Lime Crime: the Future of Makeup

Lime Crime has surfaced as one of the major makeup producers of 2016. Their bright eye shadows are not the only eye popping thing about them. Lime Crime is vegan friendly, meaning that no animals are harmed or tested on. They also are produced in Los Angeles, California. Lime Crime cosmetics have become a cult favorite and leader on the digital world.


Doe Deere, the founder, has devoted her time to producing this one of a kid brand voicing a rebel attitude to show all consumers that everyone can be who they are with Lime Crime cosmetics. Deere invented her cosmetics line right before Halloween in 2008 while searching for the right makeup for her costume. She pulls inspiration from unicorns to provide that magically and creative feeling that is wanted by her users. The fun website shows you the bright colors that are what helps this become a cult favorite makeup provider.


Go today to and check out their cosmetic line that everyone craves, and you can sign up for their mailing list for great discounts and releases. All products get free shipping once you spend over $50. Amazon, ASOS, and Doll’s Kill are some of the websites that sell Deere’s product, but her line is expanding quickly hitting many stores due to demand. As this cosmetic line makes its way quickly overseas, do not miss out on having the product first like so many other readers have done already.


Many makeup lovers have followed the product on social media. Following them on social media can show you how other individuals wear their makeup. You can also see the current discounts and new products that are coming out on their line through the official Lime Crime Tumblr account.  But the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere is also a great resource. Find that here.

It is easy to see why individuals are loving the makeup. If you want to see why they enjoy this vegan friendly, brightly inspired ,makeup, make sure you go see for yourself on why it is quickly on the rise and a cult favorite.

Wild Colors with Doe Deere


I love color. Show me an electric blue or a dark emerald green and I’m happy as can be. As an artist, I know exactly how color can help people think better and feel better. I know that color is what makes any place sing even on a nothing day. This is why I’ve been so happy to find a makeup company that shares my vision. That makeup company is Lime Crime. Lime Crime was started by Doe Deere, a visionary artistic person who believes that life is better for all of us when we have color in our lives.

Color Everywhere

Deere is someone who shares the vision I have of seeing color everywhere at all times. When you go to Lime Crime, you can see just how much she loves color. Her makeup says goodbye to dull browns and boring shades that look like nothing on your face. Instead, you get a burst of color in your life when you look at the products for sale at Lime Crime. You get colors that let you tap into your sense that life should be all about being surrounded by shades that help you feel as if the world is a wonderful place.

An Amazing Vision

Like people I’ve come to admire and wish to take inspiration from, Deere is an original. She’s not someone who wants to look like everyone else. She wants us all to let go of our inner sense of what is standard and traditional when it comes to makeup. Instead, she asks us to see the world through different eyes. I know that when I look on her site, I’m not just being asked to see makeup. In a sense, I’ve been asked to see an entirely new world. This is why I find she’s such a person I can follow so easily.

A New world

When you log on to her site, you’re being given a vision that is not just about makeup in a sense. You’re also being given the chance to explore new ideas that are all about being yourself and being part of the contemporary fashion scene at the same time. I love being able to experiment with makeup of all kinds just as I know that Deere does. This is why I choose to buy her makeup at Lime Crime. I’m know that I’m buying a life vision as well.


Makari: Skincare for People of Color

Makari de Suisse is an exceptional line of products for all people of color. Makari skincare, haircare, and cosmetic lines cater to the specific needs of this ethnic group. Their products contain top of the line natural oil blends such as such as argan and carrot, as well as luxurious ingredients like caviar. All Makari products are made in Switzerland, a country known for its innovations in skincare.

Makari products are now available in many local beauty shops all over the world. They also have stand alone storefronts in Brussels, New York City and Paris. The Makari Line features over 60 different products. Everything from skincare, baby care, body care, haircare, and cosmetics are included in their brand. There are also a variety of scents available.

Makari line of skin lightening creams help to achieve perfectly even skin tone. These products are formulated to lighten the appearance of dark spots from stretch marks, acne, and liver spots . Makari’s line of lightening toners, creams, and exfoliators really intensify and expedite the journey to a more even skin tone. The has both face and body products to allow for a customized experience for where ever you need to even out your skin tone.

The Caviar cream, a very popular product, helps to hydrate your skin while also evening out the texture and tone of your skin. The Beauty Lightening Milk is a luxurious body product that tones and clarifies the skin. The exfoliating products sluff off dead skin and dark marks to reveal lighter, brighter, and smoother skin.

Carrot Oil, which is in many Makari products, is known for combating hyperpigmentation. This is what causes marks such as acne to be a different color than the rest of your skin. Argan and Almond oils help to hydrate the skin. This promotes the skin to heal dark spots quicker and prevent any further damage to the skin. Caviar helps to diminish dark spots, dullness and discoloration. All of these natural ingredients found in Makari products are why this brand is one of the best on the market.

Makari also truly cares about the customers that use their products. All of their products are free of Hydroquinone, a potentially harmful ingredient with many known side effects. Makari prides itself on using only the best natural and effective ingredients in their products. Follow Makari on Social Media to learn more:

Hair: Its Importance to Beauty

Hair is very important to beauty, especially for women. For a lot of women, hair can’t grow quickly enough. Fortunately, there are ways to actually influence the growth of hair. This is by brushing the hair. Brushing hair actually stimulates the scalp and causes it to grow even more hair. When a scalp is healthy, not only will more hair grow, but the person will also avoid certain scalp conditions that will cause even greater problems down the line. However, it is important for one to find the right brush in order to use for her hair. Otherwise, she may cause damage to her hair.

In order to find the right brush for hair, one may need to look to a beauty fury. Wengie is one guru who is very experienced in bringing out the best look as well as keeping her hair healthy and free of damages. She knows the right formulas to use on her hair and is willing to share it with people so that they can not only experience healthier hair, but they can also learn how to manage it at any length. She knows the right brush will fix the hair, but it will also encourage growth.

Wengie is also someone who is good about styling her hair. She knows the right type of conditioner to use in order to strengthen her hair and help get it to look the way she wants it to. She also knows how to use the right hair dye for her hair so that she can bring about the color she wants without causing any undue damage to her hair. She is also willing to share that information with others. Her artistic and elegant style has inspired and captured the imagination of others. Wengie is definitely worth looking to for inspiration on beauty and style.

Find out more about Wengie: