Bennett Graebner: The Hollywood Producer

Hollywood will never be the same again. Television will never be the same again. And reality television has forever be changed by one person. Bennett Graebner is responsible for some classic television shows. His impact on television production is major. He is one of the main pioneers of reality television. His contributions to television have changed the way reality television works. He ventured into the new space of reality television many years ago (Metacritic).

When Bennett Graebner first embarked on the world of reality television, reality television was just getting started. This new type of television had not yet been tested much. Experts and television executives were still concerned would viewers be accepting of television. Bennett created “Love at First Kiss”, bold and brave he continued to produce reality television shows. He created legendary reality television shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. He mixed reality television with love. This was a risky move.

Not too many producers at the time were daring enough to take a topic like love and put it on television. The television producer allowed regular people from everyday life to come onto his reality television shows to search for love and to allow the world to see their relationships. His risky move has paid off for him. He is a celebrated television producer with long running reality television shows that are primarily focused on dating and relationships.

Graebner was destined for fame and television. While in college he studied English and film production. His two college degrees allowed for him to get the education and training he needed to create the outstanding shows that he currently has. The New York native settled in Hollywood to work in the world of television and film. Although Hollywood promises big bucks, it is not always that easy for a newcomer to find success.

However, Bennett Grabner worked extremely hard and was even more passionate about having a career in television. Today, he gets to look back at all of his accomplishments and see how a bold move for television made history. Today, he works and lives in Los Angeles, California with his family. 


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