Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Cosmetics Surpasses Two Million Instagram Followers


As we all know, Instagram is the place to be. And in May 2016 Lime Crime Cosmetics proved that by surpassing two million followers.

Doe Deere, the Founder and CEO of Lime Crime, is a pioneer when it comes to how cosmetics are being sold. Instead of showing colors on a blank piece of paper like most cosmetic companies do, she introduced the “on-lip” lipstick swatch that shows real colors on real lips.

Needless to say Deere is an internet savvy CEO. She’s creative and knows how to create unique and engaging content her audience will love. According to Deere, Instagram is yet another way for Lime Crime to continue to innovate in the world of ecommerce. She said the goal is to create the best possible interactive shopping experience for those who love makeup.

While most makeup companies use their Instagram account to constantly push new products, Lime Crime uses their account to create a fun and engaging community for their customers and fans. This is what separates them from the crowd.

If you visit the Lime Crime Instagram page you will see many of their posts are of fans who are wearing the products. Most of them use the hashtag #limecrime which helps draw even more attention to the brand.

Lime Crime is known as a cruelty free cosmetic brand. This basically means they don’t use animals to create nor test their products. By sharing a wide variety of looks on their Instagram page, Lime Crime hopes to inspire makeup lovers all over the world to be fearless and wear whatever makes them happy.

Lime Crime fans and customers are affectionately known as unicorns. Deere was quoted as saying, “We are always amazed by the looks our unicorns create with our products, and we love showcasing them.”

Photos of Instagram followers are also showcased on the Lime Crime website. This allows other fans to see how the products look in real life situations.

Deere believes its important for customers to get an idea of how certain products will look on them and Instagram is what makes this possible.

If you are a makeup lover and want daily tips and insight on all things makeup, be sure to follow the Lime Crime Instagram page @LimeCrimeMakeup.

About Doe Deere

Doe Deere was born in Russia and raised in the big apple. She is a self proclaimed unicorn and doesn’t believe in following the rules. In 2008 she launched Lime Crime Cosmetics with the goal of showing the world cosmetics can do more than just cover up imperfections.

In her opinion, beauty isn’t about what “looks best”. Instead she believes its about what feels right to you in the moment. To learn more about Deere and Lime Crime visit¬†

Stars Shine Brightly Again in Queens of Drama

The newer sitcoms and drama series events premiering on television this year show a propensity for resurrections. There are the zombie fare, the SciFi super duper natural storylines, and now we have the Queens of Dramas taking our frame of focus. This is not to be confused with the Queens of the Dark or Queen of the Cobra. Queens of Drama bring the loveliest and most desirable ladies of the 1990s screen (or further) into our homes for a refreshing romantic drama tale involving the group effort trying to get a new pilot television project sold for syndication. The collaborated efforts include actress and producer Donna Millls, a prime time tv icon, and Crystal Hunt, who has experience both in front and behind the camera.

About Crystal Hunt – TV to Film to Film TV
Crystal Hunt enjoyed her first true success as actress in a small teen part in Guiding Light. From that small part she moved to a larger more significant role on the same show, and over the subsequent years gained a fan base and professional mettle in acting long tenure roles on other soap series. She received Daytime Emmy nominations from at least two of her starring soaps, including Guiding Light.

When films opened inviting
doors and windows, Crystal dove in and made her name now echo through both tv and film award committees. Crystal took home her share of awards for daytime drama acting and garnered a competitive co-starring movie role opposite Zac Efron in Derby Stallion as Crunchbase shows.

Today her Instagram feed shows she continues to make films for silver screen and tv, and has recently finished 2015 production of a Hitchcock themed thriller based on true crime slated for release later this year.¬† Not to mention Crystal Hunt’s role on Magic Mike XXL.

Hidden Talents Among the Queens of Drama
The prospective pilot series, Queens of Drama, would showcase each of yesterday’s soap opera icons and silver screen hot tamales separately and as an entourage, and would be written, directed and produced by those in the entourage who have sharpened their direction or production chops in other projects.
Most production angst will be borne by:
9 episodes: Jessica Altman Da Rocha producer / field producer)
9 episodes: Carrie Vandiver supervising story producer
8 episodes: John Carlo Zenone supervising producer
7 episodes: Tim Laurie executive producer
7 episodes: Erika Wadler producer
4 episodes: Brian Dale producer

Queens of Drama New Season Begins April 16, 2016.
Everyone with regard for the romantic and beautiful ladies of yesterday’s tv and silver screen must absolutely mark their calendars for opportunity to see the most lauded icons of romance and drama flaunt their beautiful skills in the new Queens of Drama series.

Drama Lends to Comedy
The talents and abilities of the screen sirens still blasts loudly and clearly, and one line has already gone into the memorable vaults: Donna Mills is encouraged to participate in launching of the new series with an example of a scene in which she appears as “ugly”. Without a breath, Donna Mills replied, “I don’t do ugly.”
And indeed, she does not.