Jeremy Goldstein

An attorney like Jeremy Goldstein is a very experienced lawyer whose specialized in the business law milieu. Jeremy Goldstein works on mergers and acquisitions. Some of these M & A’s involve well-known companies. Some of these M & A’s included companies like AT&T Corporation, Sears and Kmart, South African Breweries PLC, J.P. Morgan Chase as well as Alltel.


Jeremy Goldstein also works in areas of large company changes, managerial governance as well as CEO guidance at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC.


For those people that require an attorney in the state of New York have some very solid options. And attorney, Jeremy Goldstein has helped clients draw up a will and much more. He can also help with housing issues. If you have legal problems, the New York State Bar Association created an online portal for those who are seeking a lawyer.


Jeremy Goldstein’s service, which is available 24-7 is an important service. Besides their website, individuals can utilize the LRIS phone service. The New York State Bar Association hatched this Internet technology based on an agreement with Indeed, provides a marketplace as well as a referral management technology.


The CEO of, Tony Lai, was noted as saying that he was proud to be involved in scaling the delivery of services to more people, which ends up costing individuals much less.


With this service, an individual who may need a lawyer can check out the website. Once you visit, you can complete a very helpful questionnaire. Once you are on, you can write about your legal issues and your location.


Once that first step is completed, staffers who work for the State Bar can read the submitted questionnaire. Staffers can also pair an attorney with someone whose office is situated near the individual’s same location.


Moreover, if someone lives in any of the 17 counties in New York, their correspondence is forwarded on to the appropriate county bar association. And these referrals are also free for those who are submitting these questionnaires.


However, if an individual does consult with a lawyer to whom that lawyer ends up being referred, then a 35 dollar fee is applied for s 30-minute consultation.


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