George Soros Making Headlines with Another Ominous Prediction

Breaking across boundaries and oceans, London is now the main focus among investors and financial tycoons as a truly historic vote is soon to take place.

Great Britain, a place known for its history and lush beautiful landscape, is casting its vote on whether to leave the European Union. Tension is high as the day draws nearer and while many have their own opinion on why such a move could prove disastrous for Britain as a whole, one man has decided to cast in his two cents worth with a prediction that many feel should not be ignored.

George Soros, WWII survivor and renowned philanthropist has given an ominous warning of what would befall the British pound should they leave the Union. Famous for his prediction over twenty years ago which coined the name Black Wednesday, Soros is not unfamiliar with cynicism concerning his financial counsel. However his record more than speaks for itself and many are giving heed to the words uttered by a man who so capably amassed a fortune for himself on the day in which he ‘broke the British bank’. Predicting that the value of the pound would suffer a sharp decline, rendering it almost to equal the value of the American dollar.

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There are others who agree with George Soros that leaving the Union would be a bad move, famous athlete David Beckham and his wife Victoria also plead passionately with the people of Great Britain to vote in favor of their Remain campaign and stay in the European Union. Among them others give their support to the campaign including successful actor Benedict Cumberbatch, author J.K. Rowling and singer Elton John.

The main focus today though is on George Soros and whether his newest prediction will come to pass. Many are skeptical, the leading one among them and staunch supporter of the Leave Campaign being Britain’s Justice Secretary Michael Gove, was reported saying in a recent interview that Soros had been wrong before. However it is difficult to argue with a man many respect and consider as a towering figure in the philanthropic world. With his prediction ringing in our ears as well as his past history reminding us not to take his words lightly, many investors are biting their nails in anticipation of what the future might bring. For now we can only wait and watch as voting day draws ever closer to decide the fate of the British pound and the prediction which could very well spell its doom.

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