. Lime Crime never considered itself much of a competitor anyway, especially since the company is based on the principle of standing out in a crowd based on your own individuality. Lime Crime continues to have phenomenal success just by doing its own thing and not paying attention to what other companies think they need to do to increase sales and target new customers.

Doe Deere is the founder and creative mastermind behind Lime Crime‘s amazing success. Before founding Lime Crime, Deere was very involved in the fashion industry and made her own success by designing and selling unique clothes online. One look at Deere’s designs and you will instantly understand why she is able to stand out is a sea of sameness. She is certainly not afraid to use bright, intense color along with funky, fresh patterns to express herself and just have fun with putting on an outfit, all of which is highlighted on her blog ILoveLimeCrime.com.

For Deere, makeup has always just been another way to express her awesome personality. She does not think that women need to hide behind layers of makeup to conceal things on their face. She would rather women enjoy the process of picking out and putting on makeup when they feel like having fun with it.