OSI Group Codifies Its Sustainability Mission

Sheldon Lavin, the owner, CEO, and chairman of OSI Group, has committed his company to be a sustainable food producer. Throughout the 40 years, he has operated this company he has introduced cutting edge technologies. These technologies reduce the amount of power and water consumed at the 65 facilities they have around the world. They also increase efficiencies. His company is one of the most innovative in the food industry.

In 1909, this company was a greater Chicago area neighborhood butcher shop. In 1955, it became the main supplier of beef to McDonald’s across the American Midwest. It’s now a global food conglomerate with many subsidiaries and joint ventures. The growth of OSI Group has been truly an impressive feat.

While Sheldon Lavin is getting close to the end of his long career, he still embraces new technologies and ways of doing things. Operational decisions are made to make this company more sustainable on both the business and environmental sides. The focus on sustainability has resulted in multiple awards such as the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award and the California Green Business Award.

In 1955, entrepreneur Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois. OSI Group was his supplier of beef. As more McDonald’s franchise opened across the midwest they continued to supply each new location. Things really took off in the late 1960s when liquid nitrogen freezing was invented. This allowed food producers a way to ship food long distances.

Due to the invention of liquid nitrogen freezing, McDonald’s was able to cut their huge network of beef suppliers in the United States down to just four companies, one of which was OSI Group. When McDonald’s started opening restaurants around the world, OSI Group built facilities to process food for them.

While this company has focused on sustainability for many years, it was in 2017 that they put this commitment into its corporate governance structure. This included creating the position of chief sustainability officer with Nicole Johnson-Hoffman filling this role. She crafts the sustainability strategies that are used across the entire company. Expansion for OSI Group Continues Internationally

David McDonald One Of The Leaders Of OSI Group

David McDonald is one of the leaders of OSI Group and a very savvy businessman. He has a very long and successful career and has held multiple positions within the company. He is currently the president and chief operating officer of the company and has past experience serving as a project manager of OSI Industries. Mr. McDonald’s is also currently the director of OSI International Foods the Australian division and he also currently sits on the board of directors of the OSI Group. David McDonald is also well educated and he attended Iowa State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science.

The company is currently celebrating the success it has had since opening a branch of the company in China. OSI originally opened its doors in China over 20 years ago back in 1992. The company has contributed massively to China’s thriving economy. The OSI China branch supplied the products and food for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. These food products totalled 113 tons of beef, chicken, pork, and eggs. OSI China currently supplies high-profile companies such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, Papa John’s, Burger King, and Subway with their meat and food products. In an interview with the provisioner David McDonald talks about how being local and forming a good relationship with the Chinese community has been the catalyst behind OSI Group’s success in China. He also states it is important to bring solutions to the local customers and the importance of knowing how to do business with international and multinational clients.

Basically forming longtime partnerships is the key to doing any type of business internationally. When the company established OSI China they had to have flexibility with China but they did not compromise food safety and food quality. It was imperative for Mr. McDonald to understand the local Chinese business culture by listening first and reacting or bringing solutions second. Mr. McDonald states how it is extremely important not to act like a know-it-all thinking that you may have all the answers without knowing all the issues. All of these things were keys to the massive success that OSI has obtained in China. Q&A with Dave McDonald, President & COO, OSI Group

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OSI Group Has An Unrivaled Food Processing Capacity

The OSI Group is continuing to improve on its positive portfolio in the meat processing industry. They have also been acquiring other companies that deal with meat production. Before purchasing a firm, OSI makes sure that the corporation’s goals and values align with theirs. As a result, the two corporations can complement each other’s strengths. Some of the values, in this case, include the focus on expanding globally and also making sure that the firm’s practices are environmentally friendly. Since OSI is a leader in the meat processing industry, they are focused on providing custom solutions and quality food products to each of their clients. By observing the firm’s productivity in the previous years, you will realize that their primary focus is on the firm’s growth, and that is why they have over 65 meat processing plants worldwide.

All these facilities are meant to make sure that OSI Group has achieved its goals that entail providing custom solutions that enable them to make sure that retail brands can serve their clients in a dedicated manner. OSI is also focusing on developing new forms of innovation that will help to make sure that clients are issued quality products consistently. OSI has also managed to maintain a positive reputation for many decades. Their unrivaled food processing capacity and ability to issue quality products to each of their clients has helped to ensure that the firm can attract more clients. Some of these clients include McDonalds.

The company is also an international entity, and that has also proven to be advantageous in many ways. For instance, they have been able to employ many individuals globally. Furthermore, they have also been able to make sure that McDonalds is one of the leading fast food joints since OSI supplies the franchise entity with meat products such as hamburgers. OSI is under the leadership of David McDonald- the firm’s president. As a leader, he has showcased that his main focus is on enhancing the company’s growth. OSI has also been encouraging its suppliers to increase their sales capacity. As a result, the firm has also been able to partner with different organizations; these partnerships have proven to be beneficial since the firm has been receiving shipping discounts and other beneficial incentives.

Stream Energy and Their Big Hearts

When it comes to easing the financial plague of recovering from a disaster, Stream Energy has your well-being in mind in addition to their traditional service. For them, going above and beyond to serve the community is just another day in the office. They give with a loving heart and a genuine candor. We have all heard of the various storms which plague the world and Hurricane Harvey was among the worst. This storm had no pity as it tore through the homes and businesses which worked so hard to get established. So much energy was put into developing their lives to have it so abruptly destroyed by a simple storm. Stream Energy felt great compassion for those in need and was among the first on the scene to aid in the recovery efforts to ensure that no one was left unaccounted for.

They understood that the very community which makes their business possible was in need of their help. To recognize this was the first step, and they swiftly put their plan into action by establishing a partnership with the Hope supply company. Through their partnership, it was much easier to immediately supply the Dallas area with the resources they needed to prosper in spite of such difficult times. They donated thousands of dollars to give people the things they needed, which were washed away by the storm. Their efforts have helped the recovery of many people and they continue to spread their help and love to the entire community. Stream Energy has also built up long-term relationships with other companies such as Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross in the aid of recovery for other natural disasters. Stream Energy is all about giving back and showing that an empathetic heart is what is required to shed light on the dark sky which rained down terror for those inflicted. To be noted, Texas is not the most generous state. In fact, generosity can be rare. Despite this fact, Stream Energy stands out in the crowd and shamelessly helps those who need it, and will continue to for the foreseeable future.


Jingdong Introduces Hungarian Wine To Customers

Grand Tokay is popular and Hungary and they quickly became popular in China after being introduced to the customers of Jingdong in April. For 3 years, JD.com has been the top retailer in China to sell alcoholic beverages and the demand for imported beverages is just getting stronger as they continue to offer more options to their customers. Among these brands is Grand Tokaj, which was recently added to the offerings of Jingdong in April. The sweet wine is made in an area of Hungary that is considered a historic part of the wine industry. Their introduction on JD.com is a historic event for the government-backed company as it is the first time they have been part of Chinese e-commerce.

While Grand Tokaj had several online retailers that were interested in featuring the brand in China, they chose Jingdong as they believed that they would be the best fit for their company. The winemaker cares about quality and the experience that their customers have with their products. With JD.com being known for their exemplary customer service, Grand Tokaj had faith that Jingdong would hand their brand with the care that they knew it deserved. No matter what part of the world their customers are in, they want them to have an experience that meets the expectations of the company. In just the first day on Jingdong, the brand gathered more followers than every other imported alcoholic beverage brand on the site aside from one.

When introducing a new imported alcoholic beverage brand on their site, Jingdong makes sure that their methods are tailored to the Chinese market instead of just following the same techniques that they used in their home countries. They use different labels for the Chinese market that meet different regulatory requirements and preferences of their customer base in the country. Other changes include offering different sizes of the products. This holistic approach has been shown to be highly effective since it was first introduced in the company. Grand Tokaj is excited about having the opportunity to introduce their products and the history of their company to customers around China.

Source of the article : https://finance.yahoo.com/news/jd-com-announces-first-quarter-104848011.html

OSI Group Acquires Rose Packing

The food industry is seemingly in high demand as it continues to expand by the day. Different brands are on high alert to offer the best to its stakeholders. The trigger has necessitated various buyouts and partnership between brands. The latest such acquisition is by OSI Group. For an undisclosed amount of money, the US meat supplier has purchased Rose Packing Co. The Illinois based company serves food service and retail customers. Its primary business is in pork products. The products include burgers, pork shoulder, salad toppings, meatballs, and Canadian bacon among others. Since its launch in 1924, Rose has operated as a family-owned business and engages more than 700 employees.

Both OSI Group and Rose are recognized participants in the food industry. This means coming together will only strengthen the growth of the sector. Thanks to the fact that each of them has significant capabilities that include a strong sales presence. This is in addition to the use of innovative solutions. It is a strategic move according to senior executive vice president of OSI, Kevin Scott. OSI will always capitalize on its capabilities for purposes of responsiveness and consistency. The company has been in the meat industry for over one century and still counting. It maximizes on every opportunity which comes its way to ensure they are offering a quality experience to its customers.

OSI Group commits adding quality and safety assurance to each of its products. This is what has kept it going. It has gained the trust of various food brands across the globe which are aware of its adherence to food security standards. Its systems are in place to ascertain best class processes, the flow of operations and best industry practices. Among the many policies the company has is OSI Global Standardization audits. It has imparted in its employees a need for taking individual responsibility in keeping up with the standards. OSI Group employs more than 20,000 employees across its 65 facilities. It has set its operations in 17 countries.

The steps used by OSI Group create hamburgers for McDonald’s

Of all OSI Group’s factories, the Günzburg is the largest and the top food supplier of burgers which is a key part of what we enjoy at OSI Group McDonalds outlets. This German factory supplies hamburgers to McDonald’s, the company’s leading client. Given the mass production that takes place in this facility, even the reception area smells like meat. Below is the process of how hamburgers are created at OSI Group McDonalds:

  1. Hygiene procedures

At the Günzburg hygiene is observed keenly, employees have to wear protective clothing and wash their hands thoroughly before getting to the production area. Workers suspected to have a stomach bug are restricted to the factory until the doctor gives them a clean bill of health. OSI Group McDonalds adds no food production preservatives to their meat. Foreign objects such as jewelry or plastic pens that may contaminate the flesh are not allowed in the factory.

  1. Deboning

OSI Group McDonalds factories request for large chunks of meat from the slaughterhouses which upon arrival are checked for bones. They ask for more substantial pieces to prevent contamination which is often associated with smaller pieces of chicken.

  1. Placement in crates

After checking for bones, the meat is loaded onto 1,100 pounds containers. There is a room set aside for these meat filled containers. In a day about 500 of these are processed. They are carried with cranes to reduce human contact.

  1. Mincing and chopping

Large blenders that sort the meat from bones then grind the large chunks to excellent ground beef. In a day about 80 containers are processed. The mixers can grind about 500 kilograms of meat at a go. Given how much is blended per session, one burger comes from a varied number of cows. The meat is then frozen and shaped to various beef patties. No chemical is used to bind the meat together. This equipment is also used for making vegetarian burgers. The temperatures in these machines are kept low to maintain the high quality product. In a day approximately five million burgers are created. The factory has more than 200 employees who operate in shifts of 45-60 people.

  1. Testing and packaging

According to OSI Group McDonalds request that their burgers have a fat content of about 20%. During testing, this standard is checked. The burgers are then grilled, and a taste panel reviews for texture, taste, and structure quality. Once quality is assured, the hamburgers are then packaged and put into boxes that indicate where the product was made.

Read more: https://www.provisioneronline.com/articles/98606-qa-with-dave-mcdonald-president-coo-osi-group

Adam Milstein Considered the Boldest Philanthropist

Adam Milstein is a passionate humanitarian who has served on many fundraising projects and partnered with several organizations to make the world a better place. He is an American-Israeli citizen who had been born and raised in Haifa. The philanthropist supports education among the Jew and remains a loyal pro-Israeli activist.

His views on the Jewish New Syndicate

Adam Milstein had written an article in early 2018 to express his concern over anti-Semitism. He clearly outlined that the discriminatory scenario has become a cornerstone for the rise of radical Muslim Movements which has been stoning women, undermining the rights of the minority groups and the less privileged, as well as condemning gays. He outlines that the sour relationship between the Israeli and the Americans has resulted in the development of racist, hate, and bigotry. Adam Milstein had, thus, decided to unite the two countries by advocating for solidarity and sharing a common goal of achieving freedom and tolerance.

Fight against discrimination

Apart from his efforts to unite Israel and America, Adam Milstein has always condemned the act of discrimination. He highlighted that universities in the US are currently discriminating against Jewish students. He quoted the New York University which has condemned Israeli a number of times even more than Trump. In a Chicago LGBT gala, 3 Jewish personalities had been barred from attending the function as a result of their flags having the Star of David. In another event that was fighting against sexual violence, the organizers condemned the Jews that wanted to participate resulting in their deportation

More about Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is known to be an all-time entrepreneur and a co-founder of Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. He is currently serving as the national chairman of the Israel-American council. His work remains significant to the society today as he tries to bring together different racial and religious groups. His main aim is to educate the world about the need to eliminate discrimination and hatred. His work as a humanitarian and an activist ought to be recognized as it acts as a stepping stone to a free world.



Stream Energy Succeds in Both Business and Philanthropy

Although its business success is also of great importance, Stream Energy places a lot of focus on its philanthropic efforts, which have been quite outstanding recently. The company has gained a wonderful reputation for its internet and energy services, but its contributions to the surrounding world certainly warrant a stellar reputation as well. Additionally, the organization plans to grow these efforts even more so that it can further serve those in who are in need of its help.

Those in charge at Stream Energy believe that it is necessary to offer rates that are realistic and affordable for normal people. This a common theme in both the WiFi program and the energy program. These two different services came together to form a great business model, and strong marketing has propelled this organization to even more success. Interestingly, word-of-mouth has played a significant role in this company’s growth, which will likely result in greater longevity than a company without so much positive word-of-mouth.

Stream Energy has a unique approach to its business model. It prioritizes selling its services to various associates, who then turn around and sell Stream Energy’s services to their own well-established network of clients. This helps the company to make more sales with lower overhead, and it is a business model that other companies have even started to imitate recently. It is Stream Energy’s constant innovation that has allowed it to remain successful even in times when the rest of the industry was struggling.

Getting back to the subject of philanthropy, this is an area in which Stream Energy has had a large amount of influence. While the average person can only do so much for issues that he or she cares about, a successful company or entrepreneur has access to far more resources and connections. Thus, a company can make a bigger impact when it chooses to share its success with those who are not in the same situation. The Stream Cares program is truly making a vast difference in the lives of those it is serving.