Article Title: Jingdong Brings You The Tokaji Aszu

The people of China are now privileged to indulge in the pleasures of Hungary’s Tokaji Aszú which is its sweetest and most well-liked wine around the world. This wine is brought to them through JD.Com which is the country’s biggest online marketing platform. A record 1000 bottles of this product have been sold out within only 10 hours after it hit the market living up to its signature status for Grand Tokaj. The company’s store saw more than 400,000 fans start following it online during its first day at work alone.

Tokaji Aszú comes from a rich heritage of fine winery and superior tasting wines from Hungary. This alone coupled with the fact that according to analysts at JD.Com, the people of China are largely into wines from abroad, will make the wine an instant hit. Jindong is confident that they are able and that they are going to make this happen without a doubt.

It is important to note a few things about Jingdong before our engagement here in this article goes any further. Since its inauguration, JD.Com has experienced unparalleled and even unmatched progress in China. Firstly, it is the country’s largest online retail chain and there is actually none other that comes almost nearly as big as it is. Secondly, its wide range of products representing even such big names as the 2019 must-have SSD for geeks is a legacy of original and long-lasting products.

Bringing wine is evidence of the vast scale of products available online at JD.Com. So exactly where does this fine wine come from? Before maybe we get to that, needless to say JD.Com is a product of creativity and strenuous exertion from the very beginning. Hard work has been its reputation since inception and continues to be the underlying philosophy of such people as Carol Fung who is high up in its ranks. Fung is president of JD FMCG.

In Hungary, there is one region where the country’s particularly sweet wines are manufactured. This is the area from which Tokaji Aszú hails from. This place is known as the Tokaj-Hegyalja Wine Region and from here comes a sampling of the greatest wines to you!

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