Ara Chackerian and Diving Deeper For Value

Ara Chackerian knows that truly great leaders are hard to come by. But why is that? Why must we be in scarcity mode when it comes to amazing leaders? The answer to that question may not be ever known. But prominent healthcare investors like Ara Chackerian must undoubtedly think about this part of the picture.

For great leaders can produce long-standing businesses.

But celebrity CEOs may overshadow the need for leaders in and out of the workplace. One may see that the Kardashian and Jenner clan, a very successful family, may be highly regarded as being problematic role models, especially for those who are enamored by their looks.

Kim Kardashian West is perhaps the only one who has done worked to pay back to society as a leader through her work with a few humanitarian initiatives in the past but more fundamentals might need to be present to build companies that will last for centuries.

Apart from the Jenner and Kardashian family, another example of leadership being upstaged by celebrity is Elon Musk, the celebrated and now often-problematic CEO of Tesla and SpaceX.

Despite starting a company that revolutionized the usage of electric cars in everyday applications and might very well bring self-driving cars to commercial usage, Musk’s genius is often overshadowed by the level of publicity that he obtains by just being himself.

In the past few years, the 48-year-old founder of The Boring Company has been rife with different opinions.

But Ara Chackerian would know that finding operators that can spin different plates and get the job done is very necessary for business. Ara Chackerian would note that the best companies out there that retain their value have great management teams that empower and develop their people.

By doing so, these companies create even stronger ecosystems and thrive. We can note that many different companies came out of Google, Uber, Facebook, and other heavy hitters in the Silicon Valley Scene.

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