Paul Saunders, Founding Father of James River Capital Counsels on Burnout

Work can at times be draining and when mixed with the personal sufferings, chances of burnout are very real. Paul Saunders, Principal and founder of James River Capital Corp offers counsel on methods which can be used to help workers if they are displaying signs of burnout. The founding father of James River Capital depicts that it is necessary to be keen on warning signs of burnout as this makes it easier to suppress burnout and enable motivation for things to get back to normal. Paul Saunders founded James River Capital Corp in 1986 and the company is renowned for offering investment advisory services. Paul Saunders advised that it is important to take notice of signs of burnout and take appropriate actions to keep employees stay motivated.


When employees begin to lose control over features of time management and scheduling, they automatically feel hopeless and vulnerable thus being at risk of suffering from burnout. Paul Saunders offers that it is therefore critical that workers do not have inflexible structures and policies because such restrictions will make them feel caged. It is also crucial to encourage workers to take some time between 10 – 15 minutes every morning before they commence their duties to indicate the goals they would wish to meet so that they be able to have a sense of control for the rest of the day.


When workers feel like they are not being noticed and not being remunerated for work done, they start having negative feelings and eventually burn out. Managers are therefore supposed, to be honest, and make employees feel that their work is appreciated because this way their satisfaction and productivity rises. Employees are also motivated to maintain their good work and this can greatly control burnout. Providing resources and offering workshops can also help workers cope and ultimately hold back burnout.


When workers are stressed up it is not easy to control their emotions hence it is easy for them to become upset in an instant. Burnout results in negativity, moodiness and eventually leads to lack of motivation. It is, therefore, necessary to constantly talk to them and offer them support. Burnout as well makes employees lose confidence in the quality of their work. Employees keep doubting their capabilities which makes them to completely disengage and not to actively handle the tasks allocated to them. To curb this, it is important to keep checking on the employees and help them to put down personal goals to aid them to regain their lost confidence. Managers can also set for them reasonable performance goals to return them in the right direction. Burnout has become a common issue in western societies and especially since the arrival of mobile gadgets. Paul Saunders, therefore, advises that it is important for managers to ensure they go out of their way to position their employees for a long-standing success since the employees’ success is also theirs. Learn more:

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