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Homeowners and businesses that are located in US states can look to Agera Energy to help them reduce their energy costs in many different ways. The deregulation of energy in some US states can help both homeowners and businesses benefit from applying techniques like replacing traditional light bulbs with LED lighting, energy efficiency rebates and much more.

LED lights are desirable for using less energy – 20 percent less – to brighten the rooms in the home or on your business property. LED light bulbs are considered to have a life span of five to eight years. Those companies that use LED lighting can help to reduce CO2 levels.

And states like Massachusetts provide choose Agera Energy as their energy supplier starting in 2017. Indeed, the state made a bid on Agera as the supplier, although it was very competitive. This bidding was allowed to happen because of the state’s municipal aggregation and the state’s deregulation.

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Article Title: Agera Energy Putting Clients In Control Of Their Monthly Bill

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Agera Energy is dedicated to offering their customers the lowest energy costs each tailored to their needs. Agera has flexible plans, making it easy for their customers to decide which plan is best suited for them. By doing this, Agera Energy puts their client in control of his or her monthly bill. Agera Energy has a Pure Wind program that is offered to both residential consumers as well as business consumers.

This Pure Wind program allows the client to save money and live a bit more ethically. To find out if a customer is eligible for the green energy options, Agera Energy matches the client with a representative and together they will customize a plan that fits in with their lifestyle or business needs. If a customer ever feels that their utility bill is incorrect, Agera Energy offers Utility Recovery which allows a customer to feel more in control of their energy use.

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