Nicolas Krafft Of L’Oreal Hosts Annual Fashion Show

L’Oreal lit up the city of Paris, France with a breathtaking runway show. This show, the brainchild of Nicolas Krafft, was the epitome of beauty and fashion. The fashions these models were wearing just as breathtaking as this city that is known for fashion. More so, the makeup was absolutely stunning. The makeup of these models came from L’Oreal. The fashions mixed with the makeup stole the show. Furthermore, the new fashion and makeup designs explored the topic of diversity. The makeup and fashions were purposely different and unique from each other. All the models had different looks. And all of these models came in a range of shades. All of this was to promote L’Oreal’s want to be a brand that is recognized as being truly inclusive.

L’Oreal’s star-studded show was attended by every big name in the cosmetics and fashion industry. Well-known models, celebrity models, and industry insiders attended the show to show their support for L’Oreal’s move towards diversity. The show played special attention to making sure members of the press who attended the show understood that the company wanted to have a lineup of models that were unique to each other. The message the company was aiming to convey was how important it is to the company to support all people and to be inclusive of all people.

Nicolas Krafft brings a load of leadership skills to L’Oreal. He has spent a great percentage of his time working with brands that offer consumer goods. He understands the financial side of the business. He understands the marketing side. He understands product development. In the time of increased technology, this executive is also responsible for the digital strategies of the company. Nicolas Krafft is also focused on diversity. The businessman knows many things and can offer many things to this company. He can also offer his take on being more inclusive. Nicolas Krafft will over the production of more products that appeal to a wider range of people. Ultimately, Nicolas Krafft wants to give his best to L’Oreal. He wants to see the company flourish. Being diverse will surely aid them in flourishing as a brand.

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