A Look at Bhanu Choudhrie

The following is an article recap of an article written by Inspirey about Mr Bhanu Choudhrie. Hailing from New Delhi, India, Bhanu Choudhrie has built himself quite a career as a strategic investor, as well as a philanthropist. As the founder of C&C Alpha Group, Mr Choudhrie helps oversee investments in various industries such as real estate, banking, aviation, healthcare, utilities, and hospitality. These investment strategies help nourish new companies toward growth as well as push maturer business to their targeted goals. These experiences have given Bhanu Choudhrie the reliability and insight in investing throughout these various industries. While studying at Boston University, Bhanu Choudhrie focused on his passions for creating strategies for various sized businesses, along with marketing strategies needed for success.

After graduating, he was accepted into a “Owner Management Program” at Harvard School of Business and learned about advanced tactics of upper level management and their impact on business success. Founding the C&C Alpha Group, in 2001, Banu led the group to develop a large and profitable investment portfolio especially in developing markets like the Philippines and India, amongst many others. Mr Choudhrie is also an active entrepreneur and holds positions on several executive boards. Among the the other board positions Mr Choudhrie holds and previously held, respectively, include positions at Customers Bancorp and Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation. He also served on various committees during his tenures at these various companies.

Because of these varying companies, Mr Choudhrie also has a very diverse, high-level view of investing and its effects on its respective markets. Bhanu Choudhrie also holds various awards including Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Asian Voice Political and Public Life awards, an entity of the United Kingdom. Mr Choudhrie also is extremely active when it comes to philanthropy. He has been recognized for his contributions to “Path To Success,” which supports individuals with health concerns and limited financial resources. In addition to the business interests Mr Choudhrie possesses, philanthropic works also are a strong passion of his. Mr Choudhrie’s favorite quote is “Worry less about what you don’t yet know.”

Source of the article : https://www.arabianbusiness.com/banking-finance/414437-uk-indian-billionaire-bhanu-choudhrie-reveals-middle-east-expansion-plans

OSI Group Has An Unrivaled Food Processing Capacity

The OSI Group is continuing to improve on its positive portfolio in the meat processing industry. They have also been acquiring other companies that deal with meat production. Before purchasing a firm, OSI makes sure that the corporation’s goals and values align with theirs. As a result, the two corporations can complement each other’s strengths. Some of the values, in this case, include the focus on expanding globally and also making sure that the firm’s practices are environmentally friendly. Since OSI is a leader in the meat processing industry, they are focused on providing custom solutions and quality food products to each of their clients. By observing the firm’s productivity in the previous years, you will realize that their primary focus is on the firm’s growth, and that is why they have over 65 meat processing plants worldwide.

All these facilities are meant to make sure that OSI Group has achieved its goals that entail providing custom solutions that enable them to make sure that retail brands can serve their clients in a dedicated manner. OSI is also focusing on developing new forms of innovation that will help to make sure that clients are issued quality products consistently. OSI has also managed to maintain a positive reputation for many decades. Their unrivaled food processing capacity and ability to issue quality products to each of their clients has helped to ensure that the firm can attract more clients. Some of these clients include McDonalds.

The company is also an international entity, and that has also proven to be advantageous in many ways. For instance, they have been able to employ many individuals globally. Furthermore, they have also been able to make sure that McDonalds is one of the leading fast food joints since OSI supplies the franchise entity with meat products such as hamburgers. OSI is under the leadership of David McDonald- the firm’s president. As a leader, he has showcased that his main focus is on enhancing the company’s growth. OSI has also been encouraging its suppliers to increase their sales capacity. As a result, the firm has also been able to partner with different organizations; these partnerships have proven to be beneficial since the firm has been receiving shipping discounts and other beneficial incentives.

Impressionable Facts about Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is among the most successful entrepreneurs of all time. He has brought major developments in the field of entrepreneurship through his contributions towards the growth of the sector. The renowned investor studied actuarial mathematics at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Though the prospect of investing in such a niche in education was demanding for most people, Henry made it through his studies to emerge as a successful leader he is today. He started his career as an asset manager at Schroders, which is an asset management firm that is based in the United Kingdom.

Gareth Henry later moved to the Fortress Investment Group, where he served as the global head of relations in the firm. He has played a significant role in overseeing the proper marketing of the firm’s products over the recent years. His ability to bring growth to the firm has seen him impress many people that strive to emulate his skills in the field of business.

The renowned investor today seeks to bring growth to the various firms he serves through working closely with his team of employees. He has proved to be a leader worth emulating through the different leadership skills that he has showcased in the course of his career. Gareth Henry not only involves his team of employees in his decision-making process, but he also pays attention to their claims and opinions concerning the firm. His excellent listening skills have served in his favor through enabling him to acquire ideas from other people for the growth of his firms when implemented.

Gareth Henry has also perfected his skills in the field of investment through the various firms that he serves. He was recently announced as the Managing Director and Global Head of Investor Relations at the Angelo, Gordon & Co, which is an investment firm that is based in New York City. He has proved to possess impeccable skills in the field of entrepreneurship, and a vast number of people have accreditation for his notable successes. Gareth Henry looks forward to bringing development in the various firms he serves through learning from other people and maintaining good relations with them.

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Ronald Fowlkes: The Man, The Father, The Hero

Ronald Fowlkes is one of St. Luis’s most influential people. He has helped train law enforcement officers that will protect the community for decades to come. Ronald is a wart veteran and understands the need to protect those that you love. He is dedicated manager, father and St. Luis hero. Ever since Ronnie graduated Marine Corps School of Infantry he has supported and protected his country.


In 1991, Ronald Fowlkes served in the first Gulf War and was meritoriously promoted twice for his gallantry in action. After the war, which took the lives of many men including some of Ronalds friends and comrades he joined the Joint Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO). Today, it is known as the Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organizarion (JIDO) and is run by the US Department of Defense. Ronald was a key player in setting up and improving JIEDDO’s training methods and overall efficiency. JIEDDO is an organization that serves the United States military’s men on the ground. JIEDDO eliminates IED threats through surveillance, technology and training. The organization tries to eliminate the network that manufactures, finances and those who set up IED’s to take American lives.


Ronald’s 13 years of experience with the St. Luis Metropolitan and County Police departments has helped him gain the respect of the entire St. Luis community. He is a certified SWAT/URBAN tactics instructor who has been involved in thousands of high-risk entries and dangerous hostage situations. Ronald has taken his experience and skills into his newest endeavor at Eagle Industries Unlimited.


Ronald is now the Development Manager for Eagle Industries Unlimited’s law enforcement and commercial products division. This division is responsible for manufacturing high quality tactical and survival gear for the U.S. military, law enforcement, private individuals and private protection agencies. Eagle Industries has been improving its line of products for over 40 years and with Ronald at the helm its success is guaranteed. Eagle Industries Unlimited has grown exponentially with Ronald as manager. It is a subsidiary of Vista Outdoor Inc., which is currently comprised of over 30 well-regarded brands, thousands of products and operates and sells its products in 10 states and over a dozen countries. Brands that are under the Vista group include CamelBak, Bushnell and BELL.


Ronald Fowlkes is responsible for training over 150 employees on Eagle’s new products and accessories. With his many years of military and law enforcement experience and knowledge he has provided valuable insight into the development of new products and the improvement of existing ones. Every one of Eagle Industries products is under a lifetime warranty making them some of the most popular and functional products on the market. Ronald’s life is all about helping and protecting others while making sure he and his team do their best no matter what the circumstance. Ronald applies this philosophy even when he coaches his son’s hockey team.


Nationwide Title Clearing Offers A Needed Service To All

The services that come from Nationwide Title Clearing are important for all people in the real estate world. They are ordering titles that must be cleared every week, and they will search for the title to ensure it looks as it should. There many people who wish to order a cleared title today, and they may do so online with Nationwide. The process is difficult to complete without experience, and Nationwide has the experience that is needed. This article shows why Nationwide must be called when it is time to order a cleared title.


#1: The Title Mast Say The Proper Things


Property titles have information on the owner, and they have an address that is attached to the owner. It is possible that the title does not show what it should, and the information on the title must be changed to ensure that it reads properly. The title will read well when it has been changed by the staff at Nationwide, and they will use all the documents that are required by the municipal system.


#2: Who Orders Cleared Titles?


Cleared titles must be ordered by real estate agents who are working on sales of homes. They muscat know that the home they are looking at it is available for sale, and they must know that the title will read properly when they close. They cannot close without it, and they may order long in advance of the sales process.


#3: Documents Needed


Nationwide will ask for death certificates, wills and other court documents that are needed to ensure they may change the title. They must prove that the title is to read as they say, and they will have the title changed at the local level. They will attach a copy of the document when they are done with the process, and they will send it on to their client. They prefer to show that they have done the work properly, sand they will attach all other documents that may have been used in the process.


The Nationwide Title Clearing office is an important part of the home sales process. They have experience that is needed to ensure they will help clear each title, and they will take orders online from any customers who need it. They have planned to help each customer move as quickly as possible, and they will serve to make real estate deals close more quickly.

Inspiring Young Upcoming Entrepreneurs with Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a businessman with a lot of countless titles. He is a capitalist and an investor. He has more than 20 years’ experience in banking. He is situated in Switzerland and as well he was brought up there. He decided to attempt banking by first attending as a commercial intern at UBS and he then was proceeded to be a board member of a private bank in Swiss. He has constantly had a desire in entrepreneurship therefore used his expertise and experience to accomplish a lot. He worked at Swiss Startup Factory as the co-founder and also as an executive chairman. The other co-founders of the company are Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. Mike Baur attained his MBA from Rochester University in New York and another MBA from the University of Berne.


His role is to assist potential young upcoming entrepreneurs in developing their business to the top level. He as well passes out his experience in business in many countries. He consumes a lot of his time in helping young entrepreneurs in Switzerland through advising and supporting them in strategies in beginning their business. Besides from counseling, he also contributes to them financially. His management abilities have rewarded him adequately. The company has teamed up with other companies including Fintech Fusion and CTI. He controls the financial practice at Swiss Startup Factory.


In the year 2014 both Mike Baur and his allies started the company. Swiss Startup Factory is well-recognized to one of the greatest private companies that govern itself because of the accomplishment they attained and the solutions they provide. The company searches for potential entrepreneurs in order they can assist them with the need they want. The company is situated in Zurich. The company offer accelerator course for three months too young entrepreneurs, it enables them a large network to attain their objectives and goals. They also provide services such as working space, finance, nurturing and mentoring.


The Swiss Startup Factory objectives are to generate exceptional companies with better future, and also establish astonishing brink in Switzerland to improve various businesses. Additionally the company has a strong connection mostly when working together daily. They help their clients in attaining great starting because it is the vital point when starting. Swiss Startup Factory does not motivate young entrepreneurs but also provide them with chances in order for them to show their skills. Mike Baur and the other co-founders founded the company with the objectives of sharing their talents and expertise to upcoming entrepreneurs.