Blake Mallen Is Celebrating Healthy Lifestyles With Vi

While the idea of a gig economy has been around for generations, it has only recently come back into popularity due to changes in the job market and the economy in general. Today, many people are turning away from traditional fields of employments and exploring careers in entrepreneurship and more that go against the expectations that had been set for them from a young age. The co-founder of ViSalus Blake Mallen is one of these people who decided to turn away from tradition to create his own businesses. In 2005, Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola decided to team up and found their company known as Vi. This company has grown to be worth more than a billion dollars company.

While he may have begun his professional career at ViSalus as Chief Operating Officer, he is now the President of the company. ViSalus is a company that sells its health products via direct sales. Some of the products that the Vi is known for are supplements, meals, snacks, and drinks. Blake Mallen and other members of the team introduced two new products at Vitality 2019, an event that took place in May of 2019 in Pesaro, Italy. Along with introducing new products, the lifestyle brand also introduced new marketing campaigns that can be implemented to increase the sales of their Promoters.

The new products were so popular at the event that they managed to sell out after just the first day. In addition to all of the other exciting events that took place, Blake Mallen was especially excited to introduce their new progam known as Vi Prime. This program offers many benefits including free shipping and more. There is also a new training program that was introduced that will help Promoters become stronger entrepreneurs while they are building a business around the brand. The Vi brand along with their Body by Vi Challenge has become even more popular recently and this event marked an important milestone in their international development. The region’s first Promoters were able to help build the brand in Italy through the direct help of both Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen. Click here.


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