How Evolution of Smooth Is Transforming The World of Affordable Beauty

The act of advertising eye shadow, mascara or lipstick can be a rather flashy affair. When most consumers, particularly female consumers, see advertisements for beauty products the overwhelming majority of those advertisements have to do with some kind of new lip color or a foundation that claims to revolutionize the way that foundations work. The place that lip balm has in our collective consciousness, however, can seem a bit more laid back and low key.

Many people would probably guess that the business of selling makeup is a lucrative one. They might not, however, realize that the business of selling lip balm to help people keep their lips free from becoming chapped or dry is also incredibly lucrative. Perhaps no company has proven how much potential there is for growth in the world of manufacturing and selling lip balm than the very new and the wildly successful lip balm brand Evolution of Smooth, which is also known as EOS lip balm. While many entrepreneurs have probably asked themselves how they can innovate upon existing technologies or software very few entrepreneurs in the world of beauty had asked themselves how lip balm could be innovated. Fortunately for consumers the founders of Evolution of Smooth did.

While most brands that manufactured lip balm had not changed their approach to product development for decades EOS lip balm took advantage of the opportunity left by the competition and totally transformed the industry’s conception what lip balm could look like. Their lip balm comes in vibrant round spheres that set them apart from their counterparts. As a result the company went from being a newcomer in the lip balm market to being a leader and trendsetter. Today Evolution of Smooth is worth $250 million, according to a report published in Fast Company magazine. It is selling so well that it has beat out industry stalwarts like Blistex and is second only to beauty company Burt’s Bees. EOS lip balm products are available online on eBay, website and