Focus, Organization, Major Skills That Enable Stephen Hicks Propel Southridge Capital LLC

In a recent interview, Stephen M. Hicks highlighted some of the skills each entrepreneur must have if they want to be successful. Although Stephen did not mention that he is a successful investor during the interview, it is clear that the success of Southridge Capital, a company he founded in 1996 confirms his claims. Mr. Hicks is currently the CEO of Southridge Capital, a Financial and Risk Management Company he started after serving in other institutions for several years.




Before founding Southridge Capital, Stephen Hicks worked for many institutions, gaining over 30 years of experience. He was moved by the level of success each company was making using business plans he drafted. Stephen Hicks has an MBA from Fordham University and a B.S. in Business Administration, which he received earlier from King’s College, NY. His education and the experience he garnered when working for several financial institutions have enabled Stephen to be a successful entrepreneur in running his own company, Southridge Capital.




During a recent interview, Mr. Hicks highlighted many things that have enabled him to successfully oversee, manage, and continue to run Southridge Capital. He starts by sharing some of the basic skills each person involved in such kind of business must have. Hicks says that for one to have a success in the business, they must6 posses among other things organizational skills. Stephen maintains that one must stay focused. He urges all those with companies to remain steadily focused on their businesses. Mr. Hicks says this has helped him run Southridge Capital since its start in 1996 in spite of facing difficulties on several occasions. “The other very important skill is organization. Without this, you will do things in a haphazard manner and you are certainly going to fail,” Hicks says.



Stephen Hicks says that if there is any other business he wants to try is cryptocurrency. He will not desert his Southridge Capital Company but he says that one of the reasons why he’d want to jump into cryptocurrency is because the business is juicy and trending. “A new coin is born each day. If you’d ask me, this is the business of a high potential,” Stephen says. You can checkout to see more.





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