Wes Edens Tackles Green Energy Solutions with New Fortress Energy

Wes Edens is known for a lot of things. A master investor and professional businessman Edens has been a driving force behind many companies. In 1998 he co-founded Fortress Investment Group. Within a decade the hedge fund had become a multi-billion dollar asset manager with Wes Edens serving as one of the primary operators. Today he is known as the businessman who saved the Milwaukee Bucks. One hat that many are unaware of Edens wearing is that of a renowned Philanthropist, but it is in that area that he is currently making headlines. Wes Edens is the man behind New Fortress Energy.

New Fortress Energy is a clean energy company dedicated to finding real world solutions to lessen the footprint of modern business. Green energy is a popular trend for many companies as environmental awareness becomes a more popular topic. Edens broached the subject himself during the installation of another one of his notable contributions, East Coast Rail. East Coast Rail was part of Edens investment into city-connecting commuter rail lines. However, Edens had an ulterior goal behind the rail line as well. He wanted to create a more efficient and clean energy for the trains to run off of.

The commuter lines were already designed to lessen Florida’s carbon footprint by creating viable public transportation. The idea of the trains running off a clean fuel was a feather in a cap Wes Edens wanted to wear. The solution came in the form of Florida’s first liquid natural gas facility. In the wake of that success Edens formed New Fortress Energy and is taking the clean energy initiative international. New Fortress Energy will be dedicated to setting up LNG stations in nations outside the U.S., as well as green energy solutions to normal business practices. New Fortress Energy also searches for solutions that will provide consumers with safer more affordable energy as well.

Rick Cofer Community Initiatives

Rick Cofer is a criminal defense attorney in Travis County. Apart from his legal tasks that largely involve criminal cases and courtroom work, Cofer is also heavily involved with his community of Austin, Texas and frequently sponsors events in their interests.

As an expert on legal nuances, Rick Cofer was active in environmental issues in the year of 2018, as was his community. In 2018, the state of Texas carried on a plastic bag ban where large retailers discontinued giving out single-use plastic bags for free. Soon after, him and his firm took part in healthcare issues where he sponsored healthcare events/programs that were targeted towards the LGBTQ community. His community involvements improved his reputation, and persistent with his law firm’s main mission.

As an experienced attorney, Rick Cofer helped on the ban by providing legal advice and his active efforts revolved around the issue of plastic littering and its legal involvement, he is also on the solid waste commission of Austin, Texas and carried an interest in conservatory movements. He quickly learned and found that the ban encouraged recycling, reusable bags, recyclable paper bags, and compost friendly plastic bags, The initiative was introduced and planned out in 2007. One year later, the city of Austin, Texas, city council took a volunteer decision to test out plastic bag reduction, and set an achievable goal within three month to reduce waste. As a result, the initiative failed and the decision to enforce a ban was favored upon assessing the activities of the city’s large retailers.

Several years later, in March 2013, the legal ban on plastic bags became official.

Another initiative Texas-based defense attorney, Rick Cofer took part in was the “Keep Austin Kind” initiative that involved the operation of “Kind Clinics” that offered health services to LQBTQ individuals. In October 2018, his law firm sponsored a Halloween ball to benefit the community and its healthcare needs, in addition to other sponsored events that allowed the communities to socialize. These events allowed the groups access to healthcare, self-love workshops and a place to interact with each other. To know more about Rick Cofer visit inspirery.com



Bagging the Austin Bag Ban, Rick Cofer Comments

Wes Edens the Philanthropist and Business Icon

Wes Edens has secured himself a name among men for his business leadership, philanthropy and investment in America. He is the ‘Fortress Investment Group’ co-founder and the owner of one of Milwaukee Bucks, a team in the basketball association. Fortress Group has continued to thrive under his leadership since its founding in 1998.

‘Fortress Investment Group’

Today this group is a leader in alternative asset management at a global scale. Though the group was initially a boutique private equity, Wes Edens has been able to stir the capricious financial waters and grow the group’s market to reach international customers. The group today manages more than $42 billion for its local and international clients.

‘New Fortress Energy’

Wes Edens determination to invest and grow saw the creation of the ‘New Fortress Energy’. The company purposes to give modern infrastructure solution for the creation of cleaner energy at the same time generating a positive worldwide economic impact. This company started when Wes Edens felt the desire to improve the ‘Florida East Coast Rail’: another of Fortress portfolio. He wanted the freight rail to operate on cleaner fuel. This desire led to the building of a liquid gas facility in Miami.

Professional Sports

In 2014, his new venture was into the sports business by buying into Milwaukee Bucks, a basketball team. This team has grown in leaps and bounds. Though the team was not enjoying celebrity, Edens arrival and injected capital has helped with morale and performance. ‘Aston Villa Football Club’ is another sports club he has invested in with the partnership of Naseef Sawiris of Egypt. He hopes to push for better transfers and to also get the team back to the prestigious ‘Barclays Premier League’. Still in sports, Wes Edens has ventured into e-sports. This market was able to generate $500 million in 2016 as revenue. Flyquest is the e-sports franchise that he acquired.


Philanthropy has also made Edens a name in the world of men. His philanthropic activities and that of his wife Lynn, is felt not only at home, but also internationally. The couple has been in the frontline supporting ‘Martha’s Vineyard Hospital’, the ‘Samuel Waxman cancer Research Foundation’, Santa Barbara Museum of national History’ and ‘The University of Florida Foundation just to mention a few.


The Actress Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson, is an Australian citizen who has in a career in writing and doing film-producing work. She joined the University of New South Wales before releasing she a comedian at the theatre for Young People. She started Bogan Pride a musical comedy that she wrote and produced by herself in 2008 this made her so famous.

In 2009 after producing Bogan Pride, she won the best actress award known as Tropfest for making a guest appearance and her well-played role in the film Bargain.In 2003 after winning the International scholarship, Rebel Wilson moved to New York where she trained with The Second City which gave her an opportunity to join the Sydney Theatre company.

While in Sydney Theatre Company, she acted at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. From 2004 to 2005 she acted an Australian Idol in a series by the name Telstra where she acted as the mad schoolgirl. Wilson is also known through her involvement of the two comedy shows namely the Talkin’ Bout Your Generation and show Thank God You’re Here.

Rebel Wilson signed to literary and talent agents William Morris Endeavor that was after she had moved to the United States where she played Brynn, the sister of character Matt Lucas in her film the Judd Apatow film named the Bridesmaids.In 2011 at the Fox studios in Australia, Rebel Produced a film which she named it as A Few Best Men and later she produced Small Apartments film.

Rebel Wilson took the position of Casey Wilson in Bachelorette on August !9, 2011 according to the Hollywood Reporter Borys Kit.In the Pitch Perfect film, Wilson rebel played the role of Fat Army which enabled her to earn various award nominations and also received Critical acclaim. Some of the awards nominations she won include the award of being the Best Actress in the comedy, MTV Movie Award for Best Actor in a Movie and many more awards.

At the 2013 Teen Choice Award, Rebel Wilson won the Choice Movie Actress a comedy in the Pitch Perfect.From June 3 to June 6, 2016, she has appeared in the concert version of The Mermaid as Ursula at the Hollywood Bowl and she has received positive reviews in the role of Miss Adelaide at the musical Guys and Dolls.

In a comedy released on Feb 2019 by the title Isn’t It Romantic, Wilson will be a star and also in the comedy Taika Waititi. Rebel will star and produce in Image Comic a feature film adaptation in the comic book and also she will be a star as Jennyanydots in the musical film Cats.

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