Securus Plans New Reports To Inform The Public About Integrity Breaches BY GTL

In what officials everywhere are hailing as a bold move, those at Securus Technologies will be releasing a series of reports to the general public. Securus is one of the nation’s leading providers of justice technology solutions. I know that they have helped make my own life easier in many varied ways. This is why I am excited to learn of this important new development. The report helps highlight why I am so happy to have them on my side and in my life. I was extremely pleased to read their new press release in great detail and have the opportunity to learn of their latest venture.

Acting In The Public Interest

The Chief Executive Officer of the company is Rich Smith. He tells people that he loves the industry and wants to do everything he can to help make sure that it continues to serve the needs of the public in every way. He and many others at the company are planning to conduct a review of multiple reports of possible wrongdoing at GTL. This will be part of a series of press releases that are going to be given to the general public over the coming six months.

A Dallas Based Company

Securus is located in my own hometown of Dallas, Texas. Dallas is one of the best places to work in the entire state and the entire country. I have found this company to be always open and aboveboard in their dealings with the public. I look forward to reading the reports issued by Securus over the next six months directly.

Status Labs President Explains How They Recovered From a PR Emergency

Status Labs is a reputation management firm based in Austin Texas. About a year ago, Status Labs suffered a public relations fiasco of its own, when the CEO engaged in activities that, although they had nothing to do with Status Labs, reflected poorly on the company with the local community in Austin.

Status Labs was founded in 2012 and is now one of the premier companies operating in the online reputation management space. They’ve helped over 1,000 clients recover their good name online. When companies receive bad press or customer complaints that spread through social media or are on page one of Google search results for their name, they need to do something about it. That’s what Status Labs helps them do, recover their online good name.

In an article for the Huffington Post, Darius Fisher, President and Co-founder of Status Labs, explains how the company recovered from its own drop in reputation.

His first piece of advice is to acknowledge the company must change its behavior. Companies cannot simply continue to do things that damage their reputation and simply pay reputation management firms to sweep all the negativity under the rug. In the online world, that’s not possible or sustainable. Sooner or later, the truth will come out. The first thing Status Labs did was employees called upon the “guilty” executive to resign. Status Labs posted that letter, plus a group photo of the employees, online. That helped to show the media and web visitors the company’s employees did not condone the action of the one individual.

Status Labs realized their local business community did not know them, so they got out and volunteered for local charities and nonprofit organizations.

The negative media attention really hurt employee morale, and several valuable employees wound up leaving, so Fisher also focused on ways to improve his team’s spirits. He instituted an employee stock option program so they would have a personal stake in its future success. They scheduled outings, and encouraged employees to bring their pets to work. Every Friday they bought lunch through a local caterer. And they have much improved how much they publicly recognize individual and team achievements.

More information for Darius Fisher:

Desiree Perez & The Tidal Wave



Jay Z, American rapper has been in the business since 1986. As his success and his wealth grew to over $650 million, he decided to put some of his money into the business industry. Desiree Perez, also known as Des, and her husband ,Juan ‘OG’ Perez are close friends and trusted associates of performer Jay Z. Des Perez is a business partner in Jay Z’s ROC Nation Sports. Perez, a friend for more than 20 years, has been in business with Jay Z for over 10 years. She is part of the Hova Circle of Influence that is associated with Roc Nation. Although Perez is not technically an employee at Roc Nation, not an agent, she does have some play a behind-the-scenes role in Jay Z’s business affairs. It was her being married to Jay Z’s long-time business associate, Juan Perez, that had given Mrs. Perez the chance to help with Jay Z’s business deals. Her husband is the president of ROC Nation Sports.


Roc Nation, founded by Jay Z in 2008, is a entertainment company that handles talent, its own record label, music, film, and television. In 2013, Jay Z founded the sports section of ROC Nation. Des Prerez is a business partner for the ROC Nation Sports who has hired Michael Yormark of the Florida Panthers to be the president and CEO. Getting her business sense from her father, Epifiano Gonzalez, who owns 50 percent of Las Vegas’ 40/40 club, Perez also works for Rihanna’s management team. Des Perez also negotiated the Beyoncé Formation stadium tour. Des Perez had a hand in Rhianna’s Samsung deal. Samsung has a new webite called Antidiary that can be accessed through their mobile phone. Antidiary is also the name of Rhianna’s latest album that Samsung wanted to use to promote in conjunction with their new website.


By 2014, Jay Z created Tidal, a subscription music streaming service. Des Perez, who has run the company when it was known as SC ( Sound Cloud) Enterprises, arranges for Tidal to represent the music of many five star performers. She has a reputation for being a very tough negotiator. The New York Times nicknamed Des Perez Babe Ruthless. Tidal has been known for playing the rock music from the 1970s to the present. They are considering only offering present day music and what appears to be the next trend. There is an app available from Tidal.


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