Financial Executive And Technologies Expert Vinod Gupta

Currently a General Partner at Everest Capital, an investment firm in Omaha, Nebraska, Vinod Gupta has over four decades of experience in the financial industry. After graduating from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, India in 1962 with a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering and Technology, he moved to the U.S. five years later, settling in Lincoln, Nebraska and attending the state’s university, where he earned both a Master of Science, and an MBA degree. He then began his professional career as a Marketing Research Manager at a mobile home manufacturing company called the Commodore Corporation. His responsibilities at this company included compiling lists of a number of mobile home dealers in the country to sell to other dealers in the manufactured homes business.

Following his success at Commodore, Vinod Gupta went on to co-found his own list generating company called Business Research Services and American Business Lists, which he opened up in 1972. When he was asked how he got his start in the corporate world, he replied that he just recognized that there was a void in the particular market he was involved with, so he decided that he would be the one to fill that void. His business strategies are based on focusing on long-term goals, and he has a great interest in the growth of technologies such as artificial intelligence, because he feels that this industry will open up more global opportunities in the future.

Vinod Gupta is also a philanthropist who donates a hefty amount of his wealth to charities in his home country, like the one that provides a quality education to young women and girls through the school he helped establish in native village by making a $1 million donation. He also contributed funds to his alma mater in order to have the Vinod Gupta School of Management created so an MBA program could be made available to those interested in going into the field of engineering.

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