Apart From McDonalds, OSI Group Will Be Working With Impossible Foods

Those aware of OSI Group and its status as a renowned meat and food processor would also be in the loop of its long-term collaboration with McDonald’s, to which the company has been supplying burger patties for decades.

To summarize, the Aurora, Illinois based company, OSI Group, has been a meat patties supplier to McDonald’s for an astounding 60 years. It continues to be a prominent vendor to the fast-food chain, but it has obtained more than a few other famous clients that complete its impressive roster.

One of those vendors came to the forefront very recently in the form of plant-based meat company Impossible Foods, which has obtained OSI Group’s services to make its innovative patties.

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OSI Group to Work With Impossible Foods

To say that Impossible Foods is one of the most sought after companies in modern food solutions would not be incorrect. Launched in 2011, the alternative meat company has been making headlines as of late, which has much to do with its collaboration with different restaurants. While it hasn’t reached the likes of McDonald’s as of yet, it has accessed restaurants such as Burger King and White Castle – simply because of what it brings to the table, literally.

Impossible Foods is one of the very few manufacturers of plant-based protein, which looks, tastes, and feels like meat. The way that it processes completely plant-based ingredients to give them a meaty flavor and texture has been earning the company quite some praise, with the manufacturer’s Impossible Burger patty being its crown jewel.

As of late, Impossible Foods has been collaborating with select restaurants to sell its plant-based patties within their menu items. The company’s most recent and perhaps most important collaboration came in the form of its deal with Burger King, which came together to result in the Impossible Whopper – Burger King’s Impossible twist on its traditional offering.

The Impossible Foods trend is something that is seen with several other competitors in various forms including Beyond Meat, Soylent, and other foods made within the a lab setting. This creation of man-made products will be something to watch and current companies like the OSI Group are already making investments in one form or fashion. Visit: https://www.mapquest.com/us/illinois/osi-industries-llc-7716434

Fortress Investment Group:A Key Financial Group In Social Media

Fortress Investment Group, an large international firm, is known for its management of investments as well as private equity alternative assets. Performing a broad spectrum of investment management, the company also manages credit and liquid hedge funds. Founded in 1998, the investment firm is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as FIG. A leader in the financial services industry, Fortress Investment Group manages the portfolios of over 1500 private clients and institutional investors globally. Having vast experience across a broad range of investment strategies, the investment firm’s investment management includes credit, private equity, traditional asset management, and liquid markets. Moreover, the global investment firm leader maintains an extremely positive social media presence. Realizing the value of using this medium early, the company used social media long before other investment management companies did.

The firm quickly saw the advantage of using it to demonstrate their performance to customers and the value of their services to the prospective client and investor. Their presence in social media is growing. As a matter of fact, Fortress Investment Group is one of the most active investment groups on social media and is connecting with and has done business with customers through this medium. Staying abreast of contemporary trends, the company has made it a top priority to continuously update their social media. It is well aware of the value to the firm of effectively using this medium. Xapo, very well known as the “Fort Knox of Bitcoin,” has succeeded in raising $40 million from well known venture capital firms such as Index Ventures, Benchmark, Fortress Investment Group, Greylock Partners,and others. Former Secretary of the Treasury, Lawrence Summers is one of the advisors, and Xapo has developed enhanced security that maximizes protection of its bitcoin assets.

Bloomberg has reported that several wealthy investors are now hoarding bitcoin deep underground in bunkers, quoting the amount as approximately $10 billion, a figure representing 7% of Bitcoin’s float. Reports on Xapo have revealed that the company owns an global network consisting of underground vaults on five continents. To further ensure security, these vaults are also bomb proof. Investors recognize the benefits of this security, and consequently have deposited vast sums of bitcoin in Xapo. As a result, Xapo has accumulated storage of more bitcoin than 98% of the 5000 banks in the US. Xapo also caters to institutions by providing financial firms a management platform to handle a bitcoin investments. Viewing institutions as promising vehicles for growth, Xapo fully expects bitcoin to be a future leader.

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Jeremy Goldstein Invites Patrons Of The Fountain House To Attend A Gala Wine Dinner

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer and partner in a New York City boutique law firm. His company, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, is primarily focused on cases of executive compensation, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate governance and transformations. Jeremy has been recognized as one of the most proficient attorneys in the practice of executive compensation. He has worked with corporations in many of the most publicized mergers and acquisitions in recent history.


Jeremy Goldstein is a philanthropist and has dedicated his own efforts towards The Fountain House, a foundation that aids in the treatment and healing of the many people who are afflicted with mental illness. A fundraiser is scheduled for May 21, 2020, and a gala wine dinner will be held in New York City. Jeremy Goldstein is hosting the event and plans to serve guests the finest wines and a spectacular dinner. The evening event will begin at 6 pm and continue until 10 pm. The dinner is one of the annual Fountain House fundraisers, and attorney Jeremy Goldstein has been the event host for many years. The upcoming event is expected to be as successful and enjoyable as in years past. Tickets are available for the May event for a donation of $5000.


The venue for the wine dinner is the Nomad Hotel in New York City, and the festivities will be held on the roof deck of the midtown Manhattan hotel. As a long standing board member of The Fountain House, Jeremy Goldstein is determined to help build more public awareness of the widespread problem of mental illness. The Fountain House has been serving the public for more than 80 years, and it is a highly respected charity with headquarters in New York. The proceeds of the wine dinner will help to fund the noble work that is so needed in the U.S. and beyond. The foundation is global in its reach, and it is an advocate for the community at large.


Jeremy Goldstein has a large professional and personal network. He has served as legal counsel to dozens of corporate clients. Jeremy has built a highly successful law practice by providing quality legal advisory and a firm commitment to the best outcome for each client.


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Blake Mallen Is Celebrating Healthy Lifestyles With Vi

While the idea of a gig economy has been around for generations, it has only recently come back into popularity due to changes in the job market and the economy in general. Today, many people are turning away from traditional fields of employments and exploring careers in entrepreneurship and more that go against the expectations that had been set for them from a young age. The co-founder of ViSalus Blake Mallen is one of these people who decided to turn away from tradition to create his own businesses. In 2005, Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola decided to team up and found their company known as Vi. This company has grown to be worth more than a billion dollars company.

While he may have begun his professional career at ViSalus as Chief Operating Officer, he is now the President of the company. ViSalus is a company that sells its health products via direct sales. Some of the products that the Vi is known for are supplements, meals, snacks, and drinks. Blake Mallen and other members of the team introduced two new products at Vitality 2019, an event that took place in May of 2019 in Pesaro, Italy. Along with introducing new products, the lifestyle brand also introduced new marketing campaigns that can be implemented to increase the sales of their Promoters.

The new products were so popular at the event that they managed to sell out after just the first day. In addition to all of the other exciting events that took place, Blake Mallen was especially excited to introduce their new progam known as Vi Prime. This program offers many benefits including free shipping and more. There is also a new training program that was introduced that will help Promoters become stronger entrepreneurs while they are building a business around the brand. The Vi brand along with their Body by Vi Challenge has become even more popular recently and this event marked an important milestone in their international development. The region’s first Promoters were able to help build the brand in Italy through the direct help of both Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen. Click here.


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Betsy DeVos and Educational Ideas

Betsy DeVos isn’t someone who thinks that it’s okay to just do absolutely nothing. She adores making the most out of her days. That’s the reason that she’s constantly busy. People spot her in attendance at all kinds of events around the United States. They see her at the airport on both coasts. They see her taking part in all kinds of charitable and philanthropic missions everywhere. There’s never a dull moment in the life of Mrs. DeVos. She doesn’t want there to be one, either.

DeVos is lucky enough to be married to a man who genuinely comprehends how fleeting life is. That’s why he keeps as busy as she does. Richard DeVos doesn’t sit around wasting his precious time. “Dick” likes to keep himself busy as a bee. He works on all kinds of business projects for the Windquest Group. That’s not the only thing that he does. He also thinks in detail about the West Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This academy is a widely known charter school that doesn’t have a standard backdrop. It’s situated at Grand Rapid’s energizing airport. This isn’t strange to anyone. It’s an educational institution that’s geared towards aspiring pilots. It’s geared towards youngsters who have dreams that pertain to going into the aviation field in general.

Betsy DeVos used to be named Elisabeth Prince. She still feels like that same exact person, too. People called her Elisabeth when she was in attendance at Calvin College. This is a Holland, Michigan powerhouse in the educational sector. DeVos did so much while she was a Calvin College pupil. She even took part in countless political happenings on the school’s campus. She did a lot of campaigning. No one could ever say that DeVos hasn’t been a political aficionado for a long time. Her political passions can be traced all the way back to the seventies. People may even be able to trace them before that. DeVos was born at the closing of the fifties.

There aren’t any people who have complaints about DeVos’ work ethic. Her work ethic is practically unsurpassed. Her husband’s work ethic is pretty similar, though. They like to talk about their jobs with great frequency. Betsy is America’s Secretary of Education. She got that job from President Donald J. Trump. President Trump is 100 percent pleased with his selection, too. He doesn’t regret his recruitment decision even for a second. DeVos likes to ponder the educational track any time she can. She likes to think about sectors of education that are relevant as well. She constantly thinks about educational choice and its future. She even devotes a lot of time to thinking about educational vouchers these days.


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JD Founder Richard Liu Qiangdong Discusses Background

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and chief executive officer of the retail company known as JD. He recently went to talk about his business ventures and background at a forum. While he was at the forum, he talked to a panelist about his previous experiences in business. One of his notable experiences was when he founded a restaurant when he was a young man. The restaurant initially failed according to Richard Liu. It failed because he wasn’t able to devote a sufficient amount of time to running it. However, he learned form this experience and decided to start a retail business several years later.Prior to his career in technology and entrepreneurship, Richard Liu completed educational programs at two of the top educational institutions in China.

One of these institutions included a leading international business school in Beijing. After closing down another business that he founded, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to start up his third business. This would be another business in the retail industry. He founded JD in the mid 2000’s and built it from a small retailer to the large conglomerate it is today. When the company first started out, it had a limited selection of products and was also in need of capital. Richard Liu would get the additional capital to expand the selection of products and then increase the sales revenues. This would eventually allow him to build the company into the highly successful business it is today.

With JD being very successful, Richard Liu Qiangdong is looking to begin expanding the company to other parts of the world. Over the past couple of years, he has gradually expanded to other parts of Asia. Last year, Richard Liu expanded the company to countries such as New Zealand. With this expansion, JD has been able to serve a number of key international markets. Richard Liu said that he is looking to expand operations to other regions of the world in the near future. This includes eventual expansion to parts of Europe and North America. While he has achieved great wealth with his business, Richard Liu is more concerned about giving back to society and helping it fulfill its needs. Click here.