Robert Ivy’s Lifetime Of Design Achievement Honored In Mississippi

As a native of Mississippi, Robert Ivy was recently announced as the recipient of the 2018 Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. Ivy is the first architect to receive the honor usually given to popular artists such as the Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman. The CEO and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects was given the award for his continued work as a global ambassador for excellence in design.

After attending Tulane University to obtain his Master’s in Architecture, Robert Ivy began became a practicing architect before becoming lead partner in the Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy company. Ivy arrived in the architectural industry following his undergraduate studies in English which have been used to further his career as a scholar, journalist, and editor. The prestigious industry magazine, “Architectural Record” turned to the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award winner in 1996 to become Editor-in-Chief of the publication. The success of the magazine under the leadership would lead to the publisher, McGraw-Hill appointing Robert Ivy to the positions of Vice President and Editorial Director.

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Robert Ivy has enjoyed success in almost every role he has undertaken in his career including that of the biographer to the influential architect E. Fay Jones. Publishing the biography in 2001, the book is now in its third edition and has been praised by the Art Library Society of North America for its design and author. The impressive nature of the work completed by Ivy continues in his current role as the Vice President and CEO of the American Institute of Architects, roles he has undertaken since 2011.

The decision to honor Robert Ivy with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award was based on his position with the American Institute of Architects. Ivy has helped return the Institute to its former position of political power and increased membership to record levels in less than a decade. The CEO has become a global ambassador for American architecture leading a renaissance of the industry in the 2010s.

The American Institute Of Architects Is Working To Improve The Health Of The Public In The United States

Robert Ivy became the Executive Vice President and CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in 2011, and he has been its guiding voice ever since. Part of his focus while he has been with the AIA has been on the organization’s ability to connect with the modern day world. The rest of his focus is, of course, on the design, construction, and building sectors and how the institute can improve these.

He feels that architecture can improve the United States in a broad variety of helpful ways, and the AIA recently committed to create solutions and programs that improve sustainability, health of the public, and defense against natural disasters in the U.S.A. Ivy and the AIA have also committed to research done in universities by offering grants and is also working to create an app.

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When Robert Ivy was asked to elaborate about exactly how architecture can improve public health, he pointed out how it has been historically useful in the United States. One of the examples he used was Central Park and how architecture helped to eliminate shoddy housing and improve that part of the city. The original designers didn’t have recreation in mind when they created the park but were more interested in improving the health of the public through the park according to He also spoke about how there are many younger architects who are now more socially engaged and that have a strong desire to work with a more diverse population.

CEO Robert Ivy has expressed his belief that architecture can lower the rate of diseases like diabetes and heart disease and that design can be leveraged to encourage exercise. Along with this, an architect can provide the people who work in a building with access to natural features like clean water, sunlight, and fresh air. He also discussed how the materials used in a building are extremely important because they can actually help to improve health in some cases. Generally speaking, Robert Ivy has expressed the fact that the American Institute Of Architects and himself are interested not just in maintaining the public’s health through architecture, but also improving it. During interviews he has pointed to historical uses of architecture that have improved the health of the public, and he aspires to continue to be a larger part of designing buildings and other architectural features to make the world a better place. Already, he has improved the way that the organization communicates with the public, and this is just the beginning of the upgrades being made to the AIA.

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Richard Mishaan: A True New York Designer

New York’s Richard Mishaan Design continues to impress with projects that are truly jaw dropping. A recent Tribeca residence received his design treatment and the finished product is absolutely stunning. The use of bold color in a city where there is an overwhelming amount of monochromatic tones is a brave step that, like everything that he does, works rather well.

The consistency with which Richard Mishaan Design finds the absolute right look for each of his client’s properties is indeed impressive. This mastery of interior design carries over into all of this projects, from his well-received publications to his furniture and accessories lines of business as well his work with Homer Design.

Richard Mishaan Design continues to grow each year, with new clients, books, and publications in addition to the furniture, art and accessories that complement Homer Design. This sustained growth is a testament to the high level of client care and upscale design that he provides. His all-encompassing designs are special in the way that they are able to capture and celebrate the individual styles and sensibilities of his varied clients. Mishaan is adept with many design styles and always manages to create a vision that is unique to not only the home’s owner but also its architecture.

This expansive reach across many avenues of interior design set Richard Mishaan Design ahead of the pack. This work is frequently and prominently featured in Elle Decor and Architectural Digest. In addition to these magazines, Mishaan’s two design books entitled Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern present stunning design ideas that can be incorporated into your home. These books are nothing short of gorgeous and adorn many coffee tables across the country and even the world.

Richard Mishaan Design is active worldwide and we all look forward to seeing what he will do next!