The steps used by OSI Group create hamburgers for McDonald’s

Of all OSI Group’s factories, the Günzburg is the largest and the top food supplier of burgers which is a key part of what we enjoy at OSI Group McDonalds outlets. This German factory supplies hamburgers to McDonald’s, the company’s leading client. Given the mass production that takes place in this facility, even the reception area smells like meat. Below is the process of how hamburgers are created at OSI Group McDonalds:

  1. Hygiene procedures

At the Günzburg hygiene is observed keenly, employees have to wear protective clothing and wash their hands thoroughly before getting to the production area. Workers suspected to have a stomach bug are restricted to the factory until the doctor gives them a clean bill of health. OSI Group McDonalds adds no food production preservatives to their meat. Foreign objects such as jewelry or plastic pens that may contaminate the flesh are not allowed in the factory.

  1. Deboning

OSI Group McDonalds factories request for large chunks of meat from the slaughterhouses which upon arrival are checked for bones. They ask for more substantial pieces to prevent contamination which is often associated with smaller pieces of chicken.

  1. Placement in crates

After checking for bones, the meat is loaded onto 1,100 pounds containers. There is a room set aside for these meat filled containers. In a day about 500 of these are processed. They are carried with cranes to reduce human contact.

  1. Mincing and chopping

Large blenders that sort the meat from bones then grind the large chunks to excellent ground beef. In a day about 80 containers are processed. The mixers can grind about 500 kilograms of meat at a go. Given how much is blended per session, one burger comes from a varied number of cows. The meat is then frozen and shaped to various beef patties. No chemical is used to bind the meat together. This equipment is also used for making vegetarian burgers. The temperatures in these machines are kept low to maintain the high quality product. In a day approximately five million burgers are created. The factory has more than 200 employees who operate in shifts of 45-60 people.

  1. Testing and packaging

According to OSI Group McDonalds request that their burgers have a fat content of about 20%. During testing, this standard is checked. The burgers are then grilled, and a taste panel reviews for texture, taste, and structure quality. Once quality is assured, the hamburgers are then packaged and put into boxes that indicate where the product was made.

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The Unmatched Growth of OSI Industries

OSI Industries is one of the prominent companies in the food industry. The company employs thousands of employees in 17 countries becoming an economic hub. Besides, its 65 facilities are the pillars of the continuous steady supply of its products. OSI Industries stands among the largest private companies in the United States. The company displays an unmatched strength and responsiveness in its operations. The primary factor that makes OSI Industries dominate the food market is the accessibility to the world’s food supply chain. The process makes the company secure fair prices to its products that match the consumers’ needs. Besides, the products come in a customized way that reduces preparation time.

The company also ensures the products pass all the critical safety processes from the source to the consumer. OSI ensures that its products satisfy the changing customers’ tastes at all levels. The success of OSI Industries came through its unmatched expertise in mergers and acquisitions with a poultry facilities, farms, warehouses, and processing plants. It’s becoming a leader in the food industries in Europe, North America, China, India, and Australia through successful mergers and acquisitions. It runs GenOSI in the Philippines and continues with expansions in Europe, China, and the United States. One of OSI significant achievements, is the revamping of the facility in Toledo, Spain. An investment of € 17 million was enough to double the plant’s production.

The plant increased its 12,000 tons of annual chicken production. Besides, the cumulative production of chicken, beef, and pork rose to 45,000 tons annually. The move provided 20 more lucrative job opportunities thus improving the lives of many. The process of boosting the plant’s chicken production came because of the high demand. The company facilitated other successful mergers and acquisitions locally and internationally. Besides purchasing Tyson Foods plant in the United States of America, OSI acquired Baho Foods and Creative Foods in Europe. The company boasts of strong unmatched leadership of Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald. Sheldon doubles as the Chairman and CEO. David, on the other hand, is the president and chief operations officer.

Michael Nierenberg Helps New Residential Thrive Through Interest Rate Changes

Interest rates play a large role when it comes to investing and can impact the direction of the stock market significantly. As someone who has decades of experience in investment management and mortgages, Michael Nierenberg has seen a lot of changes in rates and has helped the companies he has worked with to get past any challenges that these fluctuations have presented. Currently, Michael Nierenberg plays several roles with New Residential Investment Corp as their CEO, Chairman of the Board, and President. The Real Estate Investment Trust is publicly traded on the NYSE and uses several strategies depending on the situation at hand.

When it comes to fixed-rate securities, there is an inverse relationship between them and interest rates. This is based on the “scarcity value” of the securities such as bonds. Michael Nierenberg gives an example of a bond that costs $1,000 would end up going up in value if interest rates declined because it could no longer be purchased at this price any longer. If the rates went up, the value of the bond would subsequently decrease as new bonds could be purchased that hold a higher interest rate.

In order to make a profit off of these changes, Michael Nierenberg and other investors must balance the different elements of their portfolios. This can be difficult as there is no way to be precise about the timing of certain events that impact the stock market. The focus of New Residential is on investments such as residential mortgage-backed securities, mortgage servicing assets, and other opportunistic investments. In order to maximize revenue, they use 4 different approaches: active management, asset specialization, new acquisitions, and undervalued assets. The companies that New Residential have allowed them to facilitate more decisions when it comes to mortgages for potential homeowners.

Since 2013, Michael Nierenberg has been the President and CEO of New Residential and was named their Board Chairman in 2016. New Residential is approved by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae as a servicer and as of 2018 have mortgage servicing or origination available in-house. They are qualified everywhere in the United States to be the owner of mortgage servicing rights.

Vinod Gupta, Investing in Women

Vinod Gupta began is life in India, the now multi-millionaire has gone from a very humble beginning to being on top of the world. After leaving India he moved to the U.S. where he got his Master’s degree in agricultural engineering, and business, at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. From there Vinod would go onto creating a business from the scratch up, with only 100 dollars, and turning it into a brand worth millions.

Despite the tremendous success that Vinod Gupta has experience, he has not forgotten where he came from. This man is still involved in the community in a very big way. He has spent millions of dollars and has helped further the education of thousand by building schools in India, an area of the world that doesn’t have anywhere near the quality of education that other first world countries have. Vinod has not only been diligent in the educational community, but he has also been working tirelessly to support the struggles of women. Gupta donated $1 million to the development of the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic, this college has been key in developing women since its establishment in 2000, allowing women to earn college degrees in as little as 24 months. Vinod’s generosity extends even further than this, Gupta has also established the nationally ranking Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law, a monumental addition to the world of law and order and a leap forward for India in the educational race to excellence.

Vinod has done an incredible amount of work over the years to give back to the community that allowed him to become what he is today. Vinod faced many of the same challenges that young men and women in India still face today, the work that he is doing, by founding schools, by donating millions, by establishing scholarship funds, these are all things that will propel India into the future. Only time will tell what big move that Vinod will make next to help improve the lives of women and children far and wide, across both India and the whole world.

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Edwin Miranda: Taking Advantage Of The Growing Marketing Industry

Brand marketing is breaking its traditional boundaries, thanks to new technological approaches that transform it into a multi-billion dollar industry. One company, called the KOI IXS, helps businesses to market their brands effectively across the world using state of the art techniques and methods. The company was founded by Edwin Miranda, an entrepreneur who believes in performance marketing’s power and a drive to become successful.

The idea for the company began when Edwin Miranda was leading his own team of professionals, and he realized that if they would be channeling their abilities, they will be able to create a massive company that would deliver positive results.

His day begins by reading emails from his clients, reaching out to his associates on how they can address their client’s concern. Later on, they will be holding a meeting at the KOI IXS to discuss new methods and techniques that they could apply to keep their clients at bay.

One of the most recent techniques in the world of marketing that gained his attention was predictive analysis, and he believes that if he and his team would discuss a way on how they can deliver it perfectly, the business that he established would thrive and it would gain new clients.

He also constantly reminds his team to be bold and do not be afraid to make mistakes. He is also reminding himself to be passionate with everything that he does because once his passion for his work disappears, he would no longer be able to work hard striving for his goals.

Edwin Miranda also shared the importance of creating a list that would allow him to remember the things that he would need to do for the day, and it allows his mind to be still. He also loves to surround himself with people that he trust, because the business would not succeed if the team does not trust anyone.

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Paul Saunders, Founding Father of James River Capital Counsels on Burnout

Work can at times be draining and when mixed with the personal sufferings, chances of burnout are very real. Paul Saunders, Principal and founder of James River Capital Corp offers counsel on methods which can be used to help workers if they are displaying signs of burnout. The founding father of James River Capital depicts that it is necessary to be keen on warning signs of burnout as this makes it easier to suppress burnout and enable motivation for things to get back to normal. Paul Saunders founded James River Capital Corp in 1986 and the company is renowned for offering investment advisory services. Paul Saunders advised that it is important to take notice of signs of burnout and take appropriate actions to keep employees stay motivated.


When employees begin to lose control over features of time management and scheduling, they automatically feel hopeless and vulnerable thus being at risk of suffering from burnout. Paul Saunders offers that it is therefore critical that workers do not have inflexible structures and policies because such restrictions will make them feel caged. It is also crucial to encourage workers to take some time between 10 – 15 minutes every morning before they commence their duties to indicate the goals they would wish to meet so that they be able to have a sense of control for the rest of the day.


When workers feel like they are not being noticed and not being remunerated for work done, they start having negative feelings and eventually burn out. Managers are therefore supposed, to be honest, and make employees feel that their work is appreciated because this way their satisfaction and productivity rises. Employees are also motivated to maintain their good work and this can greatly control burnout. Providing resources and offering workshops can also help workers cope and ultimately hold back burnout.


When workers are stressed up it is not easy to control their emotions hence it is easy for them to become upset in an instant. Burnout results in negativity, moodiness and eventually leads to lack of motivation. It is, therefore, necessary to constantly talk to them and offer them support. Burnout as well makes employees lose confidence in the quality of their work. Employees keep doubting their capabilities which makes them to completely disengage and not to actively handle the tasks allocated to them. To curb this, it is important to keep checking on the employees and help them to put down personal goals to aid them to regain their lost confidence. Managers can also set for them reasonable performance goals to return them in the right direction. Burnout has become a common issue in western societies and especially since the arrival of mobile gadgets. Paul Saunders, therefore, advises that it is important for managers to ensure they go out of their way to position their employees for a long-standing success since the employees’ success is also theirs. Learn more:

Shafik Sachedina Has Intensive Experience

A Long Career in the Medical Field is Respectable

Everyone knows that it is not easy to enter the medical field. This is as it should be. We as a society trust that our medical professionals will be able to take care of us in a professional manner. We trust that our medical professionals will be able to do a great job and provide significant value in our lives.

We trust all of this and more because of the fact that they have to go through a long journey to establish themselves in their different respective fields. We know that they are proficient in what they do and that they have our best interests at heart because of the different programs that they have to go through to prove themselves. Everyone takes the medical industry seriously and so does people like Shafik Sachedina.

Who is Shafik Sachedina and How Has He Been Involved in the Medical Field?

Shafik Sachedina studied at King’s College for dentistry and he progressed into the dental field. He can be seen as an expert in his field because of the fact that he paid his dues and served within his industry. Individuals can be able to trust in his experience in the dental profession because he went through a rigorous program at Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School in London. He has done many things in his career and now he serves in a prominent role at a thriving healthcare business. He works at the Sussex Health Care Company as a joint chairman and strives every single day to bring his best to the workplace to help advance the business and serve his end consumers and the general society in the most effective way possible.

He understands that he has a strong responsibility to everyone that is a part of the company and to his end consumers as well and he does not take this role lightly.

Shafik Sachedina does not shy away from continuously being there in the community, he holds positions at many different prominent organizations and institutions and strives to contribute to each of them as he best can.

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All You May Need to Know about GreenSky

GreenSky was founded in the year 2006. Its core founder is David Zalik and still the current CEO. It’s among the leading organisations in America. It’s located in Atlanta, Georgia. GreenSky Company is a mobile app organization. It offers its technical services to consumers and banks in preparation for making loans. Consumers who come to access these loans from the banks utilize the cash for healthcare, solar solutions and other home improvement services. All financial programs for the company are not self-provided. They are financed by federally-insured and state-chartered financial institutions. The company has been able to offer its services in the most reliable means, earning the trust of most consumers and institutions.

The company is not well known as compared to other financial creditors. This is because it doesn’t make loans from its capital. GreenSky acts as a middleman. For the past years, the organization has been able to transact over $8 billion. So far the company has managed to penetrate the financial market successfully. It has been able to partner with several banks like SunTrust bank and Regionals Financial corporate. The Total number of the banks that GreenSky has been able to partner with is 14. However, the firm is aiming to partner with more banks in the future. All GreenSky esteemed consumers include retailers and merchants. Banks have been able to make loans to these consumers through GreenSky corporate. Recently, individual contractors have also been able to join the corporate. In the past, most of them were not aware of what the corporate was offering.

The retailers that the company works with deal with home improvement items. These include roofing items, window replacement and aluminum siding. The company had also thought of expanding its services to accommodate all medical personnel like nurses, doctors and veterinary officers. GreenSky uses credit cards when giving out loans. This is to enable them to focus and monitor how the consumer is spending and investing. They offer this service through fixed terms where consumers face a fixed-interest-rate payback. The company is growing. It’s now aiming to handle $ 1 trillion.

Twitter Was Made For People Like Shervin Pishevar

Sometimes when it comes to social media a platform just seems to be custom made for a particular individual. That is what a lot of people say about Twitter and Shervin Pishevar. They firmly believe that Twitter is exactly the right place for him because of the kind of tweets that he so often likes to put out.

Shervin Pishevar will do what is known as a “tweet storm”. That is when a person tweets on the same subject or cluster of subjects for a sustained period of time. Shervin Pishevar recently did this over a period of twenty-one hours. He put out fifty tweets about the economy and his own personal outlook on the way that things are going. He firmly believes that his opinions are valuable and that those who read what he has to say can get a lot of actionable advice from his words.

For someone like Shervin Pishevar, this may actually be the truth. You see, he is the kind of person who profited nicely off of the creation of Uber. The ride sharing service was not a household name when Shervin Pishevar first got involved with it. He simply say the potential in it and made an investment. He was so correct in his prediction here that it ended up netting him a very nice return on his money.

Early success like that has made it possible for Pishevar to live a good life and to do just about anything that he wants to do. Thus, he has found it entertaining and instructive to get on Twitter and deliver his thoughts and feelings as they relate to the economy and so much more. Considering that, it is no wonder there were so many who were captivated by what he had to say.

Everything from the state of the stock market itself all the way to how Pishevar believes the President of the United States is doing was covered. You just can’t beat that when it comes to classic Twitter entertainment on the subject of the economy. You won’t find many better speakers on this particular topic.

The growth of OSI Group

OSI Group is the largest food production company in the world. It is the biggest food production not only in the United States but in many other countries. Currently, they are in 178 countries all of which it is leading in supplying food products. They offer highly competitive food products that are developed according to the taste and preferences of the people. With tastes and preferences changing over time, they ensure that they are creating new products that will meet the needs of the people. Most of their plants have a special tests kitchen where the development of new products is done.

OSI Group now has been in the food industry for over one hundred years, having been started in 1909 as a butcher shop, it took many years before it could finally develop into the company it is today. The process of building the company has been long and has gone through different management teams. It is however imperative to note that the biggest portion of growth for this company was recorded in the past four decades that have been under the leadership of the current CEO Sheldon Lavin. He joined the firm in1975 and transformed it into a limited company that would enter the international food business. He also made sure that the company stopped over-reliance on development and growth of the McDonalds.

McDonald’s was set up in 1955, and its first restaurant opened in Illinois where OSI happens also to have come from. OSI Group then known as “Otto &Sons” was contracted by the McDonalds to supply hamburgers. With this request, the company got a chance to grow their business, the concept of franchise businesses operated by the McDonalds gained ground quickly, and in a few years, demand was going up significantly requiring OSI Group to set up a facility that could be used to produce food products only for the McDonalds.

Over the years, OSI Group has built many plants in order to supply food products in different parts of the world. Currently, they have 65 plants around the globe and are operating in 25 countries. They are also in other countries where the working with different subsidiaries.