OSI Group Acquires Rose Packing

The food industry is seemingly in high demand as it continues to expand by the day. Different brands are on high alert to offer the best to its stakeholders. The trigger has necessitated various buyouts and partnership between brands. The latest such acquisition is by OSI Group. For an undisclosed amount of money, the US meat supplier has purchased Rose Packing Co. The Illinois based company serves food service and retail customers. Its primary business is in pork products. The products include burgers, pork shoulder, salad toppings, meatballs, and Canadian bacon among others. Since its launch in 1924, Rose has operated as a family-owned business and engages more than 700 employees.

Both OSI Group and Rose are recognized participants in the food industry. This means coming together will only strengthen the growth of the sector. Thanks to the fact that each of them has significant capabilities that include a strong sales presence. This is in addition to the use of innovative solutions. It is a strategic move according to senior executive vice president of OSI, Kevin Scott. OSI will always capitalize on its capabilities for purposes of responsiveness and consistency. The company has been in the meat industry for over one century and still counting. It maximizes on every opportunity which comes its way to ensure they are offering a quality experience to its customers.

OSI Group commits adding quality and safety assurance to each of its products. This is what has kept it going. It has gained the trust of various food brands across the globe which are aware of its adherence to food security standards. Its systems are in place to ascertain best class processes, the flow of operations and best industry practices. Among the many policies the company has is OSI Global Standardization audits. It has imparted in its employees a need for taking individual responsibility in keeping up with the standards. OSI Group employs more than 20,000 employees across its 65 facilities. It has set its operations in 17 countries.

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