The growth of the OSI Group company under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and President at OSI Group, LLC. He chairs the Board of Directors of OSI International Foods Ltd. OSI Group is the most extensive global-ready, value-added food supplier. They mainly deal with food production and development, supply chain management, and distribution throughout the world. He had a dream of operating a successful business of his own. To facilitate this dream, he studied accounting and finance from a prestigious, reputable university. Sheldon Lavin attained in-depth knowledge of the industry due to his financial involvement in the financing of the first Otto & Sons company.

This is the original meat processing firm that was established by Kolschowsky in West Chicago. The company was later rebranded from Otto & Sons to OSI Group after it merged with McDonald’s. Under his expertise leadership, Sheldon Lavin has overseen a significant development of the company from a retail meat shop to an internationally recognized company. The company operates in over 17 countries, serving from over 70 facilities. When asked about how he facilitated the growth of OSI Group to its current state, Sheldon Lavin said that the company, unlike other typical companies, is an entrepreneurial company with rules, strategies, levels of leadership, financial budgets, and a culture.

The firm is built on a strong cultural foundation, making it operate like a family, where every employee has a way to air his unique ideas. The company appreciates every member for his contribution towards its success. At work, everybody is equal to each other. The uniformity is seen by how they spend their lunchtime in the corporate office and how they address each other by the first names, that is including the CEO, whose first name is Sheldon or Shelly. The company is not only concerned by the welfare of the employees only but also their families’ too. Apart from the success in the enterprise, OSI Group also takes part in philanthropic moves to help the society. The vision of Sheldon Lavin for the company is to make sure that its growth this consistent. The vision of the organisation is to be the most significant global food producer.

Talkspace Offers Convenient Therapy for Those in Need

Have you ever felt the need to talk to someone who can help you with your problems, but traditional therapy doesn’t work for you? I recently downloaded the app Talkspace to check it out.

Hands down, the best part of this type of therapy is convenience. For traditional therapy, you usually have to schedule the sessions during business hours, and that doesn’t work for everyone. Not to mention that not everyone has access to a therapist in their area.

The way the app works is when you sign up, Talkspace does an assessment with a therapist to discuss your needs. After that, you pick the type of plan you want. The plans have different monthly fees. The higher fee plans include live sessions with the therapist. There is a less expensive plan with unlimited messaging, so you can text when you feel the need to talk to someone. The therapist will respond once or twice a day with help for your concerns. Find out more about Talkspace at

After you pick the plan, you are matched up with a licensed therapist that has experience with the issues you are facing. Another great option is that if you don’t feel comfortable with the therapist you selected, you can request a new one. And then you can start the therapy right away. The therapists are licensed and have background checks. The therapists also have bios you can look at.

Talkspace also has a website available where you can sync your sessions and find more resources. I found their blog particularly helpful with articles on many different mental health issues. There is tech support if needed, but the app was pretty easy to use.

I believe Talkspace works for people who would rather text than talk face to face about their personal problems. It removes the stigma of seeking help because you are the only one who has to know that you’re receiving the sessions. It’s easier to take the first step for help without being judged. Learn More:

Achievements of Isabel dos Santos

As a career woman, Isabel dos Santos has stayed alert on the goals she ought to achieve in her life. She is an inspiration to many people. The successes she has achieved in her life and career serve as her source of inspiration. She has shown willingness to partake new roles in her ventures, a step that has encouraged her workers to deliver extra. She handles her work with dedication, and in case issues arise in the company; she seeks to investigate their causes with the determination to come up with the best solution. Her kindness as a leader has encouraged other executives to handle their workers and clients ethically.

Additionally, Isabel dos Santos is a team player that is never self-centered. She focuses on accomplishing the overall goals set aside by the company. Her cooperation with her workers has enabled her to advance faster in her career. It has also helped her to understand her employees better and execute plans to help them grow professionally. She is loved by many and as a key leader in society; she stays in her best behavior to mold others into better people.

Moreover, Isabel dos Santos is known for her exceptional organizational skills. Her ability to keep to-do lists has saved her from the confusion most disorganized leaders experience in managing their businesses. She has stayed alert on the things that she ought to address first based on their vulnerability. Besides, she has completed every task in her business on time.

The persuasive nature of Isabel dos Santos has encouraged her to take risks without fear. She believes that success in business cannot be achieved without adopting to change and trying out new things, regardless of their nature. She has invested in different businesses in the telecommunication and food sectors. Despite the failures she has experienced in her career, she has remained stable and focused on the things that bring a good impact on her life. As a go-getter, Isabel dos Santos has explored different opportunities, to identify the booming investments that she can try out to increase her stake and impact lives through job creation.

A nova vida de Isabel dos Santos na Unitel

Dick Devos – Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

For those who love to follow the DeVos family, you’ll have known that Richard DeVos, co-founder of Amway, died in 2018. His son Dick DeVos has been leading the way for the family ever since. As a business entrepreneur and owner of the Windcrest Group, he is also the husband to the US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Together, the couple have worked hard to help the area of west Michigan, particularly their hometown of Grand Rapids through charity and business planning.


In the 1990s, Grand Rapids was falling apart. The state was having major financial issues because of fallout from the factories and plants leaving for cheaper labor. It was clear that much of the state was headed for an economic fallout. Grand Rapids was experiencing this on a larger scale as many businesses began shutting down in the downtown center. This led to complaints from business leaders, and DeVos decided to leave his position at Amway in order to help.


He began to work with this business leaders and developed a strategy that would bring in more people to the region. While it was never stated that he had this strategy, it’s clear that he went through step-by-step to implement a tactical recovery for the area of Grand Rapids via his business connections and charity work.


The DeVos Family Foundation donated over $139 million to the area, allowing for new buildings in the downtown area such as the DeVos Place Convention Center. This particular facility would be integral to the overall plan, where DeVos would bring in business travelers to the area through the international airport.


However, he had to build the area first. Together, Grand Action also built the Andel Arena and the DeVos Performance Hall. These buildings along with the convention center were the main catalysts for new business activity in downtown. However, DeVos had something else in mind, too. He wanted to work with the airport to bring in more travelers. His plan would revolve around conferences and conventions, hoping to attract business owners and large corporations who wanted to have a low-cost conference.


Grand Rapids has seen grown into a rapidly evolved metropolis in western Michigan. In addition, the airport had expanded several times and just celebrated its 3 millionth passenger. The airport barely had 10,000 in ticket sales per year before that. While it’s clear to many in aviation that DeVos is a business guru, he has remained humble and private about what he wants to do next. He is currently working with the FAA on several projects and offering his advice on how to renovate airport technology.


As a member of the Management Advisory Council for the FAA, DeVos has been working with the group to improve the aviation industry overall. He will continue to meet with the council for the next year.


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Sergey Petrossov Is The Architect Of A New Way To Experience Air Travel:

Sergey Petrossov

JetSmarter is one of the most unique entities within the world of air travel. The unique JetSmarter mobile app allows its users to book both private and shared flights where they can save on costs. The Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based transportation company is the creation of its founder Sergey Petrossov. Since Sergey Petrossov launched JetSmarter in 2013, the firm’s growth has been steady and he has picked up some impressive investors. Flights are currently being arranged through the JetSmarter app in the United States as well as countries in the Middle East and the European market. There are plans to continue to expand and add to the global footprint. The growth at JetSmarter has picked up since 2016 and some of the firm’s investors include the ruling family of Saudi Arabia along with world-renowned hip-hop artist Jay Z. JetSmarter has thrived on its ability to fill seats on private flights that would normally go unused.

It is an undeniably impressive feat for an entrepreneur to found a startup that becomes valued at billions of dollars. Even more impressive is the feat of accomplishing this before the age of thirty. This is exactly what the 28-year-old Sergey Petrossov has accomplished in his creation of JetSmarter. The result has been a revolutionization of the way that private flight travelers experience air travel. The concept behind the creation of this unique platform came back in 2008 when Sergey realized the fact that there was a lot of untapped potential in the private and charter flight industry. He also realized that the way these flights were traditionally booked was outdated and in dire need of being brought up to speed with the times.

The JetSmarter app is at the heart of what makes this unique air-travel company work. Customers you use JetSmarter can use the company’s app in the chartering of an entire private plane but they can also use it to open up options for the sharing of a charter plane. Private flights have never been so easy but they have also never been so affordable and cost-effective. This might be what customers love the most about JetSmarter.

Jeunesse Global Product Review Zen BODI

If you have heard of Jeunesse Global then you’re probably aware that it is one of the most successful multi level companies that focuses on preserving youth. However, you’re probably not aware with the fact that they offer more than just anti aging products for the skin. Although known for skin care, they tackle anti aging in all aspects from preserving memory to enhancing your physical body as well. Their Zen BODI line offers some of the most unique fitness products you will ever come across. Not only will your metabolism speed up but your muscles and skin will tighten as well. 

Jeunesse Global Product Review Zen BODI

One of their most popular products in the Zen BODI line is their Zen Prime. This product sets a new bar for quality body cleansing to an entire different level. The unique blended formula contains milk thistle, grape seed extract, plant enzymes, juniper berry, and dandelion root as the active ingredients. When combined, the body’s bowel movements increase tremendously while the metabolism boosts at rapid rates.

Along with increasing metabolism the Zen Prime has also been shown to curb cravings. This in turn makes it easier to control your appetite and not overeat. Eating food to satiety is always what the mind and body craves, so when you implement products from Zen you will reach that satiety without having to over indulge. The only drawback that some people notice is that sometimes they lose their appetite completely, so in this case it’s vital to plan tiny meals throughout the day. 

Fortunately, Jeunesse Global also has supplements to ensure you receive your daily minimum micro and macro nutrients. When paired with the Zen BODI products, you will be able to reach your fitness goals much faster than normal. Being able to take control of your body and fuel it with all the right nutrients will make not only improve your physique but your skin as well. The skin being the largest organ out there needs proper hydration, vitamins, and minerals to sustain collagen and elasticity. With Zen BODI and Jeunesse nourishing yourself will no longer be a challenge.

Organo Gold takes the Lead in Premium Coffee

It’s not difficult to locate the worth in the Organo Gold Coffee Company when you consider it. Organo gold has a rather effective training program to help boost it’s sales.

Take these things into consideration. The advantages of drinking coffee has been a favorite topic for a very long time. Most people drink coffee because it’s delicious and a fantastic stimulant. View Organo Gold’s profile on

However there are some people who consume coffee due to the nutritional advantages as well.

Consuming organic coffee like Organo Gold is believed to have many positive effects, including supporting a wholesome metabolism that may ensure it is easier to get rid of weight. Recent research studies reveal that there might be many other benefits to drinking Organo Gold premium organic coffee.

Organo Gold has done an excellent job of constructing a brand which makes it simple for individuals to sell coffee and tea from home. It is a company that makes healthy organic coffee and tea that is utterly delicious. Therefore it is considered tasty and healthy coffee and an easy sell somewhat.

When in regards to top-of-the-line companies, hardly any brands can come close to the cut that Organo Gold does. Cheap coffee machines just don’t do it for people that want more than just an awakening cry in the morning before work. These people want an advantage, that’s where Organo Gold always takes the lead with it’s fabulous flavors. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.


Meet the Second-In-Command of Riot Games

Riot Games, the developer of massively popular massive multiplayer role playing game League of Legends, played competitively and casually by thousands around the globe, is a company known for purchasing and developing similar games (known as MMORPGs). Follow Scott Gelb on Medium.

Given Scott Gelbs’ early childhood interest in gaming and MMORPGs in particular, his role as second in command – chief operative officer – of Riot Games seems fitting and well-earned. Upon graduating from from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s of Science, Scott Gelb immediately knew he wanted to pursue both his career and further education. Read more at Digital Mode.

It is this tenacity that has led to his current position, after 9 years of serving as Vice President of Technology for Riot Games, Scott Gelb is truly reaping a worthy reward for his hard work, creativity, and passion. To find out more about Scott Gelb, feel free to check out his profiles on Mogul, Medium, Crunchbase and LinkedIn.



Luke Lazarus Consultant Experience That Makes Venture Capitalists Take Notice

Luke Lazarus has been able to help new entrepreneurs have tremendous success due to his two plus decades starting successful companies. His proven track records allows Lazarus to get client’s past their sticking points and growing in the right direction.

He makes certain that his clients know the exact steps that they need to take to grow their startup in the most efficient manner possible.

Lazarus says that the key to succeeding with your business plan is to make a simple product story that all involved, including customers, employees, partners, and investors can understand. He credits his past success raising millions in startup seed money to his ability of combining his industry experience with his unique storytelling approach of creating stories that clients can relate well to.

Lazarus says that his strength in market research insights comes from his strong skill development in eCommerce always making sure to segment the market before launching the client’s brand.

He also stresses the importance of aligning the company’s vision with its financial projections from the onset. Lazarus says that you need a fixed timeline and budget to create a cost effective marketing strategy for your products. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler and Luke Lazarus | Business

He points out that for a company to obtain the stability and required growth planned in their financial projections that it is crucial to prioritize by using key metrics to monitor growth.

With so many new startups failing within the first five years of being in business, it is critical that new companies take on a consultant to guide them through the pitfalls of the marketplace.

Lazarus says that being a serial entrepreneur is key to him being able to help other new startups. He began four businesses in less than 10 years selling each of his companies for many millions.

After becoming financially independent, Lazarus realized that his true passion was in helping others reach their entrepreneur dreams. In his decision to be a business consultant Lazarus took on a brutally honest approach to consulting. Although Lazarus found his style necessary many of his client’s find his approach oppressive.

He found that many of the small startups he consulted lacked the necessary knowledge and skills to convince venture capitalists to invest in their companies. By tweaking the startups visions to appeal to venture capitalists his client’s received the funds needed to grow into mid-sized companies.

Lazarus says that many startups painstakingly believe that they can raise funds from angel investors without help. He says that the truth is that many startups fail if they try to raise the needed money on their own.

Lazarus says that if you don’t get the venture capitalists attention in the first 30 seconds, then you will not get the money your company needs. He says that the wording for the venture capitalists must give purpose to the company.

The company must be presented to the venture capitalists with an emotional connection that is bringing change to the world.

Isabel dos Santos Wants a High-Tech Africa

Business leaders and governments alike have tried to tackle the quality of life issue that affects so many African countries. It’s a task with no simple solutions, so those same problem solvers are looking to new methods, like technology. Angolan billionaire Isabel dos Santos is one of those people, and believes that technology can bridge divides in society that will improve life for all Africans. At the “Africa and Emerging Technology” conference, hosted by the European Parliament, Isabel dos says about the many ways African countries can improve their infrastructure. Unitel, the company that she chairs, is now the mobile services provider of choice for all of Angola.

That opened doors to working opportunities with telecommunications companies throughout Africa. This made her familiar with the state of its data infrastructure, and that informed projects to install cell phone towers. Now mobile and internet connections are more reliable than ever. Now, whether someone lives in the city or in a rural community, communication is less of a challenge. She sees that as a the best time to pivot towards her big endeavor. As Unitel grows, she wants to make an aggressive push for e-commerce. This isn’t just about making online shopping more common, but giving people more access to their first bank account through the internet.

But goals need plans, and Isabel dos Santos addressed that in her talk. Modernizing African cities is a possibility, and she sees it as one that brings public transportation to its full potential, helps distributions better supply businesses, and a community engaged in the health of their surrounding environment. Having an entrepreneurial career that’s taken her from telecommunication to finance, Isabel dos Santos formed her business opinions about technology through experience. Now she’s partnering up with Google. Through Unitel, they’ll be setting fiber optic cables under water, in Angola and throughout Africa. This won’t just bolster existing internet connections but help Africa establish solid connections with Europe, Asia and beyond. With the help of technology, Isabel dos Santos sees a future Africa with a stronger data infrastructure, one that betters communication and data transfer but also makes Africa a more consequential figure on the business world stage.

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