How Dan Bethelmy-Rada Ensured an Authentic And Wholesome Environment In His Country

Due to the need for accessing a natural product, Dan Bethelmy-Rada decided to establish a company known as RAW in his country. It would help many consumers to get the products at affordable rates without traveling the other states. Since the products would impact less on the environment the management of the company ensured that the products would be fully sustainable.

The formulas used in the business

Dan Bethelmy-Rada insisted that the ingredients used in the manufacture of the products relied on various aspects. For instance, the management of the company ensured that there is an active approach when handling the products. Thus, after gaining trust among multiple people, it would be easier to provide unique environmental credentials among the individuals in the country.

With an analysis of the natural, highly biodegradable, and useful products, it would be easier to convince the consumers to purchase them easily. Dan has made sure that the company produces products that range from Moroccan volcanic clay, Bolivian quinoa husk, and the Bulgarian Coriander. Through them, it is easier for consumers to trace various sources of suppliers.

The life cycle of the manufacturing companies

By analyzing the life cycle, the management of different companies can determine the specific products that they want to manufacture. Among them involve conditioner bottles and shampoo. Besides, they make products from sources such as seaweeds, fungi, and honey. During the analysis, it was discovered that 70% constitute the brand’s products while the remaining ones constitute 98%.

The company’s top priority

Before securing success in business, Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team accomplished a lot of hurdles in their lives. For example, they ensured that they met their goals through the costs initiated on particular products. Through the entailed huge investments, they introduced ways which were valid on formulation and packaging.


Moreover, the team used their time well so that they could produce all the relevant products in the market. For example, they sourced an excellent version of clay so that it could not contaminate during transportation. Hence, it became easy for the company to launch the products since it was sure of its expectations.

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