Luke Lazarus Consultant Experience That Makes Venture Capitalists Take Notice

Luke Lazarus has been able to help new entrepreneurs have tremendous success due to his two plus decades starting successful companies. His proven track records allows Lazarus to get client’s past their sticking points and growing in the right direction.

He makes certain that his clients know the exact steps that they need to take to grow their startup in the most efficient manner possible.

Lazarus says that the key to succeeding with your business plan is to make a simple product story that all involved, including customers, employees, partners, and investors can understand. He credits his past success raising millions in startup seed money to his ability of combining his industry experience with his unique storytelling approach of creating stories that clients can relate well to.

Lazarus says that his strength in market research insights comes from his strong skill development in eCommerce always making sure to segment the market before launching the client’s brand.

He also stresses the importance of aligning the company’s vision with its financial projections from the onset. Lazarus says that you need a fixed timeline and budget to create a cost effective marketing strategy for your products. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler and Luke Lazarus | Business

He points out that for a company to obtain the stability and required growth planned in their financial projections that it is crucial to prioritize by using key metrics to monitor growth.

With so many new startups failing within the first five years of being in business, it is critical that new companies take on a consultant to guide them through the pitfalls of the marketplace.

Lazarus says that being a serial entrepreneur is key to him being able to help other new startups. He began four businesses in less than 10 years selling each of his companies for many millions.

After becoming financially independent, Lazarus realized that his true passion was in helping others reach their entrepreneur dreams. In his decision to be a business consultant Lazarus took on a brutally honest approach to consulting. Although Lazarus found his style necessary many of his client’s find his approach oppressive.

He found that many of the small startups he consulted lacked the necessary knowledge and skills to convince venture capitalists to invest in their companies. By tweaking the startups visions to appeal to venture capitalists his client’s received the funds needed to grow into mid-sized companies.

Lazarus says that many startups painstakingly believe that they can raise funds from angel investors without help. He says that the truth is that many startups fail if they try to raise the needed money on their own.

Lazarus says that if you don’t get the venture capitalists attention in the first 30 seconds, then you will not get the money your company needs. He says that the wording for the venture capitalists must give purpose to the company.

The company must be presented to the venture capitalists with an emotional connection that is bringing change to the world.

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