Jeremy Goldstein and the Conquring of Doubt

Jeremy L. Goldstein is an attorney. His place of business is Jeremy L. Goldstien & Associates LLC, which assist CEOs and other top level business people when they deal with sensitive issues relating to mergers and other restructuring.


Jeremy Goldstein has been involved as a lawyer in acquisitions involving recognizable companies such as Verizon Wireless, Cingular Wireless Corporation, and Bank of America Corporation. He earned his law degree from New York University School of Law.


He employs a strategy of informality when dealing with his clients so that he can build more productive relationships with them. Finding intersections between his professional and social life help him realize his passion for the law.


His income has several sources. One is the consulting work that he does for CEOs. Another is the close attention he gives to help complicated legal situations arising from critical changes undergone by a client company. Mergers and acquisitions are examples of this kind of specialized situation.


He views success not as dollar amounts in the bank but in his ability to carry out long term initiatives that he has set for himself. This allows him to not become overly worried if expenses temporarily outweigh profits. Having a wider view allows for deliberate progress toward the plan without the need to falter in response to short term setbacks.


During the early part of his career he struggled with doubt. He discovered that this feeling did not have a meaningful connection to external circumstances; it was rooted in himself. To move forward, he focused on the tools available to impact presenting problems. The interplay of his personal and professional life resurfaces in his goal to view obstacles with his job as a way to grow in both areas. He wisely notes that doubt doesn’t have the power to last.


He got his first client from a referral that he got by networking with other professionals. To get other clients, he uses public relation strategies. Careful decision making when it comes to cases he takes also helps him to get the interest of the types of clients that he wants.


A recent difficulty he faced involved having to choose between taking a case that was ideally suited to his ability, or to get to lead a discussion on a topic he found interesting with a peer group. It might not seem like a difficult decision, but he is happy that he has reached a place where he gets to struggle between good options.


One highlight of his career so far involved his work with the Fountain House charity, and drawing inspiration from that for his work.


Going forward he plans to keep watching how the worlds of corporations and law evolve. The trend toward worker cooperatives captures his interest as a traditional model flaunting dynamic.


He takes inspiration from a book called Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Health. It presents strategies to share ideas in ways that make people be able to visualize them in a memorable way.


When hiring, he takes his time to ensure the quality of his candidate pool. He balances their skill set with their personality.


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