OSI Group Makes An Acquisition That Coincides With Their Current Company Cultrure

About The New Transaction

OSI Group has purchased Rose Packing Co, Inc. Rose is a well-established top U.S. producer of pork products. The company services top retail and foodservice customers. Rose Packing has been around for 5 generations and is owned and operated by family. It is a leading company in the meat industry. Headquartered in Barrington, Ill, Rose Packing has over 700 employees that work out of its production facility in Chicago, Ill.

How Executives At Rose Packing Feel About The Change

OSI Group’s senior executive vice president of its North America branch Kevin Scott mentioned that the acquisition combined two top longtime contenders in the food industry. As a strategy, Rose Packing complements the current operations of OSI Group and directly boosts the company’s growth strategy. Now there are better processing capabilities, larger capacity and a huge sales presence in good channels. The two companies share an unwavering cultural commitment to their customers, aiming to give them one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge solutions.

Will There Be Any Changes For Rose Packing Leadership?

After the acquisition Rose Packing CEO Dwight Stiehl and his management team will continue to work with the company and collaborate with OSI leadership after the transaction to help fully integrate the companies. Stiehl has mentioned that he’s looking forward to joining forces with the larger OSI Group as both companies are committed to excellence and understand the important of building solid business relationships. Between the companies there’s over 200 years of knowledge and experience in the meat industry, and they are both deeply rooted in Chicago. OSI Group is taking on all of the Rose Packing assets as part of the acquisition.

About Rose Packing

Rose Packing has been in business since 1924. The company serves states all across North America. The most popular products are its breakfast sausages and Canadian bacon. The company’s retail brand is Mill Rose Farm. That’s the name any customer seeking Rose Packing products should look for in their nearest grocery store. The company is dedicated to creating high quality, safe products, and the best value-added meat items in the market. OSI Group acquires Rose Packing

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Barbara Stokes Connects With the Needy

Victims of disaster want restoration after the damage. Common concerns include floods, hurricanes, and storms. One important thing that people want is a reliable shelter. Existing companies offered age-old building technologies that took forever to house the people who were suffering. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Ideamensch.

Barbara Stokes changed that with Green Structure Homes, which offered quality shelter to residents as fast as it is humanly possible. Her efforts have attracted many government agencies that want to use her proprietary building technologies to help victims.

Experts predict that disasters are likely to increase over time. FEMA is one of the organizations tasked with disaster mitigation and restoration. It has contracted Green Structure Homes to build homes for victims of floods and hurricanes. Follow Barbara Stokes on prnewswire.com.

Business is not the only thing that makes sense to Barbara Stokes. It is all about restoring the lives of families that have children and other vulnerable populations.

Barbara Stokes expects to offer more building solutions to other needy populations. Currently, Barbara Stokes is working on bulletproof shacks that soldiers can use when they are in the line of duty. This innovation will minimize casualties in case of an ambush.

Barbara Stokes is also an ardent philanthropist. She donates to various charities.

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