Achievements of Isabel dos Santos

As a career woman, Isabel dos Santos has stayed alert on the goals she ought to achieve in her life. She is an inspiration to many people. The successes she has achieved in her life and career serve as her source of inspiration. She has shown willingness to partake new roles in her ventures, a step that has encouraged her workers to deliver extra. She handles her work with dedication, and in case issues arise in the company; she seeks to investigate their causes with the determination to come up with the best solution. Her kindness as a leader has encouraged other executives to handle their workers and clients ethically.

Additionally, Isabel dos Santos is a team player that is never self-centered. She focuses on accomplishing the overall goals set aside by the company. Her cooperation with her workers has enabled her to advance faster in her career. It has also helped her to understand her employees better and execute plans to help them grow professionally. She is loved by many and as a key leader in society; she stays in her best behavior to mold others into better people.

Moreover, Isabel dos Santos is known for her exceptional organizational skills. Her ability to keep to-do lists has saved her from the confusion most disorganized leaders experience in managing their businesses. She has stayed alert on the things that she ought to address first based on their vulnerability. Besides, she has completed every task in her business on time.

The persuasive nature of Isabel dos Santos has encouraged her to take risks without fear. She believes that success in business cannot be achieved without adopting to change and trying out new things, regardless of their nature. She has invested in different businesses in the telecommunication and food sectors. Despite the failures she has experienced in her career, she has remained stable and focused on the things that bring a good impact on her life. As a go-getter, Isabel dos Santos has explored different opportunities, to identify the booming investments that she can try out to increase her stake and impact lives through job creation.

A nova vida de Isabel dos Santos na Unitel

The Successful Profile of Vijay Eswaran

It is possible for one to start a small business and after few years, register massive success through proper strategies. The life and times of Vijay Eswaran summarizes the successes of starting small and growing to become a huge entity. The executive chairman of the Qi Group left the United States after working for different corporate and returned to his country of origin in Asia to start his own enterprises. Within a few years, Vijay had utilized his entrepreneurial skills to form the successful Qi Group. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Vijay is also an author, motivational speaker and philanthropist.

Through his ability to motivate people, Vijay has been travelling around the world to lecture on different topics. He has been a firm believer of empowering women and the youths. To this end, he has been listed on the 2011 Forbes lists of Heroes of Philanthropy. He is a recipient of the lifetime achievement award for his regional philanthropy. Vijay has been leading the independent think tank of the Asian Strategic Leadership Institute of Malaysia. In 2103, he was the recipient of the coveted ASEAN Business Council CEO of the year award. In addition, he was recognized for his outstanding entrepreneur excellence in Asia-Pacific.

Previously, Vijay has worked with internationally recognized firms such as IBM and other institutions across Europe, Australia, United States and Canada. His accumulated experiences were quite instrumental in aiding him start Qi group. The graduate of the prestigious London School of Economics with a degree in socio-economic has used his education to inspire others. Owing to his work stints in the United Kingdom, Vijay came across the binary system of marketing. The knowledge he acquired from the system prompted him to undertake CIMA qualifications in the United Kingdom. His passion for education saw him enroll at the Southern Illinois University where he graduated with an MBA. He started comprehending about the multilevel marketing while he was working at the Synaptics in the United States. It was while he had returned to Malaysia that he started emphasizing on multilevel marketing.

The Qi group is an e-commerce conglomerate that has vast subsidiaries dealing in travel, telecommunications, production of luxury and wellness products besides engaging in corporate investments and training. The chief executive officer of QNet has been quite instrumental in utilizing various philosophies that enhances organizational success. With interests in providing services to the populace, QNet has been focusing its efforts on care, service and integrity. The company cares for its consumers, thus engaging in manufacture of products that satisfies the utility of consumers. Through its service philosophy, the entity ensures that people are empowered to start small business. Much success in business can be registered through empowering people, as they will have the passion of excelling in different activities that they undertake. Integrity means that all leaders should be prudent and ensure that they give back to the society.

Todd Levine Makes The Case Seem Simple

Many attorneys today have a very difficult time trying to help their clients with their specific situations in court. They gather information from their client, create their best opening statements and present it to the judge and jury but fall short because their arguments are too elaborate for the court to understand. Todd Levine and his founded law firm has the “knack” when it comes to simplifying court cases so that both the judge and jury can fully understand and make fair a judgement in the final hours of trial. With his unique skills, Todd Levine creates a simplified dialog that helps both the court and his many clients understand the situations better and prevail in winning many court cases.

Todd Levine is a professional attorney with unique skills to provide both his clients and the court efficient statements to help the court understand various disputes. Todd Levine is a member of the practicing law firm of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen and Levine P.L. His law firm usually represents real estate brokers, property managers, investors and contractors. Todd Levine often represents clients with disputes involving real estate projects and commercial real estate litigation on a day to day basis. It took many years for the real estate attorney to achieve this great talent.

Todd Levine was a graduate of The University Of Florida, earlier in his career. The young attorney graduated the college with a bachelors in finance in 1998. Todd Levine continued his studies at The Florida Levin College Of Law. Eventually the attorney finished law school in 1991, where he attained his law degree.

Outside his daily profession Todd Levine is a musician and enjoys art,and science above most things. With the interesting hobbies he has outside of his career helps him to stay organized and focused in the court room. Todd Levine is noted for many achievements during his long career. In 2018 The attorney earned The Best Lawyer Award for real estate litigation by the U.S. News and World Report. Todd Levine is also noted for great reviews from Super Lawyers Business, Florida Trend Magazine and The Daily Business Review for his many accomplishments.

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J. Walter Thompson Former CEO Gustavo Martinez Opens Business To Help Startups

Former J.Walter Thompson Worldwide chief executive officer Gustavo Martinez started a new project. He is currently one of the most sought after marketing and advertisement expert as of the moment, with experiences in working at McCann Worldgroup, Ogilvy and Mather, and more. In one of his recent interviews, Martinez shared his insight into the future of marketing. He also introduced his new venture, the UV Business Acceleration.


Marketing and advertising is a very hard industry to master. Things are always changing, there are no solid set of rules applied because each marketing campaign needs different treatment. Unlike other practices which follows a certain set of rules, Marketing does not use any formula to success. What fuels marketing, according to Gustavo Martinez, is raw creativity. People who are known as “creative geniuses” will likely be the ones who will succeed in this industry.


Gustavo Martinez knows the importance of creativity in the marketing industry. He also knows how expensive it can be when it comes to recruiting top talents. However, for Martinez, every single dollar spent on the best talent is always worth it. He also mentioned how these creative geniuses usually work best when they have all the freedom they need. That’s why most marketing geniuses are not fit for a 9-5 setup. Instead, they do best as independent contractors, or as “consultants.”


Another thing that Martinez mentioned is the importance of diversity in background and environment among his team members. With different ideas and beliefs, his team members are able to give the widest scope of creative solutions in to answer their client’s problems. Martinez also emphasized the importance of motivating team members for a better result. This can be made by putting the right person in the job which interests him or her. Genuine inspiration triggers more motivation and creativity, which is what Martinez calls the “raw ore” that helps in forging great marketing campaigns.


Gustavo Martinez is also a firm believer in the marketing capacity of the Internet of Things or IoT. Most marketing experts are not very convinced in the power of IoT as marketing tools. But according to Martinez, IoT is being overlooked by the industry. By looking creatively on uses of IoT, Martinez believes that there are infinite possibilities on how IoT devices can be used for effective marketing campaigns.


Right now, Gustavo Martinez is focused on growing a company called the UV Business Acceleration. This company aims to help startups streamline important factors of product development which includes user experience, technology design, and functionality. It is reported that 90% of new startups fail within three years of their operation, with only 10% of startups able to carry on. Martinez wants to change the figures by offering their help to startups who are in need of guidance.


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Jeunesse Global won Several Awards

BusinessWire recently revealed that Jeunesse Global, a youth enhancement company, won several awards at the Communicator Competition. The article titled, “Jeunesse Honored with 24 Awards in 25th Annual Communicator Competition” revealed how the company was highly honored in the awards for the fourth consecutive year. Jeunesse Global was created in 2009, and it has since become a leader in the direct selling industry. It has been leading the pack in the Communicator awards for the past four years. The awards were established to celebrate the excellence and creativity of communications and marketing efforts of companies. 

Jeunesse Global received the highest awards of Excellence and several awards of distinction for their digital and print marketing efforts. Scott Lewis, the Chief Visionary Officer for Jeunesse indicates that they are incredibly proud of their Marketing and Communication team. They continue to provide outstanding content and tools to establish trust between the brand and the consumers. 

Lately, the marketing team has been expanding their reach with “We Live Jeunesse,” a magazine that focuses on the different products made by the company while also providing content that the audience can relate to. The magazine is the latest content marketing venture by the company that helps them establish brand recognition and authority in the health and wellness space. They were rewarded with 8 different awards that recognize the excellence of design, writing, and graphics. 

They also recently launched two new product lines called RVL Advanced Hair Care System and RevitaBlu which won the company more awards for the packaging, digital communications and brochure, and video. RVL Advanced Hair Care System is their latest release to help people receive a luxurious hair care system at home. They infuse the formula with HPT-6, a polypeptide technology that is designed to help revitalize the appearance of the user’s hair. They also provide citrus and eucalyptus to create a spa-like experience while providing fuller-looking hair. 

Jeunesse Global was created in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. After Randy experienced severe knee pain, they discovered the potential of growth factors and stem cells. They incorporated the ATP-200 formula developed by Dr. Nathan Newman in their skincare lines, making the company a huge success.

Steve Ritchie, From The Bottom To The Top

Papa John’s will reach a milestone in October, marking 35 years of brand expansion, it’s now regarded as one of the largest pizza delivery franchises in the world. And effectively changing with the times in January 2018, Papa John’s announced Steve Ritchie as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Ritchie worked his way through smaller roles within the company beginning in 1996 as an hourly employee. Then a decade later, in 2006 he acquired his own franchise, which he ran as a sole operator. Eventually, he began performing higher-level responsibilities before being named Chief Operating Officer (COO). One year after that appointment in 2015, Ritchie became President of Papa John’s.

To say that Steve Ritchie knows the business well, would be an understatement. Considering he’s held multiple positions, initially working as a Customer Service Representative and performing due diligence as a delivery driver and General Manager, before reaching the ranks of executive management. Now, as he cements his role as CEO, the company embarks on a new strategy to upgrade the customer experience. Papa John’s also reported plans to present strategic print advertising and digital marketing campaigns.

From the top-down, is a proper way to describe the recent restructuring plan to give the 120,000 employees, from corporate to store level, a greater role in the company. Instead of referring to restaurant workers as employees they’re now called, “team members.” The goal is to produce a customer-centric environment inside each of the restaurants. It will be led by the team members who now will take part in active roles. Papa John’s also wants to invest more in their digital marketing by bringing onboard a “ creative agency of record.” Under the label, “Laundry Service,” the agency responsibilities includes modernizing the appeal of the Papa John’s brand.

Omeed Malik, the founder and CEO of Farvahar partners

Omeed Malik is the founder and CEO of Farvahar partners. His past endeavors have been diverse in nature and Omeed Malik has worked as a corporate lawyer in New York to a banker for the Bank of America. During these endeavors, he was able to gather a high rate of knowledge and understanding of how businesses work and how markets functions.

He was able to start his own venture after getting necessary expertise in these fields. He also does not like to keep his business acumen to himself and often shares his expertise and tips he has learned over the years to audiences of a wide variety.

His company works to provide useful advice when it comes to areas such as hedge funds and asset management. His years of experience with some of the most reputable names in multiple business markets have been highly conducive to the development of his understanding of how to best allocate the financial resources to get the highest possible returns.

Another area of high importance in the corporate world is that of Pre IPO trading. This type of trading can prove to be very important and crucial for any business. It would not be a stretch to say that these trades have the capability to either make or break the future of corporate business.

One of the biggest and most important changes made in recent times, which is of high importance according to him was brought under the Obama administration. This changed the number of stakeholders in a company. Previously, the number of restricted to 500, but after these changes, the numbers went up to 2,000. This reduced the need for public funding for many businesses and as a result, some significant changes were made in the dynamics of the business markets.

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Jeunesse Global on the Skills Needed for Success

The type of people who operate Jeunesse Global are not the sort to ever turn corrupt, as they believe that to do so would be a disservice to all the many individuals who have been using their products over the course of their lives. Their relevance in the business world truly has grown to this level of significance, so they do not want to let so many millions of individuals down. By continually developing their products, they can ensure that everyone will, at the very least, be pleased that they are continuously working on their products

This is also why they frequently release progress reports to the public. They try to be as transparent as possible with the the people they sell to because they know that will allow them to see that they are doing the best they can to deliver their best available product. Their respect for the community is part of what has made Jeunesse Global such a staple in the first place. This is not all that makes them valuable, however. They are also quite known for being talented with general business skills. The fundamentals of business are not exactly easy to teach to someone, so it is necessary for a company to be able to hire only those individuals who can keep something like that up on a continuous basis. 

Jeunesse Global has taught themselves to recognize the individuals who will be most likely to have a positive effect on their state of business, and they use this knowledge to decide who should be employed. Of course, not everyone can be given an opportunity to work at Jeunesse Global; though they would like to provide everyone they can with the opportunity, they have a standard to maintain for the sake of their customers, and in order to make sure that they never fall below that standard, they have to hire people with the same interest in quality as themselves. Their selectivity could be argued to be the very most important factor in determining just how far they would go within the beauty industry. This skill is proving to put them at a higher level than nearly any competing company in the field.


The Strategic Plans of David McDonald and the OSI Group

According to David McDonald, being able to provide food to big and small restaurants across the world is a huge responsibility. His company focuses on their safe and secured food processing and they continue to have high standards over the years. The OSI Group is well-known for its quality and reliability which is why they view their entire management and customers as family. They strive to have products that meet and exceed their expectations and they want to provide food supply as loud and as proud as possible. During the interview, he stated that wholesomeness, quality, and food safety continues to remain as the hallmark of the products that they are able to produce for their customers and own families.

The company learns to quickly adapt as the world changes, and adapting to change gives them a strong benefit over competitors who do not. Being able to adapt to economic and world changes plays a major role in ensuring success in the long run. They are fully aware that customers change and as their needs become different, David McDonald saw how customers value contrasting things at different times and in distinct cultures. He noticed how customer trends have a greater impact in terms of its genuine origin, local sourcing, traceability, how the animals will be raised, ingredients, simpler labels, and processes. The industry is challenging but it is also exciting and interesting every day.

David McDonald also emphasized cutting-edge solutions and innovative plans for the next couple of years. According to him, they will still follow the things that they have done during the previous years. The company shall continue to thrive by becoming better, even more valuable, and to positively face their challenges without any fear. Being able to provide quality products to their customers as the years go by allows them to expand and to grow all the more. The OSI Group has strong foundational values that will never change. Only their products, solutions, obstacles, and successes are repeatedly changing. They are excited to deliver unique solutions to their customers and they continue to take pride in their ability to deliver.

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The New Life of Isabel dos Santos at Unitel

Isabel dos Santos is an Angolan investor, businesswoman, the richest woman in Africa and the eldest daughter to the former president of Angola, Jose Eduardo dos Santos. She was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, in April 1973 and later joined the all-girls school in Kent, Cobham Hall. Her higher education entails pursuing an electrical engineering course at King’s College in London, England, and venturing into business working for several companies listed under the European stock exchanges. As an investor, the businesswoman is involved with multiple holdings in Portugal, Germany, Gibraltar, and the Netherlands encompassing different sectors.

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Quando temos equipas que realmente se empenham em fazer a diferença e melhorar a vida dos outros, os resultados estão à vista. Uma comunidade inteira que é ajudada por nós Sodiba. São quase 150 pessoas que fazem parte da Zona 3 do Bairro do Bom Jesus e que nós Sodiba apoiamos com o todo o amor. O verdadeiro ganho está em melhorar a qualidade de vida da nossa comunidade. Aqui, as mamãs e papás falam das actividades que fazemos com as crianças. De encher o coração… ❤ #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #ResponsabilidadeSocial #Sodiba #Angola #DiadaCriança When we have teams that really strive to make a difference and improve the lives of others, the results are undoubtable. An entire community that we Sodiba are taking care. There are almost 150 people in Zone 3 of “Bairro do Bom Jesus” and that we Sodiba support with all our heart. The real achievement is in improving the quality of life in our community. Here, parents talk about the activities we promote to the children. Amazing … ❤

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From Chairman of the Board to the Company Administrator

Unitel, the leading telecommunications company in Angola, replaced the firm’s chairman of the board held by Isabel dos Santos. She lost the leadership of the board at the company after allegations concerning financial management while in the position. However, the businesswoman remains in the company’s executive team but will be under restrictions. According to her statement, she praised the committee members from their work and dedication for furthering the company goals hence improving on growth and profits.

The move to lower her position from the company president to an administrator comes after several changes were made at Unitel. The proposal recommended by PT Ventures (Oi) and supported by Sonangol witnessed significant changes and replacement. Some of them include the appointment of the new director general, Miguel Geraldes replacing Englishman Anthony and a new finance supervisor, Joao Boa Quipipa. The events come after a Paris court ruled out that some Unitel shareholders are required to pay about six hundred million euros to Brazilians as compensation on dividend payments.

In a statement released by an anonymous source, Isabel dos Santos will seize from making company decisions unless authorized by the PTV and Sonangol. She is also banned from making statements on behalf of Unitel as well as determining the company destiny. Unitel comprises of four shareholders each with an equal share of twenty-five percent of the total assets. They include Sonangol; PT Ventures; Vidatel, a company owned by Isabel dos Santos; and Geni, owned by Leopoldino Nascimento who is also the chairman of the board of vice president meetings.

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