Betterworks And How They Help With Performance Management

Betterworks is a good company to work with because they are an expert in the HR field. Performance management and tracking is something that all companies should do because it helps them train up their staff. However, these companies can use this program so that they can train their staff and put their staff into different certification programs. When staff members are fully-trained, they can grow with your company while also learning new responsibilities.

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Betterworks is a program that you can put on any computer in your office, and you should use these products to log all the information about your staff members. There are several things that you might need to do with each employee, and all the mangers can log information into the system. When you have a full file on everyone, you will be much happier with the service.

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Monthly fees from Betterworks pay for the full breadth of the system, and someone who is using Betterworks will get instant results because they can see all the information for each employee. Plus, the company has a helpdesk that makes it easier for people to get in touch with a customer care associate. When there are issues using the system, Betterworks can help.

There are a number of people who would like to better train and teach their staff, but they need a performance management program to help them. Using Betterworks makes this a much easier process for everyone.

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J. Walter Thompson Former CEO Gustavo Martinez Opens Business To Help Startups

Former J.Walter Thompson Worldwide chief executive officer Gustavo Martinez started a new project. He is currently one of the most sought after marketing and advertisement expert as of the moment, with experiences in working at McCann Worldgroup, Ogilvy and Mather, and more. In one of his recent interviews, Martinez shared his insight into the future of marketing. He also introduced his new venture, the UV Business Acceleration.


Marketing and advertising is a very hard industry to master. Things are always changing, there are no solid set of rules applied because each marketing campaign needs different treatment. Unlike other practices which follows a certain set of rules, Marketing does not use any formula to success. What fuels marketing, according to Gustavo Martinez, is raw creativity. People who are known as “creative geniuses” will likely be the ones who will succeed in this industry.


Gustavo Martinez knows the importance of creativity in the marketing industry. He also knows how expensive it can be when it comes to recruiting top talents. However, for Martinez, every single dollar spent on the best talent is always worth it. He also mentioned how these creative geniuses usually work best when they have all the freedom they need. That’s why most marketing geniuses are not fit for a 9-5 setup. Instead, they do best as independent contractors, or as “consultants.”


Another thing that Martinez mentioned is the importance of diversity in background and environment among his team members. With different ideas and beliefs, his team members are able to give the widest scope of creative solutions in to answer their client’s problems. Martinez also emphasized the importance of motivating team members for a better result. This can be made by putting the right person in the job which interests him or her. Genuine inspiration triggers more motivation and creativity, which is what Martinez calls the “raw ore” that helps in forging great marketing campaigns.


Gustavo Martinez is also a firm believer in the marketing capacity of the Internet of Things or IoT. Most marketing experts are not very convinced in the power of IoT as marketing tools. But according to Martinez, IoT is being overlooked by the industry. By looking creatively on uses of IoT, Martinez believes that there are infinite possibilities on how IoT devices can be used for effective marketing campaigns.


Right now, Gustavo Martinez is focused on growing a company called the UV Business Acceleration. This company aims to help startups streamline important factors of product development which includes user experience, technology design, and functionality. It is reported that 90% of new startups fail within three years of their operation, with only 10% of startups able to carry on. Martinez wants to change the figures by offering their help to startups who are in need of guidance.


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A Little Further With Alastair Borthwick

The famed author Alistair Borthwick was born in Rutherglen, Scotland in 1913. While writing for the Glasgow Weekly Herald during the first half of the 1930s, Alistair Borthwick researched and wrote about many different subjects. One of these subjects happened to be concerning the growing popularity among Glasgow’s working class of mountaineering in the nearby Scottish highlands. The Scottish movement just one iteration of an earlier movement that began in Germany and inspired similar movements all over Europe. 

One thing that encouraged its spread in Glasgow was the mass layoffs at the shipyards which meant that a lot of people suddenly had lots of free time on their hands. In 1935 Alistair briefly moved to London to write for the Daily mirror but moved back to Glasgow a year later to work for the BBC. In 1939 he published his classic mountaineering novel, “Always a Little Further.” In writing it he had used a number of his earlier articles as its basis. A little less than one year later he joined Scotland in the fight against Germany in World War II. 

Just a few weeks before hostility officially ceased his superiors allowed him to start on war memoirs which would be called “Sans Peur: The History of the 5th Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders.” It has been a huge success throughout the years. In 1994 it was reprinted with the title “Battalion: a British infantry unit’s actions from El Alamein to the Elbe, 1942-1945.” Not long after its publication in just a few months later, Alastair and his wife Anne moved to a remote Scottish island called Jura. The two lived there for several years, during which their son Patrick was born. 

In 1952 the little family moved to the more populous neighboring island of Islay. Alastair and Anne both died in 2003 three months apart.

Jeunesse Global won Several Awards

BusinessWire recently revealed that Jeunesse Global, a youth enhancement company, won several awards at the Communicator Competition. The article titled, “Jeunesse Honored with 24 Awards in 25th Annual Communicator Competition” revealed how the company was highly honored in the awards for the fourth consecutive year. Jeunesse Global was created in 2009, and it has since become a leader in the direct selling industry. It has been leading the pack in the Communicator awards for the past four years. The awards were established to celebrate the excellence and creativity of communications and marketing efforts of companies. 

Jeunesse Global received the highest awards of Excellence and several awards of distinction for their digital and print marketing efforts. Scott Lewis, the Chief Visionary Officer for Jeunesse indicates that they are incredibly proud of their Marketing and Communication team. They continue to provide outstanding content and tools to establish trust between the brand and the consumers. 

Lately, the marketing team has been expanding their reach with “We Live Jeunesse,” a magazine that focuses on the different products made by the company while also providing content that the audience can relate to. The magazine is the latest content marketing venture by the company that helps them establish brand recognition and authority in the health and wellness space. They were rewarded with 8 different awards that recognize the excellence of design, writing, and graphics. 

They also recently launched two new product lines called RVL Advanced Hair Care System and RevitaBlu which won the company more awards for the packaging, digital communications and brochure, and video. RVL Advanced Hair Care System is their latest release to help people receive a luxurious hair care system at home. They infuse the formula with HPT-6, a polypeptide technology that is designed to help revitalize the appearance of the user’s hair. They also provide citrus and eucalyptus to create a spa-like experience while providing fuller-looking hair. 

Jeunesse Global was created in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. After Randy experienced severe knee pain, they discovered the potential of growth factors and stem cells. They incorporated the ATP-200 formula developed by Dr. Nathan Newman in their skincare lines, making the company a huge success.

How Isabel dos Santos is Combining Entrepreneurship and Philanthropic Activities

Isabel dos Santos has excelled in various businesses and philanthropic activities that have put her on the map and the Forbes Magazine as the top richest woman in Africa. One of the firms that she operates is a mining and oil exploration company. Angola is known for huge oil deposits and other issues to do with energy. Although the government has significantly invested in the energy and oil sector, Isabel has a huge influence in the same industry as well. Secondly, Isabel dos Santos owns huge stakes in the real estate sector. Over the last few years, her companies have taken significant strides towards investing in the real estate sector in Angola and other countries in the South African region.

However, Isabel companies are mostly interested in the luxury real estate market, which is not easily infiltrated by other organizations. Most of the luxury real estate companies are currently owned by Isabel. The development of the agricultural sector in Angola in the last few years has attracted a significant number of investors. Isabel dos Santos is one of the investors who have already invested in this sector. However, she is highly focused on the agricultural industry that is highly interested in producing fruits and other horticultural products that have attracted considerable buyers in the last few years. However, besides the increasing investments that Isabel dos Santos has done, she is currently involved in her philanthropic activities that are geared towards changing the lives of various members of the community.

Some parts of Angola are desert, which means that they do not get enough rainfall. Isabel has been providing sufficient water to various communities to prevent a crisis that comes with water scarcity such as diseases. Besides playing a significant role in providing sufficient water to the community, Isabel dos Santos is also heavily involved in offering free medical services to young children. One of the significant medical issues she has been concentrating on is malaria. Recent medical issues show that malaria has not been entirely eradicated in most of the tropical regions in developing countries. Isabel is highly interested in eliminating malaria, especially in vulnerable communities and low-income families. Click here.

Steve Ritchie, From The Bottom To The Top

Papa John’s will reach a milestone in October, marking 35 years of brand expansion, it’s now regarded as one of the largest pizza delivery franchises in the world. And effectively changing with the times in January 2018, Papa John’s announced Steve Ritchie as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Ritchie worked his way through smaller roles within the company beginning in 1996 as an hourly employee. Then a decade later, in 2006 he acquired his own franchise, which he ran as a sole operator. Eventually, he began performing higher-level responsibilities before being named Chief Operating Officer (COO). One year after that appointment in 2015, Ritchie became President of Papa John’s.

To say that Steve Ritchie knows the business well, would be an understatement. Considering he’s held multiple positions, initially working as a Customer Service Representative and performing due diligence as a delivery driver and General Manager, before reaching the ranks of executive management. Now, as he cements his role as CEO, the company embarks on a new strategy to upgrade the customer experience. Papa John’s also reported plans to present strategic print advertising and digital marketing campaigns.

From the top-down, is a proper way to describe the recent restructuring plan to give the 120,000 employees, from corporate to store level, a greater role in the company. Instead of referring to restaurant workers as employees they’re now called, “team members.” The goal is to produce a customer-centric environment inside each of the restaurants. It will be led by the team members who now will take part in active roles. Papa John’s also wants to invest more in their digital marketing by bringing onboard a “ creative agency of record.” Under the label, “Laundry Service,” the agency responsibilities includes modernizing the appeal of the Papa John’s brand.

Vinod Gupta On Achieving The American Dream

The Great Recession that started back in 2008 knocked many people for a loop. The economy is now expanding, and opportunities are once again available. However, many still feel as if they’ve been left behind. They no longer believe that the American Dream applies to them.

Businessman Vinod Gupta believes that the American Dream is still a reality because he has lived the American Dream. Mr. Gupta was born in India. Where he lived, they didn’t have a lot of the modern conveniences of life. However, Vinod Gupta believed in the importance of education. He graduated from the high school in this local area, and then he went on to graduate from a school of higher education in India.

Vinod Gupta wanted to come to America and find success. He matriculated at the University of Nebraska. When he came to America, Mr. Gupta had less than $60. He didn’t let anything stand in his way. He graduated from the University of Nebraska with a master’s degree.

After his schooling was completed, Vinod Gupta began working for a company in Omaha that sold mobile homes. As part of his job, he had to compile lists of data on his company’s competitors. In the course of this task, Mr. Gupta developed the skill to assemble databases, and he started his own highly-successful business.

Vinod Gupta went on to sell his business for millions of dollars. He has devoted his efforts to helping others achieve a good education. He has truly lived the American Dream.

Mr. Gupta believes that people from all backgrounds can achieve success if they are willing to work hard. He believes that there are many problems around us that need a resolution. If a person can find a problem and solve it, there is a lot of money to be made in the solution.

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U.S. Money Reserve Has Excelled Under The Guidance Of Its Dedicated CEO Angela Koch

The respected firm U.S. Money Reserve is known for its role as a leading private distribution company for gold, platinum and silver coins that are issued by the government of the United States of America.

The firm is proud of the work that it does and proud of the fact that it is an organization that helps its clients to diversify their portfolios. Another thing that the team at U.S. Money Reserve is proud of is their distinguished Chief Executive Officer Angela Koch.

Angela holds the proud distinction of being the only woman to serve as a Chief Executive Officer within the industry of precious metals. A major aspect of the work that Angel Koch does as CEO at U.S. Money Reserve is the monitor the entirety of the firm’s operations proceedings in order to ensure that the organization’s strong reputation for excellence remains intact. Read more:

The professional team at U.S. Money Reserve works hard to build strong relationships with the firm’s client base. Angela Koch is at the heart of this dedicated team of professionals that have served more than 500 thousand clients over the course of its history.

As the leader of the team at U.S. Money Reserve, Angela Koch works hard to constantly find ways to educate the other members of the team so that they can better serve the firm’s clients. With this attitude of constant improvement, it is not hard to see why U.S. Money Reserve has become such an impressively successful company. Read more: US Money Reserve | BizJournals and  US Money Reserve | Manta

Another aspect that really sets Angela Koch apart as the CEO at U.S. Money Reserve is the fact that she really cares deeply for her employees and does what she can to make sure that they are taken care of.

She puts a high premium on finding ways for her employees to engage in professional development as well as personal growth. She is known to let her employees know that she is proud of the great work that they routinely do.

Growth has been a big part of the program that Angela Koch has instituted at U.S. Money Reserve. There are several critical steps that she adheres to in guiding U.S. Money Reserve toward its impressive path of growth.

These include always striving to move forward and not dwelling on the past. Angela Koch also stresses the importance of balance as well as stressing the importance of knowing where one’s strength really lies so that they can be taken to their maximum extent.

Following these concepts have paid off for Angela Koch and U.S. Money Reserve as the company has experienced impressive amounts of growth during the course of her tenure as its Chief Executive Officer.

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OSI Group’s International Demand In Food Processing

OSI Group has solidified itself as a premier provider in food services. This company is worth billions of dollars despite coming from humble beginnings. OSI has literallybeen able to transform itself from a small butcher shop into aglobal food processor. The company has history that dates back to the turn of the 20th century, and it played a vital role in selling high quality meats. In today’s timeframe, OSI produces and sells a plethora of best food items, including:


  • Pizza


  • Ribettes


  • Fresh Dough Products


  • Flatbread


  • Lettuce


  • Fruits


  • Flavored Sausage


  • Onions


  • Tofu


  • Meatballs


  • Pot Roast


  • And many more items


Setting a new standard in this line of work isn’t necessarily easy. Since every person has his or her own personal tastes, creating distinct and custom food items can be challenging. OSI Group and its advanced equipment can create tantalizing foods that are very much distinct. These technologies generally cost in the range of millions of dollars. By utilizing such expensive devices, the company has been able to increase its processing power. At OSI’s Spain location, its high capacity productions lines have worked wonders.

Over 45,000 tons of chicken, beef and pork are being processed on an annual basis. OSI Group has also played a huge role in China’s economic development. The company is now the largest poultry processor in China. OSI has built solid relationships with all of its clients, and these relationships have generated billions of dollars in wealth throughout the decades. OSI Group and its food products have met the ever-increasing demands of the public by giving the public what it wants in great tasting foods.


How to Make it Or Make It Big in N.Y by Glenn Schlossberg

Glenn Schlossberg, the founder, and C.E.O of Jumper Design Group loves NY. The serial investor is on record remarking how NY or the Big Apple, as the urban metropolis is often referred to as, is the ultimate Holy Grail for the discerning entrepreneur.

Here’s a recap of an article recently shared on by the passionate high-end fashion guru, Glenn Schlossberg aptly titled, ‘Why starting & then running a business in N.Y is the key behind his successes.’

Investing in NY

Since the early 1800s, NY has remained a hot spot with the big shot investors. After all, the thriving metropolis boasts of an endless array of a different successful business. NY has hosted the HQs of the globe’s leading banking, media, marketing, tech, and fashion industries since time immemorial. The Big Apple was a thing way before the Silicon Valley investment hubs came along.

Endless Opportunities

Based on, New York is laden with infinite investment opportunities for all. There’s no shortage of an inspired and unique talent. Making business connections is a walk in the park in NY and, that makes it remarkably easy for you, as the entrepreneur to grow and expand your ventures, according to Glenn.

Frank Sinatra Said.

Glenn Schlossberg considers himself as one of those success hungry NY merchants. The successful investor goes ahead to echo the wise words of Frank Sinatra about NY, ‘If you can make it here, then you can make it anywhere in the world.’

Glenn confesses that he was remarkably advantaged when he was launching the Jump Design Group. For starters, Glenn came from a long line of seasoned and accomplished business people. Two, Glenn’s business acumen was by far superior to that of his peers.

Glenn, together with the wife, took a huge gamble to invest in the dressmaking industry. Soon enough, however, the couple’s high-end garment company had attracted the industry bigwigs, and they were getting multi-million dollar contracts with globally recognized fashion entities like Montgomery Ward, Lord & Taylor’s and even by Macy’s

Glenn goes ahead to explain the differences between fashion companies trying to make it in the U.S and those in Paris. Click here to read the rest of the compelling fashion trends disclosure as envisioned by the one and only Glenn. To know more about Glenn visit