Achievements of Isabel dos Santos

As a career woman, Isabel dos Santos has stayed alert on the goals she ought to achieve in her life. She is an inspiration to many people. The successes she has achieved in her life and career serve as her source of inspiration. She has shown willingness to partake new roles in her ventures, a step that has encouraged her workers to deliver extra. She handles her work with dedication, and in case issues arise in the company; she seeks to investigate their causes with the determination to come up with the best solution. Her kindness as a leader has encouraged other executives to handle their workers and clients ethically.

Additionally, Isabel dos Santos is a team player that is never self-centered. She focuses on accomplishing the overall goals set aside by the company. Her cooperation with her workers has enabled her to advance faster in her career. It has also helped her to understand her employees better and execute plans to help them grow professionally. She is loved by many and as a key leader in society; she stays in her best behavior to mold others into better people.

Moreover, Isabel dos Santos is known for her exceptional organizational skills. Her ability to keep to-do lists has saved her from the confusion most disorganized leaders experience in managing their businesses. She has stayed alert on the things that she ought to address first based on their vulnerability. Besides, she has completed every task in her business on time.

The persuasive nature of Isabel dos Santos has encouraged her to take risks without fear. She believes that success in business cannot be achieved without adopting to change and trying out new things, regardless of their nature. She has invested in different businesses in the telecommunication and food sectors. Despite the failures she has experienced in her career, she has remained stable and focused on the things that bring a good impact on her life. As a go-getter, Isabel dos Santos has explored different opportunities, to identify the booming investments that she can try out to increase her stake and impact lives through job creation.

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James Dondero: Making A Difference In Everything He Touches

James Dondero understands how to create a successful portfolio and will get back huge returns with it. Any company looking for high yield credit and other investing tools should consider using his services. Most financial firms and other organizations come to him for financial stability. He never disappoints as more money brings these companies the returns they are looking for. It is also enough to turn a nation that was impoverished into a huge global competitor. James Dondero is sought after because investing is in his blood. It’s a great skill that has gained him so much continuous success. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

James Dondero believes in charitable giving. He gives to causes he knows are worth it in the long run. Veterans affairs and educational endeavors are part of that. You can see him donating to animal causes such as the Dallas Zoo. It’s not all about profit to him. Dondero is looking to improve his beloved city of Dallas so that it stays beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in your community. Dondero is definitely the philanthropist that everyone should strive to be. He will continue to be that cheerful giver simply because it’s in his blood to do so.


James Dondero is a financial genius as well as a generous man. He strives to be his best at both and loves to see the appreciation that he is given as a result. Always consider that he loves to give which should make you love it too. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.



Stansberry Research is a privately owned American publishing company that was founded in 1999 as an investment research firm by Frank Porter Stansberry. The headquartered are located in Baltimore, Maryland, including branch offices in Florida, Oregon, and California.

Stansberry Research specializes in research-based investments of financial information and software providing briefings on trading opportunities in the global. The information services product line that mainly focused on is monthly and bi-monthly advisory newsletters written by financial editors that mainly focus on topics which include healthcare and biotechnology, power, natural resource, oil and mining company investments.

They also feature value, corporate bond and alternative investing. Stansberry is set to two principles that are simple in their way one being assuring customer satisfaction is met in a way as they would want it if it was reversed and as well as publishing analytic advice and strategies to a level good enough that they would only want their families to read. The company thus through its good customer service claims their newsletter has subscribers are from over one hundred countries. Stansberry offers a range of opinions that include published opinions, strategies, recommendations, daily publications, and financial and economic news with perfect assured research they end up not promoting a single or unfit view of the market.

With this kind of approach created, new diverse opportunities are made while identifying investment opportunities that may be new or ignored, all this for the subscribers’ reward for taking the risk in opportunities. This kind of approach to their strategy establishes a long-term relationship within Stansberry Research and their customers. This resulting to many of the marketing focused on selling lifetime subscriptions to their customers, this giving benefit to the clients which in line gives them access to more or even all of their products at a lower total cost.

Stansberry Research as well treats their employees with the same principles as clients creating an environment of both transparency and accountability where goodwill is demonstrated to establishing a good routine with reliable measures of performance. This puts them in an unmatched level of service globally with better cliently satisfaction.

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Stream Energy Succeds in Both Business and Philanthropy

Although its business success is also of great importance, Stream Energy places a lot of focus on its philanthropic efforts, which have been quite outstanding recently. The company has gained a wonderful reputation for its internet and energy services, but its contributions to the surrounding world certainly warrant a stellar reputation as well. Additionally, the organization plans to grow these efforts even more so that it can further serve those in who are in need of its help.

Those in charge at Stream Energy believe that it is necessary to offer rates that are realistic and affordable for normal people. This a common theme in both the WiFi program and the energy program. These two different services came together to form a great business model, and strong marketing has propelled this organization to even more success. Interestingly, word-of-mouth has played a significant role in this company’s growth, which will likely result in greater longevity than a company without so much positive word-of-mouth.

Stream Energy has a unique approach to its business model. It prioritizes selling its services to various associates, who then turn around and sell Stream Energy’s services to their own well-established network of clients. This helps the company to make more sales with lower overhead, and it is a business model that other companies have even started to imitate recently. It is Stream Energy’s constant innovation that has allowed it to remain successful even in times when the rest of the industry was struggling.

Getting back to the subject of philanthropy, this is an area in which Stream Energy has had a large amount of influence. While the average person can only do so much for issues that he or she cares about, a successful company or entrepreneur has access to far more resources and connections. Thus, a company can make a bigger impact when it chooses to share its success with those who are not in the same situation. The Stream Cares program is truly making a vast difference in the lives of those it is serving.