Inspiring Young Upcoming Entrepreneurs with Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a businessman with a lot of countless titles. He is a capitalist and an investor. He has more than 20 years’ experience in banking. He is situated in Switzerland and as well he was brought up there. He decided to attempt banking by first attending as a commercial intern at UBS and he then was proceeded to be a board member of a private bank in Swiss. He has constantly had a desire in entrepreneurship therefore used his expertise and experience to accomplish a lot. He worked at Swiss Startup Factory as the co-founder and also as an executive chairman. The other co-founders of the company are Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. Mike Baur attained his MBA from Rochester University in New York and another MBA from the University of Berne.


His role is to assist potential young upcoming entrepreneurs in developing their business to the top level. He as well passes out his experience in business in many countries. He consumes a lot of his time in helping young entrepreneurs in Switzerland through advising and supporting them in strategies in beginning their business. Besides from counseling, he also contributes to them financially. His management abilities have rewarded him adequately. The company has teamed up with other companies including Fintech Fusion and CTI. He controls the financial practice at Swiss Startup Factory.


In the year 2014 both Mike Baur and his allies started the company. Swiss Startup Factory is well-recognized to one of the greatest private companies that govern itself because of the accomplishment they attained and the solutions they provide. The company searches for potential entrepreneurs in order they can assist them with the need they want. The company is situated in Zurich. The company offer accelerator course for three months too young entrepreneurs, it enables them a large network to attain their objectives and goals. They also provide services such as working space, finance, nurturing and mentoring.


The Swiss Startup Factory objectives are to generate exceptional companies with better future, and also establish astonishing brink in Switzerland to improve various businesses. Additionally the company has a strong connection mostly when working together daily. They help their clients in attaining great starting because it is the vital point when starting. Swiss Startup Factory does not motivate young entrepreneurs but also provide them with chances in order for them to show their skills. Mike Baur and the other co-founders founded the company with the objectives of sharing their talents and expertise to upcoming entrepreneurs.

The Services Provided by Cotemar SA de CV

Cotemar is a company located in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico. Cotemar is a 100% Mexican company that provides services to Offshore platform oil companies, with the primary client being Petroleos Mexicanos.

Cotemar was first established in 1979 and has been a reliable supplier of the needs of the offshore business community and is noted for its unswerving dedication always to be available for the needs of the customer.

Cotemar focuses on three primary areas of service:


Lodging and food services are provided on the drilling platforms and on board ships that are provided by Cotemar. The preparation of meals, ironing and washing of uniforms and clothing, the cleaning of the common areas of space, and bedding services in separate cabins are provided.


Specialized ships include personnel carriers, food, and light materials. Also, fire boats, towing vessels, and barges are available so large structures can be maintained and transported.

Safety for the facilities affected and personnel is assured due to rigorous inspections of vital operating variables about operations.


All facilities, platforms, ships and equipment are kept up to speed through modernization and engineering procedures to maximize efficiency and safety. The platforms and offshore installations are prefabricated so assembly requires a minimum of guesswork and innovation. All of the platforms and installations can be moved and repositioned at a moment’s notice in order to provide the very best service.

Cotemar considers itself a sustainable company which means a continued commitment to the welfare and development of customers, workers, and the people involved so that the highest of expectations are met. Cotemar made the decision to establish the Program of Corporate Social Responsibility was set in place. This program documents and integrates actions that are taken so that intentional good practices are developed and carried out.

Another program designed by Cotemar is the “He Works Program.” This initiative has emphasized the training and development of its employees and their families through various workshops, training, and further education at national and international universities. The more education employees have about their jobs and their control over their future, the better employees they become.

Cotemar provides services to the offshore drilling community that would be next to impossible to provide for themselves. Cotemar actually can offer the service in which they specialize very conveniently to the customer. Cotemar fills a vital space where its services are needed, and they do so very well.


Mike Baur and Swiss Start-Up Factory Launches in a New Direction

Mike’s company, Swiss Start-Up Factory, welcomed a new partner recently. Michael Hartweg will be assisting SSUF with their accelerator program. The program is designed to give support to young startup companies that may not have all the tools and knowledge to succeed in the Swiss business world. The program is especially suitable for any startup company that specializes in digital technologies. Hartweg wants there to be a better selection of startups that the company deals with. He will be assisting in the selection and evaluation of enabled startups that will receive support. The company is currently focused on Fintech startups. It has even partnered with Geneva-Fintech Accelerator Fusion to ensure that his Accelerator Program launches as best as it can.

Mike Baur co-founded Swiss Start-Up Factory in 2014. He had already been the banking industry for over 20 years by the time SSUF was up and running. He brings his vast knowledge of fundraising and financing rounds to SSUF to offer their clients the best support he can. Swiss Start-Up Factory is on a Zurich’s most popular acceleration companies. The company is constantly looking for digital entrepreneurs that have a high probably of thriving in their respective industry. SSUF is willing to provide same-day opportunities that utilize their Swiss and global network. The Accelerator Program is a three-month-long program that any qualifying entrepreneurs can participate in. The program offers services, group coaching, and one-on-one mentoring in an office space right in the heart of Zurich.

The reason they are so focused on Fintech at the moment is because of how many startups it has produced in Switzerland. But no matter how many startups are produced by Fintech, many of them don’t have the potential to survive in the global marketplace. Mike Baur and Hartweg hope that by using SSUF’s programs and network, the smaller startups might have a chance at success. SSUF is much focused on execution and critical authority, which promotes the best talents can ensure the right issues are tracked. Baur, in particular, hopes that this partnership will strengthen the innovative power and expertise of Fintech further. It’s because of how success Swiss startups can be that Baur started Swiss Start-Up Factory in the first place. He only hopes that the rest of the world will one day realize how great Fintech is.

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Handy Is Bringing In Revenue Like Never Before

A lot of people that like to work for themselves will work for companies like Handy, which is a great benefit for both Handy as well as the person working for them. Not only does a person get to choose their hours, but they get to work with some great customers that tend to repeat their service and tip very well. Those who work for Handy are experiencing high pay from their services, and many will get some tips that can be extremely generous. Getting to work for Handy is a process like any other, and those that pass the test will become an elite Handy worker.

With cleaning being the main source of Handy’s income, many cleaners are always being sought out, but it can’t just be someone who cleans homes once in a while or does it as a hobby. Handy wants workers who have the professional background in cleaning, and every worker has to know that even though they are their own boss, they must still be able to satisfy every customer. Handy has a money back guarantee that will refund any customer if they aren’t happy with their services, which means that every worker must supply great services to make sure a customer doesn’t want their money back.

Customers should always want the worker to return, or they should at least want Handy’s services again in the future, which is something that’s possible if the employee does their job correctly. Handy was created with the idea that customers will always need services for their home, and this idea has paid off handsomely over the years. suggests that those that may lack the time necessary to clean their own home will contact Handy for their services, and some may have several repeat services within a single month.

Even businesses have utilized the services that Handy offers, especially when it’s cleaning services. Although a business can take advantage of all of the services that Handy offers, many prefer the cleaning services because some businesses don’t have employees that specifically do cleaning, which means they need someone to clean for them. Handy has such a large customer base that they are currently bringing in well over a million dollars every single week when they book their different services. With Handy offering even more services than before, they are expecting that their revenue will go up steadily over the next year and even more in the future.


Looking Back at Shaygan Kheradpir’s Resume

No matter what business it is or how long it’s been in existence, a changing of the guard in key employees and staff is almost always a given. Shaygan Kheradpir, a technological guru of shorts, knows this quite well.

Coriant, a big company in the telecommunications industry, has recently seen a big change in how it will be run in the near future. That change involves Shaygan Kheradpir, who has just been appointed to be the CEO of the company. This moves comes after Kheradpir had spent a large portion of his time working closely with the various vendors who had been operating in and alongside the company, even dating back to when he was a mere operating manager at Marlin Equity Partners. His talent, coupled with his years of experience, made him a perfect candidate for the position change. With him now serving as the CEO, he will replace former CEO Pat DiPietro, who now will operate as the vice chairman of Marlin Equity.

Before coming to Coriant, Kheradpir lived a humble life at first. Originally a native of London, England, he spent his youth living in Iran before deciding to move overseas and pursue his educational studies at Cornell University. By the time of his graduation, he had earned his bachelor’s, masters and doctorate degrees all in the field of electrical engineering.

After finishing up school, Kheradpir earned his first job at GTE Laboratories, working as a networking and routing manager while there. His work was so impressive that his supervisors promoted him to the position of chief information officer (CIO) of the company. It was in 2000 that GTE had merged with Bell Atlantic and Verizon Communications was the new and resulting company. There, Kheradpir remained installed as the CIO and he was tasked with overseeing small work groups that would be responsible for developing and creating new technology for Verizon to put on the market. One of the major breakthroughs at the company ended up being a huge development that aided in Verizon’s FiOs fiber optic initiative that let customers manager their DVR, or digital video recording. “Iobi” was another development at Verizon, and Iobi was simply a phone application that managed a user’s phone and address book. During Kheradpir’s tenure he was able to significantly reduce the IT budget and staff needed and cut down on vendors who purchased technology from failed business groups.

Product Recognition Software Is Forever Changing The Way You Shop

While innovations in technology have enhanced the importance of visual images in the everyday lives of people by allowing us to see nearly every aspect of our world rather than just hear or read about them, it’s important to remember that many computers and other technological devices that convey this visual information are not actually able to independently recognize these images. For years, their job has been to display them.

That’s all changing, though, with the arrival of image recognition software.

At its core, image recognition software deals with innovations in technology that allow computer devices to analyze an image and relay relevant information to the user. What used to require thousands of lines of code can now be done with a photo. It’s an innovation that is changing the way developers look at the capabilities of computers.

It’s also changing the way that we shop. A subset of image recognition called product recognition is being explored by companies that believe the future of shopping lies in the ability to use images to convey your needs to a computer. One such company is Slyce ( whose revolutionary image recognition software has allowed businesses to easily incorporate production recognition software into their websites. Thanks to companies like Slyce, users are now able to see an object, take a picture and let their device lead them to exactly where to find it.

But that’s just the start. Similar software is also being used for things such as barcode systemization, coupon uploading, and deal finding. Retailers who just a few years ago had never heard of this technology are now finding new ways to use it in order to enhance the shopping experience, and they are finding them nearly every day.

While the rapid growth rate of this technology makes it difficult to predict just how far it will go, the one thing that is becoming clear is that image and product recognition will one day lead to a world in which shoppers will no longer find it necessary to ask questions like “Where did you get that?” Instead, they will be able to pick up their phones, grab an image of the item and know not only where to get it, but who has the best deals for it.

For manufacturers, this means nearly instantaneous brand recognition. For retailers, it opens up a whole new world of organic advertising. For the average consumer, however, it means never again having to miss out on an item you desire most simply because you’re unsure where to get it.

Securus Plans New Reports To Inform The Public About Integrity Breaches BY GTL

In what officials everywhere are hailing as a bold move, those at Securus Technologies will be releasing a series of reports to the general public. Securus is one of the nation’s leading providers of justice technology solutions. I know that they have helped make my own life easier in many varied ways. This is why I am excited to learn of this important new development. The report helps highlight why I am so happy to have them on my side and in my life. I was extremely pleased to read their new press release in great detail and have the opportunity to learn of their latest venture.

Acting In The Public Interest

The Chief Executive Officer of the company is Rich Smith. He tells people that he loves the industry and wants to do everything he can to help make sure that it continues to serve the needs of the public in every way. He and many others at the company are planning to conduct a review of multiple reports of possible wrongdoing at GTL. This will be part of a series of press releases that are going to be given to the general public over the coming six months.

A Dallas Based Company

Securus is located in my own hometown of Dallas, Texas. Dallas is one of the best places to work in the entire state and the entire country. I have found this company to be always open and aboveboard in their dealings with the public. I look forward to reading the reports issued by Securus over the next six months directly.

Status Labs President Explains How They Recovered From a PR Emergency

Status Labs is a reputation management firm based in Austin Texas. About a year ago, Status Labs suffered a public relations fiasco of its own, when the CEO engaged in activities that, although they had nothing to do with Status Labs, reflected poorly on the company with the local community in Austin.

Status Labs was founded in 2012 and is now one of the premier companies operating in the online reputation management space. They’ve helped over 1,000 clients recover their good name online. When companies receive bad press or customer complaints that spread through social media or are on page one of Google search results for their name, they need to do something about it. That’s what Status Labs helps them do, recover their online good name.

In an article for the Huffington Post, Darius Fisher, President and Co-founder of Status Labs, explains how the company recovered from its own drop in reputation.

His first piece of advice is to acknowledge the company must change its behavior. Companies cannot simply continue to do things that damage their reputation and simply pay reputation management firms to sweep all the negativity under the rug. In the online world, that’s not possible or sustainable. Sooner or later, the truth will come out. The first thing Status Labs did was employees called upon the “guilty” executive to resign. Status Labs posted that letter, plus a group photo of the employees, online. That helped to show the media and web visitors the company’s employees did not condone the action of the one individual.

Status Labs realized their local business community did not know them, so they got out and volunteered for local charities and nonprofit organizations.

The negative media attention really hurt employee morale, and several valuable employees wound up leaving, so Fisher also focused on ways to improve his team’s spirits. He instituted an employee stock option program so they would have a personal stake in its future success. They scheduled outings, and encouraged employees to bring their pets to work. Every Friday they bought lunch through a local caterer. And they have much improved how much they publicly recognize individual and team achievements.

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Desiree Perez & The Tidal Wave



Jay Z, American rapper has been in the business since 1986. As his success and his wealth grew to over $650 million, he decided to put some of his money into the business industry. Desiree Perez, also known as Des, and her husband ,Juan ‘OG’ Perez are close friends and trusted associates of performer Jay Z. Des Perez is a business partner in Jay Z’s ROC Nation Sports. Perez, a friend for more than 20 years, has been in business with Jay Z for over 10 years. She is part of the Hova Circle of Influence that is associated with Roc Nation. Although Perez is not technically an employee at Roc Nation, not an agent, she does have some play a behind-the-scenes role in Jay Z’s business affairs. It was her being married to Jay Z’s long-time business associate, Juan Perez, that had given Mrs. Perez the chance to help with Jay Z’s business deals. Her husband is the president of ROC Nation Sports.


Roc Nation, founded by Jay Z in 2008, is a entertainment company that handles talent, its own record label, music, film, and television. In 2013, Jay Z founded the sports section of ROC Nation. Des Prerez is a business partner for the ROC Nation Sports who has hired Michael Yormark of the Florida Panthers to be the president and CEO. Getting her business sense from her father, Epifiano Gonzalez, who owns 50 percent of Las Vegas’ 40/40 club, Perez also works for Rihanna’s management team. Des Perez also negotiated the Beyoncé Formation stadium tour. Des Perez had a hand in Rhianna’s Samsung deal. Samsung has a new webite called Antidiary that can be accessed through their mobile phone. Antidiary is also the name of Rhianna’s latest album that Samsung wanted to use to promote in conjunction with their new website.


By 2014, Jay Z created Tidal, a subscription music streaming service. Des Perez, who has run the company when it was known as SC ( Sound Cloud) Enterprises, arranges for Tidal to represent the music of many five star performers. She has a reputation for being a very tough negotiator. The New York Times nicknamed Des Perez Babe Ruthless. Tidal has been known for playing the rock music from the 1970s to the present. They are considering only offering present day music and what appears to be the next trend. There is an app available from Tidal.


Laidlaw & Company Provides The Best Brokerage Service

Laidlaw & Company is going to help people make sure that they get the best brokerage services, and it is even more important for these clients to ask about what they need specifically. Their time with brokers on wsj at Laidlaw & Company will be very illuminating, and the brokers will tell their clients what must be done to reach their goals. Everyone has different goals, and they all need to make sure that they ask brokers at Laidlaw & Company for help on every investment.

Brokers at Laidlaw & Company are going to help their clients with basic stock investments, or they can use capital markets or wealth management to get the help they need. Clients all have a goal in mind when they call on Laidlaw & Company, and it is important for these people to be sure that they can ask questions when they really need answers. The answers that people get are going to help them learn how to make more money on their investments, and they can call back to Laidlaw & Company any time they need more help.

There are many people who want to be sure that they are making a lot of money on their investments on, and they can trust that Laidlaw & Company will help help make huge profits. There are great ways for all these people to make money, and they can ask their brokers what they think the best course of action is. Brokers at Laidlaw & Company have access to all the investment opportunities that someone could want, and they will offer reports on their investments at any time. This is something that people need to try when they are ready to start investing on brokercheck.finra their money in small or very large increments. Laidlaw & Company manages everyone’s money with profits in mind.