The rise of EOS lip balm

The company EOS is still, very, very new when compared to other lip balm company like Blistex and Carmex and Chapstick. EOS was founded in 2009, only seven years ago. Chapstick, was invented in the 1880s and is at least 137 years old. That’s 130 years Chapstick has on EOS. But, the company is growing exceptionally. In the year 2017, EOS is projected to have $2 Billion in sales. Chapstick is only projected to do only within a billion dollars of EOS. Some advantage Chapstick has obtained in those 130 years. The EOS’s main marketing advantage is their ingredients are 100% organic. They utilize nutrient rich Vitamin E, soothing Shea butter, jojoba oil, to make skin soothed relaxed and soft. According to co-founder Johnathan Teller, “Everybody in the niche was being lazy. We saw this as a opportunity, and took advantage of it.” This would be one of EOS’s greatest decisions. The unique container is easily one of the easiest to identify and distinguish between the standard tubes of ordinary lip balm. The company uses all-organic and natural ingredients. Normally, you would think this would cause a large price increase, as when comparing regular vegetables and organic vegetables, there is a large price difference between the two. But no! The EOS lip balm price is $3, very competitive against the standard chapstick price. This makes converting to the new EOS chapstick very enticing to the consumer. In the end, it was EOS founder’s innovation for a new, unique product, and desire to add quality to the lip balm market, that birthed EOS lip balm.

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