Betsy DeVos and Educational Ideas

Betsy DeVos isn’t someone who thinks that it’s okay to just do absolutely nothing. She adores making the most out of her days. That’s the reason that she’s constantly busy. People spot her in attendance at all kinds of events around the United States. They see her at the airport on both coasts. They see her taking part in all kinds of charitable and philanthropic missions everywhere. There’s never a dull moment in the life of Mrs. DeVos. She doesn’t want there to be one, either.

DeVos is lucky enough to be married to a man who genuinely comprehends how fleeting life is. That’s why he keeps as busy as she does. Richard DeVos doesn’t sit around wasting his precious time. “Dick” likes to keep himself busy as a bee. He works on all kinds of business projects for the Windquest Group. That’s not the only thing that he does. He also thinks in detail about the West Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This academy is a widely known charter school that doesn’t have a standard backdrop. It’s situated at Grand Rapid’s energizing airport. This isn’t strange to anyone. It’s an educational institution that’s geared towards aspiring pilots. It’s geared towards youngsters who have dreams that pertain to going into the aviation field in general.

Betsy DeVos used to be named Elisabeth Prince. She still feels like that same exact person, too. People called her Elisabeth when she was in attendance at Calvin College. This is a Holland, Michigan powerhouse in the educational sector. DeVos did so much while she was a Calvin College pupil. She even took part in countless political happenings on the school’s campus. She did a lot of campaigning. No one could ever say that DeVos hasn’t been a political aficionado for a long time. Her political passions can be traced all the way back to the seventies. People may even be able to trace them before that. DeVos was born at the closing of the fifties.

There aren’t any people who have complaints about DeVos’ work ethic. Her work ethic is practically unsurpassed. Her husband’s work ethic is pretty similar, though. They like to talk about their jobs with great frequency. Betsy is America’s Secretary of Education. She got that job from President Donald J. Trump. President Trump is 100 percent pleased with his selection, too. He doesn’t regret his recruitment decision even for a second. DeVos likes to ponder the educational track any time she can. She likes to think about sectors of education that are relevant as well. She constantly thinks about educational choice and its future. She even devotes a lot of time to thinking about educational vouchers these days.


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